MiniTool Partition Wizard

MiniTool Partition Wizard

Wonderful program compelling patition Magic
MiniTool Partition Wizard
: Easy to use
: High working speed
: Control in spaces without losing evidence
: Control the size of bad Sctor real
: Repair bad Sctor  caused by viruses
البرنامج الرائع قاهر البرتيشن ماجيك  MiniTool Partition Wizard
You work hard at what you want without fear or worry of loss or loss of data and files ,
You can convert a stretch of fat to ntfs
And many , such as the division of hard and increase the area of PartitionMagic and merging two PartitionMagic and a lot
For example , if you want to increase the space PartitionMagic CNN because of fullness or want to change the system from Windows xp to 7 and need more space on CNN , you can do so easily with the giant outstanding in the division Hard
Suppose that you have a hard divided into 4 parts or 4 PartitionMagic C. D. E. F
In order from left to right and you want Ziad area of the C
You have More than choose ypu can do that from D
E , or F
how td do that
First , if
partition D we can move it directly from the
partition  D to
partition C
But when we want to take the space from the E or F we will have to move the space you want to be transported back to
partition C

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