PDF Candy free on line service for processing of PDF files

PDF Candy is a completely free service for processing of PDF files that offers 24 various tools to
work with documents
The website has modern and intuitive interface that is very easy to use. 
The files can be upload from your machine (drag&drop mechanism is also supported) or from Google
Drive and Dropbox accounts. PDF Candy doesn't have any ads and is completely secure to be used.
Users are not required to provide any information, to create accounts or to sign up for subscriptions.
The processed output files can be downloaded directly from the website to the users' devices and
With the help of PDF Candy users can:
split and merge PDF files;
PDF Candy free on line service for processing of PDF files

PDF Candy free on line service for processing of PDF files
compress PDF documents;
unlock and protect PDFs with password;
rotate pages of PDF files;
add custom watermark (text or uploaded images) to PDF documents;
delete pages from PDFs;
convert PDF to Word and convert Word to PDF;
convert PDF to JPG and convert JPG to PDF;
convert ODT, Excel and PPT files to PDF format;
convert EPUB, MOBI and FB2 to PDF format;
convert PNG, TIFF and BMP to PDF format;
 convert PDF to PNG, TIFF and BMP formats.
PDF Candy free on line service for processing of PDF files

Now we come to enter the site to experience the Free Application Link

Log in to the
pdfcandy site from here 

Download 5KPlayer 3.4

Media Player 5KPlayer 3.4 is a fantastic software

Download 5KPlayer 3.4

If you need a program to play audio or video files and software which is owned by the operation of certain types, here is an estimate Free program

 The program can play video files such as 4K, 5K and 1080p HDAlso MP3 audio files extensions, FLAC, APE, AACTurn on the radio via the InternetThe possibility of live broadcasts on the way and could transmitter and receiver
Download 5KPlayer 3.4

You can download audio files from the Internet directly, and you can reach for your files by searching in more than 3,000 different location and supports participation and you can also download files not only from YouTube but not only from YouTube, but also Facebook, Yahoo, Dailymotion, Vimeo, VEVO, Metacafe , mySpace,
instagram and many of the sites that enables the work of sharing or post media files

Download 5KPlayer 3.4
Download 5KPlayer 3.4


5KPlayer program that can convert video files formats Online to multiple formats of audio like MP3.ACC

   Or a ring tone for mobile 
completely free
To download the program, click here 
Also from its official here 

As mentioned purview completely free and easy installation on your computer Program 
size 37.95 MB
 Compatible with versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, 7.8 
convenient for 32 bit and 64 bit

QXmlEdit 0.5.1 software to create xml files

QXmlEdit 0.5.1 software to create xml files 

Is a program to create and modify xml files
It is a very important program for the owners of sites and blogs it will help you avoid mistakes on the well-received and can be located where when modifying templates

QXmlEdit 0.5.1 software to create xml files

To download the software
Press here

MiniTool Partition Wizard

MiniTool Partition Wizard

Wonderful program compelling patition Magic
MiniTool Partition Wizard
: Easy to use
: High working speed
: Control in spaces without losing evidence
: Control the size of bad Sctor real
: Repair bad Sctor  caused by viruses
البرنامج الرائع قاهر البرتيشن ماجيك  MiniTool Partition Wizard
You work hard at what you want without fear or worry of loss or loss of data and files ,
You can convert a stretch of fat to ntfs
And many , such as the division of hard and increase the area of PartitionMagic and merging two PartitionMagic and a lot
For example , if you want to increase the space PartitionMagic CNN because of fullness or want to change the system from Windows xp to 7 and need more space on CNN , you can do so easily with the giant outstanding in the division Hard
Suppose that you have a hard divided into 4 parts or 4 PartitionMagic C. D. E. F
In order from left to right and you want Ziad area of the C
You have More than choose ypu can do that from D
E , or F
how td do that
First , if
partition D we can move it directly from the
partition  D to
partition C
But when we want to take the space from the E or F we will have to move the space you want to be transported back to
partition C

Explanation on our channel on Youtube

Download from mediafire

From here , or from the site filefactory

From here , or from the site HulkLoad

How to turn 500 $ into 50.000 $ in just 8 steps

How can you make 500 $ to become 50,000 dollars in just 8 steps

How to turn 500 $ into 50.000 $ in just 8 steps

Let me tell you in the beginning that you can combine the wealth of massive trading that you have a rule in the market and that wisdom will not come from one-time but you need to be patient and learn so many earn money.Dear rolling and coming to work in the stock market front companies do not Fnk promises you will become a millionaire once he deposited  1,000 $ in your account. Let us talk frankly, because those companies will not sell you methods to earn money for as little trading, but you must follow your own much news sites and trading known before you must choose a reliable company secured is received and must be dealt with and we are a partner to the largest forex brokers advise you in one of these companies to deal with it because it esteems you what you do not find in other companies
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8 commandments make  500 $ to  50,000 $

