Bad Sector What is it, causes, symptoms and treatment

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bad sector damaged sector of the hard disk
What is the Bad Sector causes, symptoms and treatment

What is bad Sictor (damaged sector).

Bad Sictor the meaning of the term is a stale point in the sector in the hard disk or hard drive, as some call it is called the damaged sector

Hence it is dead part of  Hard Disk  can not write data on it by needle

Bad Sector reasons for the occurrence

The first reason is to cut power to the hard disk abrupt manner, including the computer switch off with wrong way
The second reason, when hard disk strongly falling cause the move the needle and the incidence of injury and other internal parts

As well as the large number of installed copies of Windows, programs and Omar hard because it has a lifespan estimated the number of operating hours

Bad Sector types 

The first type is a physical defect in the body, or Hard itself in its own needle which is called an example of the collision of the hard disk or strongly falling a Hardware malfunction
The second type, a logical flaw in the software, which comes as a result of the wrong use of the programs or frequent formic or configuration and some of the programs that occur due to non-sound configuration
As well as the large number of installed operating system

How To Discover bad sector on the hard drive

1. slowness the device when attempting to access a particular department or Partition or Folder in the affected part

2. Error messages that Windows is unable to write or read a particular department in Hard

3. Further out crackling sound from inside the hard disk, a voice attempts needle entering the data in the damaged sector to read the data and all the failed attempts whereupon Referring again to try again

4. Can not install Windows completeness or split hard because whatever such outages or electrical separation of the device in an informal way

Now we come to see how to treatment bad Sictors

In the first type, a bad physical fact, the results of treatment is fully effective sometimes addressed the program HDD Regenerator but mostly requires replacing one damaged in the hard parts and this can be reform in some cases, either in the mostly is not reform

As if bad Sictor Type II can resort to format has important data on the hard losing addition, formic all sectors may not handle damaged and here wonderful program HDD Regenerator who spends a large percentage of Bad Sictor problems comes into play without the need for the work of re-creating or format
The program is to order the infected area and scaled and withheld from the needle is not recordable, and so are considered non-existent in the sense of hard deducted this part of the total area
And now with the programs
First show specifications and sectors of the hard disk hdsentinel program

What is the Bad Sector causes, symptoms and treatment

Harddisk Sentinel program hdsentinel
For your information the program exists in the cylinder maintenance Hernes Bot preferably used in stomping environment to get the right result

Program: HDD Regenerator
It is located in the versions of the bot Hernes previous version that we put WMA cylinder maintenance Hernes bot but this version with more programs and more tools
And explain how to use pictures
When you enter the main interface of the program as follows

What is the Bad Sector causes, symptoms and treatment
We find that there are more than  choose We'll explain the most important of them are the number one
What is the Bad Sector causes, symptoms and treatment
It refers to the selection request inspect and repair affected areas Balbad Sictor

Selection No. 2
What is the Bad Sector causes, symptoms and treatment
A choice that is examination of Bad Sictor only without a reform process

We now inspect and repair work in the following way
What is the Bad Sector causes, symptoms and treatment

As we can see, we have the figure [1] and pressing Enter Inter
Show us the following screen
What is the Bad Sector causes, symptoms and treatment
Here required to type the letter M
We have the character and push Inter to the commencement of the examination
What is the Bad Sector causes, symptoms and treatment
If the program finds any problem or Bad Sictor will be repaired automatically and be patient, it becomes very slow when you find out that the infected area is treated and cover Albad Sictor

Download now  HDD Regenerator program

From here
Or Mediafire , a full version with Serial
download from here

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