The Best Program To Improve the Computer Microphone Voice And Remove Distortion

If you are a creator of content on YouTube or any video platform and you explain, read news, or even record historical and documentary films, the most important thing that attracts viewers to follow you is the clear and pure voice
Many observers are waiting for your explanation to understand in sound and image or explanatory writings on a topic of interest to them, as we do in our in for geek providing explanations and technological news or fixing problems facing computer users, there are many other channels that use audio technology to explain and review the content that they provide audio and support in the image. The sound should be of high quality and clear.
And because many people cannot get a high-quality microphone, due to the high prices, it requires that you have a tool to purify and clarify the sound to resemble a professional.

After researching, we found that the most suitable tool is Voicemeeter
The best program to improve the computer mike's voice and remove distortion
Voicemeeter is an integrated tool for improving and raising the volume of the voice, controlling and changing the pitch of the voice, increasing or decreasing the intensity, eliminating the noise and ambient noise and focusing on your voice only, automatically exploring the system and the kernel of the system upon installation.
You can, through the Voice Meter program, combine two voices with each other, for example your voice with another voice, and each voice is controlled separately, such as raising and lowering one voice from another, or making a montage by placing sound effects next to your voice and raising the effects at some times and lowering them, or vice versa with your voice Entrance is by mic
Follow us to explain the program’s settings with pictures after you download it from the links below the article, either from the official website or through the download sites on which we host our files
 After installing VoiceMeter, you must select the audio source entering the program, as the following picture indicates
By pressing A1, you select the first source of the sound.
Likewise, pressing A2 is the source of the sound number 2
The best program to improve the computer mike's voice and remove distortion
As for the following picture, it is an explanation of the program's interface, which is very easy
No. 1 In case you want to listen to the sound through external speakers, select the letter A
No. 2 If you want the voice to be output to the recipient only, that is, to speak and only be heard by others, then select the letter B
No. 3 If you want to completely mute the sound, press the letter M
No. 4 is to control the volume of the sound, i.e., high or low, as you like, but it is preferable to be at the green level, so that others are not disturbed by the sound.
No. 4 is to control the volume of the sound, i.e., high or low, as you like, but it is preferable to be at the green level, so that others are not disturbed by the sound.
The best program to improve the computer mike's voice and remove distortion
As for the following picture, it is to illustrate the rest of the program's capabilities
The best program to improve the computer mike's voice and remove distortion
As we can see, the menu in the middle is for another sound that can be added and controlled just like the main sound.
In the right-hand menu we find the regulator for the two sounds and control each sound, up or down.
Do not forget what is between the two menus, as it is the equalizer , to control the tone and amplify the sound, such as being thin or thick

The size of the program is 10 MB

Support Windows operating systems from 7 to 10

The license is free

Download from the official website
Download from the latest zip file link, which includes the program in addition to the settings, ready to work directly as soon as you download it to the program, as we explained

Apple reveals macOS Big Sur

  At the annual conference of Apple Intended for developers  (WWDC 2020),

Was displayed about
  The new version of the macOS operating system, and this version is considered the most changed since the release of the previous system, macOS10,

The company has used some of the elements available in tablets and smartphones running the iOS system, among which is the flexible, customizable control center.

Depending on the user's convenience, he can switch to Do Not Disturb mode, control the brightness of the screen, and also customize messages in the new Notification Center that brings alert messages or related notifications together.
The docking buttons have also been changed to become the same as in the iOS system.

Apple reveals macOS Big Sur

 Thus, it became clear that Apple had completely abandoned OSX, which lasted for two decades, to be replaced by this system, Mac OS 11, called macOS Big Sur.

 Among the radical updates in the new Apple system

 A comprehensive revamp of the Safari browser

 A very large update has been made to this Safari browser to become 50% faster, to be much faster than Google Chrome
And it works to save energy very much, in addition to the hidden browsing system to prevent tracking, and supports automatic translation, password recording and checking to ensure safety, non-interference with the user's personal browsing, for more privacy.

 As for the messaging application

The messages in the new system from Apple have become distinctive and attractive and contain expressions, effective effects

And the user can use the new tools in the Mac system with more customization, including the possibility of faster access to important messages by installing them at the top of the list. The arrangement of conversations has been organized.

Expressive messages and emotions

By links, images, and matching words.

 And by using different effects and expressions that have been added to the conversations, you can add a distinctive personal character to your conversations.

Of course, you can have group conversations, one-on-one.

Update that occurred in the application of maps

Many features have been added to the Maps application in macOS Big Sur, including those features

The possibility of inspecting the surrounding areas of your site has been added, knowing the expected timing of the arrival of friends or people to the specified places, knowing whether the site offers places designated for cycling, and the best places for electric cars to travel, as well as the ability to view the place’s photos in a 360-degree panoramic manner, through which you can Also, knowing the nearest airports, the possibility of shopping, parks and entertainment places, and other things that you can need through the amazing maps application in the new system.

Maps has become more detailed and more services

 Another advantage is faster software update

Once the new Mac system is installed, all programs are updated directly and run in the background and much faster than what was previously happening.

 To find out all the specifications of the new system, you can go to the official website


 As we all know, Apple's Al Mutawain community includes a large number of technology lovers and they develop applications with what they find deficient in some tools and use the distinctive development tools available from Apple so that each developer has free experiences in customizing drivers and updating them with what he deems most useful.