First, the amount of the investment surplus to your needs so that you do not calves in the output of the amount to pay off your needs.
Second relax before work. and give your self a while to think if you found your self not ready means unprepared for trading just shutdown  the device and take a drink tea, coffee or Playing sports, and get out the market from your head completely.
Third .. capital management must be calculated Currency which conflicts or where the item is worth and how much you trading of your capital
Fourthly follow the analysis and daily news item, currency, or stock.
Fifth grabbed paper and pen and write what you think about him and what should work and write errors that you get with you and do not repeat them.
Sixth observation times to enter the market and what affect each market entry and recorded on paper.
Seventh chosen as the opening hours working hours assigned and be totally dedicated.
VIII. The account was 10 thousand  $ Do not to work more than half continue to ensure, that the goal of trading, a continuity and earn money

Bad Sector What is it, causes, symptoms and treatment

Topic of the day, God willing , visitors info geek  very important and it is unknown to many people for bad Sictor

bad sector damaged sector of the hard disk
What is the Bad Sector causes, symptoms and treatment

What is bad Sictor (damaged sector).

Bad Sictor the meaning of the term is a stale point in the sector in the hard disk or hard drive, as some call it is called the damaged sector

Hence it is dead part of  Hard Disk  can not write data on it by needle

Bad Sector reasons for the occurrence

The first reason is to cut power to the hard disk abrupt manner, including the computer switch off with wrong way
The second reason, when hard disk strongly falling cause the move the needle and the incidence of injury and other internal parts

As well as the large number of installed copies of Windows, programs and Omar hard because it has a lifespan estimated the number of operating hours

Bad Sector types 

The first type is a physical defect in the body, or Hard itself in its own needle which is called an example of the collision of the hard disk or strongly falling a Hardware malfunction
The second type, a logical flaw in the software, which comes as a result of the wrong use of the programs or frequent formic or configuration and some of the programs that occur due to non-sound configuration
As well as the large number of installed operating system

How To Discover bad sector on the hard drive

1. slowness the device when attempting to access a particular department or Partition or Folder in the affected part

2. Error messages that Windows is unable to write or read a particular department in Hard

3. Further out crackling sound from inside the hard disk, a voice attempts needle entering the data in the damaged sector to read the data and all the failed attempts whereupon Referring again to try again

4. Can not install Windows completeness or split hard because whatever such outages or electrical separation of the device in an informal way

Now we come to see how to treatment bad Sictors

In the first type, a bad physical fact, the results of treatment is fully effective sometimes addressed the program HDD Regenerator but mostly requires replacing one damaged in the hard parts and this can be reform in some cases, either in the mostly is not reform

As if bad Sictor Type II can resort to format has important data on the hard losing addition, formic all sectors may not handle damaged and here wonderful program HDD Regenerator who spends a large percentage of Bad Sictor problems comes into play without the need for the work of re-creating or format
The program is to order the infected area and scaled and withheld from the needle is not recordable, and so are considered non-existent in the sense of hard deducted this part of the total area
And now with the programs
First show specifications and sectors of the hard disk hdsentinel program

What is the Bad Sector causes, symptoms and treatment

Harddisk Sentinel program hdsentinel
For your information the program exists in the cylinder maintenance Hernes Bot preferably used in stomping environment to get the right result

Program: HDD Regenerator
It is located in the versions of the bot Hernes previous version that we put WMA cylinder maintenance Hernes bot but this version with more programs and more tools
And explain how to use pictures
When you enter the main interface of the program as follows

What is the Bad Sector causes, symptoms and treatment
We find that there are more than  choose We'll explain the most important of them are the number one
What is the Bad Sector causes, symptoms and treatment
It refers to the selection request inspect and repair affected areas Balbad Sictor

Selection No. 2
What is the Bad Sector causes, symptoms and treatment
A choice that is examination of Bad Sictor only without a reform process

We now inspect and repair work in the following way
What is the Bad Sector causes, symptoms and treatment

As we can see, we have the figure [1] and pressing Enter Inter
Show us the following screen
What is the Bad Sector causes, symptoms and treatment
Here required to type the letter M
We have the character and push Inter to the commencement of the examination
What is the Bad Sector causes, symptoms and treatment
If the program finds any problem or Bad Sictor will be repaired automatically and be patient, it becomes very slow when you find out that the infected area is treated and cover Albad Sictor

Download now  HDD Regenerator program

From here
Or Mediafire , a full version with Serial
download from here

Best trading company ADS securites

Best trading company ADS securites
Dear rolling across info geek Welcome to the world of earning money from the Internet in a more professional and elegance you are now between the lines to explain to you the best deal with the rolling companies in terms of precision work and analyzes technical sophisticated and Daily News the market and fully take care of your trader, you begin your journey in the world of earning money from during your free time or you are fully dedicated to that work.

