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Edit Flash files by JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler

Edit Flash files by JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler

You can completely edit Flash files
Via JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler
  Is a free program, gives you great advantages in the ability to modify each part of the flash files such as images or audio clips and texts,
Edit Flash files by JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler
The flash file can be converted to FLA format (Flash Player) with save
 It disassembles all the components of the flash file in swf format so you can make any changes to the file components, export and import texts, pictures, sound files and wallpapers and add them to the file and export it to a new file.

The most important features of JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler

Convert SWF files to fla
   Import and export SWF files to XML
 It displays all flash file resources such as images, text, fonts, buttons, design, and more
 Supports extracting files in multiple formats such as HTML5, SVG
 It can be used in sites that have been built in the form of Flash such as chat and quick explanations to install or remove programs or others
 Allows to add and change images, text and fonts, change their order and extract the work of the highest quality
 Also the possibility of making changes to flash banners and flash scripts is very easy
 FFdec is free and open source and can be used on multiple operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac)
The method of using the program is very simple does not need to be installed
 When editing a flash file, there is an edit in the bottom, which means editing the existing Flash file codes
 You can use these codes in the program simply and easily and replace them with other codes and all the code of this program is available on the Internet such as PHP (php) and HTML (HTML) and others.

Specification and download the editing program on the flash files JPEXS Free Flash Decompile
 The size of the program is 10.6 MB
License is free
  Open source
  Developer program free decompiler

Download iObit Uninstaller

Giant Remove Software From Its Root iObit Uninstaller
 Have you ever tried to install a program for the second time that Windows refuses to install it?

  Or the program does not work after the installation is complete?
 Did you feel that the hard disk space was starting to decrease with you removing a lot of programs?

Did you feel that the hard disk space was starting to decrease with you removing a lot of programs?And solve most installation problems,And more than that may happen ifI removed the programs fromthe roots correctly.

Together we will review the software uninstaller from its root iobit Uninstaller
obit is one of the best programs you can trust to remove the programs you tried to remove through the removal tool in Windows and did not succeed your attempts but with iobit Uninstaller can easily remove the programs from their roots.

Features of iobit Uninstaller
Download iObit Uninstaller

Increases the efficiency and speed of the computer by removing the remnants of deleted programs and programs that consume the resources of the device

Easy to use, with a simple interface
 The iobit Uninstaller program  displays options in the sidebar that make it easy for the user to choose to remove any large, unused, or recently installed programs

The program is compatible with all versions of Windows so it is powered by Windows 10

 A great feature in iobit Uninstaller that gives you a choice to create a restore point for the program to be deleted if you want to restore it again.

 Easy features You can remove more than one program with one click.

Information about
iobit Uninstaller
V 8.3.0 software version

Software Size 17.8 mb

Supports windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7 / Vista / XP
 Download the giant uninstall software iobit Uninstaller
 from the official website here

important news ending Google+ accounts Permanently

Google has sent an important alert to all users of its various services that personal accounts will be canceled on Google+
The date for suspending the service was set
  On the second of April of 2019
important news ending Google+ accounts Permanently
Google reported that the main reason to terminate personal pages on Google Plus is
Lack of use
As well as other difficulties.
Google confirmed that all comments, photos, videos and forum posts will be permanently deleted.
And those who wish to retain those images, videos and messages
  Especially who are moderators or community owners on Google+
To download and save a copy of the data and put it on their personal computers in a date before April.
 You can learn how to create and download the back-up files on Google + from here
Photos or videos that have been copied in Google Photos will not be deleted  .
 Data deletion will start in early April and will take several months
Everything related to the Google + service will completely disappear
 If you use sign-in for sites, apps, or any service using Google+, they will be completely deactivated and replaced by signing in with your Google Account
 Starting February, February 4, users will not be able to create new pages or accounts on Google+
 Paid G Suite users will still be a fully functional Google+ account
You can view the full Google message for this important alert from the following link