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Features ADS securites firm
 ADS Securities brokerage firm leading company in the Middle East, which means the circulation of foreign exchange (forex), precious metals (gold, silver, platinum and palladium).
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With ADS Securities trading in the company you can:
Forex - more than 60 pair of major foreign currencies
Spot trading in precious metals - gold and silver
CFD with the products include indices and commodities and individual stock

Be sure to trading in the company gives you all the advantages of the market
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How Can You Clean The Cache In Google Chrome

How Can You Clean The Cache In Google Chrome

Do you use Google Chrome browser and want to wipe the cache of the browser to maintain your privacy from hackers who are trying to find out which sites you've recently visited
How Can You Clean The Cache In Google Chrome

This procedure is very important and we must do from time to time
The easiest way to open the cache in your browser to see what is out and the possibility of fully scanned or scan only talk are as follows:
Press the Ctrl+ H  in the Windows system appears you side with a list of storage files by selecting Time whether days or a week or more
But if you're using a Mac, use command + Y
When you browse the files stored on the top you will find two options which are either fully scan files or scan selected files

How Can You Clean The Cache In Google Chrome

To see how it scans the files that you specify to see the picture

How Can You Clean The Cache In Google Chrome

If you choose to clean up your browser, the first option
Shows you square apostle asks you to specify how you want the cleaned or clean up all files and here you can determine what are the files you want to erase it is possible to wipe only keep the cookies and downloaded files and saved passwords and etc or wipe all files

How Can You Clean The Cache In Google Chrome

In the end, you've cleaned up your browser does not need to worry about anyone who uses the computer after you

Brackets Text Editor

brackets for text editing software program

Brackets program is a giant production Adobe specialized in very high software with professional users and amateurs and students of science and the program is easy to use as it features a program of full T Web programming, "HTML" HTML, and "CSS" CSS, and "JavaScript" JavaScript. The program works on different versions of Windows as well as Linux and Mac
BracketsText Editor

To download the software from the official website

Download ProgDVB 7.14 for Satelite Cards

Download ProgDVB 7.14 to run  Satelite cards

Today  with us ProgDVB rich from the definition in the Run of the  Satelite cards on the 
computer and watch the encrypted channels
Download ProgDVB 7.14 to run  Satelite cards

ProgDVB 7.14 is the latest version in 2016 and he has proven his ability and sweep in to run 
the channels encrypted and also the possibility of listening to the  radio without having a Satelite card in your PC  through the internet

Can also process a list of favorite channels.

Is characterized with reliability and stability

Gives you the possibility of running the video files existing on your device

Has an interface so easy everyone with a bunch of stuff you can choose from

It is also fast in performance and lightness on different setups and the user can navigate 
between channels very quickly

Feature picture-in-picture no can you run more than channel at the same time.

You can register for the channel that you are watching

By aqualis composed of 10 buttons

Supports the channels of information

Operating system supports Windows versions 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10

Note 32 and 64

Requires install net fram work V2.0 Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
The size of the program 19 MB

Download  prog DVD  from here .

Cover Design Facebook without software and design experience

Cover Design Facebook page 

without software or experience in design

Cover Design Facebook page  without software or experience in design
Facebook is the most popular site for social networking to now and always what you need to design a cover for your personal or received and groups are being generated with your friends. And a lot of us does not have the experience in dealing with Photoshop or other program is received and design programs you graduated casing Facebook as you want.
But the designers did not stand Online software thinking it is received and there are dozens of sites you can design your Facebook cover through which large and easily shows your business like a professional.
All you had to do is login to the site and follow some simple steps such as selection of the image and the background and write on it and then you can save them on your computer and filed on Facebook
Dear watchers Arab Technology site
Site cover bash of the best sites for the design of Facebook cover for being easy to handle and provides you with various tools in order to design the cover of Facebook as you like
To access the site, click here

Activation of the Comprehensive Avast to 07/15/2015

Activation of the Comprehensive Avast to 07/15/2015

 Activation of the Comprehensive Avast to 07/15/2015
 Activation of the Comprehensive Avast to 07/15/2015
A peace, mercy and blessings of God the praise of God and thanks to him we had found activation destruction of avast Who is one of the most powerful existing programs, especially when using the safe zone
No one can any penetrates your computer to spy on your banking information , therefore, we found that the license for life has no meaning to you often delete the program and download the latest therefore short activation in months is the best beats and , God willing , before ending the activation Snuay yourselves another activation and the rest file comes in turn , God willing ,
To download Avast from the official website  Click here

To download the license file from the Media Fire Click here

Download Google Chrome 49.0.2 Full

Download the giant browser  "Google Chrome" 49.0.2 Google Chrome full version 
to be installed at any time and on any device
without   Internet connection for installation
Of course the vast majority of netizens knows the importance of the Chrome browser does not shed it for the lightness and the presence of all its additions
Download Google Chrome 49.0.2 Full
This browser can run or show the information on the web pages and languages ​​of programming and the possibility of the amendment which is important for developers primarily Veduath help undoubtedly make things easier on those who want to develop a specific product, a private Web pages
Also permanent support from Google Inc. and continuously improve the product does not stop
Some users encounter problems when using other Mtcefat like Internet Explorer and Firefox
Most of these problems is a Ashlak those browsers large amount of Alramat therefore find that Google Chrome fast, lightweight application consumes significantly Alramat
Asdarat compatible with Windows XP, run the following Windows operating system, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows Vista x64, Windows XP x64, Windows 8, Windows 8 x64
Free Chrome browser completely
Download the free full version of the Google Chrome program 49.0.2
Click on the word download download

NetCut for Android and PC Internet disconnection and self protection

The famous net cut which is used for disconnect devices connected to the local area network and WiFi NetCut

NetCut for Android and PC Internet disconnection and self protection

The software will display all the devices connected to the Internet within a local area network shows the machine name and IP and MAC address
NetCut for Android and PC Internet disconnection and self protection

The call is disconnected by MAC address it most effectively and ensure the process is done completely.
Further to the protection of NetCut user from one user to connect your device via ASP SPOOF
NetCut for Android and PC Internet disconnection and self protection

Easy to use just Tim disconnect any device or a mobile phone, or a wired network connection device and connection device for one Bdght

NetCut for Android and PC Internet disconnection and self protection

The NetCut free
The program size is very small.
The web site can be used to measure the speed of your Internet
NetCut for Android and PC Internet disconnection and self protection
The official site of the net cut is Arcai
Download the net cut of the computer Here.
The site also NetCut
Download net cut Android devices, either from the following link netcut for Android using fingerprint mobile
Or directly download the software and install it from here.

learn about different social networks in the world

Get to know the different networks of social communication in the world.

 شبكات التواصل الاجتماعى المختلفه فى العالم

The emergence of social networks

Range of social networks began to emerge in the late nineties , such as Classmates.com in 1995 to connect classmates and SixDegrees.com site in 1997 and focused on that site direct links between people. And it appeared in those locations profiles for users and service to send messages to a group of friends. In spite of these sites provide services similar to exist in current social networks , but these sites have not been able to generate a profit for their owners it has been closed. Then came a series of social networking , which has not been able to achieve great success between 1999 and 2001. With the beginning of 2005 appeared site with a number of hits its pages more than google , a famous American site MySpace is one of the first and largest social networks in the world and his famous rival Facebook , which also began in the parallel deployment with MySpace even Facebook has in 2007 allowing formation applications developers and this is what has led to increased numbers of Facebook users dramatically and now are believed to number more than 800 million users worldwide.

That social networking has become a place of study for many students in the field of communities and researchers in a number of topics such as privacy, identity and capital communities and uses teenagers

Types of social networks

Basic type

This type consists of user profiles and public services such as personal correspondence and share photos and audio and video files, links, texts and information based on specific classifications linked to study, work or geographic scope of such sites Facebook and MySpace

Work - related

And it is one of the most important types of social networks , which connects friends work in a professional, business owners, companies and include user profiles include their resumes and what they have done in their school years and their work , and they work with them.

Additional Features

There are some social networking features such as the availability of other micro - blogging Micro Blogging like Twitter and Plurk and geographic networks such as Bright Kite site.

Types of social networks according to their nature

1. Social networking sites accepted.

2. blogging. (Web page on the Internet by the growl Entries - input - dated and in chronological order in descending order) are used to disseminate and receive news and interact with news , whether personal or public. Examples: - blogger - word press

3. wiki.

Arab social networks

There are some Arab social networks that have emerged recently, but did not live up to compete with services offered by the major social networks Examples of such Arab social networking is written , one of the largest and most famous sites and developed in its social network brings users of the site and provide them with a variety of services, and other Arab networks Brothers Advanced network city and Faye and write and SerirZ mm and save your favorite links.

Social networking and business

Only social networks do not stop at the link between the friends and the people there are even gathering makers and business owners of companies and their employees and example networks months on that site LinkedIn, which collected more than 20 million users and over 150 different craft.

Through these networks , the user can write his biography in the field of education and work and can call his friends to recommend it to other people to start a new business areas among themselves, so the networks then it is one of the areas that are significant to the future away from the networks struggle
The famous social networking links