How to Search in Instagram ?

Of course, it is known as one of the means of social communication, but do you know its advantages
Or what is the benefit of its establishment and what are the differences between it and other social networking sites.
Instagram includes many different communication features in one program
You can capture and share photos and videos with followers and who are in your contacts
  These are the most important characteristics of social networking sites
Which must be dedicated to capturing and sharing those files
 But Instagram, more specialized in this feature, you can take pictures and video and modify them
   In addition to the packaging of those posts with a distinctive social character
And always seeks to develop that social trait and supported by interactive means
This has made it the destination of most famous
  And those interested in big business
 Followers can
Express their opinions, comments and comments on participation
  There will be interaction between friends and owners
Live streaming feature 
It is also a special feature in Instagram ,The live broadcast is certainly one of the essential elements of social networking sites.
Especially in Instagram because you can broadcast with high quality and on all devices and operating systems such as Android, iPhone, Windows,All with the same precision, efficiency and high quality
     Because Instagram has become  one of Facebook platform 
 Facebook engineers are always developing and updating and increasing the amount of application for Instagram,
  You can upload boundless number of photos and videos,
  The elegant and elegant Entragam interface is the reason why users stick to it. It is the most stylish interface.And easy
However, it has many features, its summary of a very stylish and simple interface and many features and features
 This was a quick explanation of the features and features contained in the InterStream website, and there are many more, but we come to the title of the topic, which is how to search on Instagram?
How to Search in Instagram ?
The Instagram application allows the user to search for people already in his contacts on his mobile phone,
He can also search friends in the Facebook application, and can follow them on Instagram.
 In a simple way you can do this search.
Go to Profile on Instagram.
  Press the iPhone button or the Android button depending on the operating system you are using.
At the bottom of the People follow-up tab, click the Facebook friends or contacts option.
Browse friends and choose who you want to follow by clicking the Continue button next to the person.
There is an important clarification in the search process you can search for the name of a person or Hashtag by clicking the search button and determine the quality of the search, are about people, signs or signals (Hashtag)
How to Search in Instagram ?

You can also unblock people by clicking on search from the Search tab, selecting people and typing the person's name, removing the block by selecting Unblock after pressing the menu button.
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The device is too slow want solution? Red Button cleanup program

Do you notice slow computer and unresponsive orders?
What files do you want to remove to restore the operating system to normal?
Where does the hard disk space disappear?
 How to clean the device in an effective way?
I think most of us ask many of those questions
  Because Windows is not working properly It does not respond to many commands Only after a considerable period of time
We definitely need powerful and powerful ways to clean your computer
Although there are tools embedded in the operating systems, the process of cleaning and restore the system to its initial state
  However, the process did not meet the required purpose
  There are files that occupy an area of internal memory and the Windows cleaner can not automatically wipe them
It continues to operate and slow down the system without any benefit
 Among those files is what changes the log files
The regestry must be manually stopped
 But do not you have the experience of penetrating those files and discovering the values imposed on the system?
There is not a problem
There are many applications that work on cleaning and protecting the system
  You just have to choose the most suitable for you and try it
 We conduct experiments on your behalf and offer applications that have already proved efficient in all technical areas
  We put an experience for the Red Button computer cleaning program
The device is too slow want solution? Computer cleanup program Red Button
Red Button 5.1 cleans and speeds up your computer from waste and software residues
   After each installation or removal some programs leave some files
 And occupies a space of space on the hard
It also cleans the registry and returns the correct values to its original state
Fixes the problem of slow Windows in a very easy way

It definitely restores the Windows system to a completely intact state
How to use Red Button
  Download Red Button 5.1 from the link at the end of the topic
 Then open the program from the shortcut icon on your desktop
A Windows XP user may encounter a non-activation message as the next two pictures
The device is too slow want solution? Computer cleanup program Red Button
 Press Cancel

The device is too slow want solution? Computer cleanup program Red Button
Press Yes
 The main program window contains three basic tabs
 Options tab
  To adjust the program settings as desired
Help tab
Takes you to the Help page for the program product
 The Basic tab is Features
Disk Cleaner
  This button is also for cleaning but for cleaning and repairing faulty keys
 Which may cause slow and improper operation of the system
It checks first and makes a report with which you can indicate which files to remove
Performance Tweaks
The button improves system performance by shutting down applications that do not respond
And relieve pressure on the processor
Remove files that have not been used for a significant period
OS Components
Speed up the opening and closing of the machine
 By removing applications installed by default, you can set Windows to work without fetching data and saving energy
 And remember well that this program Red Button is not like the rest of the programs that operate a restore point
To revert to the previous removal process and this is because it already removes the program or file completely
If you change your mind and want to return these deleted files, the operating system disk will be used on the CD or DVD to properly restore those files to the system
Data Eraser
This button completely clears the files that remain after removing the system or the programs
Which are not deleted Even after Format
because of the frequent installation and removal of the operating system there becomes a memory internally engraved not removed
This option cleans all those files completely and even stored in RAM
  You can select which parts you want to scan and remove the remaining programs
 When you select an area for complete deletion, you are given a warning
It will be permanently deleted and will not be retrieved after that
Reaton Botton has many awards
Computer Cleanup Program Awards   Red Button

This is proof of the success of the program because it has been subjected to many tests  
The final part is the specification and download of Red Button
The program size is 571 KB
 License is free
Support for Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10 (32-Bit / 64-Bit)
  Portable version of the program can be used and used in any other device by placing it on a flash, memory card or USB
   to make portable
From the program we go to the list
Portable Version
  then chose a place to keep
 Click Install
Download from here

Shock For Blogger users

Steps to cancel the Google+ service started
 The implications of removing those pages began
  In casting shadows on users
A new alert was sent to users of the Blogger blogging platform linked to Google services, including Google Plus
Shock For Blogger users
 Google Alert tells Google that after the uninstallation of the Google+ app, the service will be integrated into the Blogger platform
 On 4 March 2019 with radical changes.
Among those changesAs there is in the alarm
The profile of the blogger who used G + profile will be displayed in Blogger and the blogger's profile will be displayed As an unknown
 Until he has modified his profile and added his data and information
 As was happening in G +
Such as adding a name for display and image

Shock For Blogger users

 The article posts button will stop supporting
  From Blogger on Google +
Also turn off the follow-up button on Google +
Circles, interests, and all similar Google + subscriptions
  The post buttons are also removed at the bottom of blogs in Blogger and in the navigation bar
 It should be noted that the owners of templates in the Platform blogger to make updates
And remove posts related to posts via google +.
 The alarm
  Which is shocking to bloggers
Is that it will automatically unlink the blogger's profile in Google +
 Remove the link with Blogger and will switch the link automatically instead of using + comments to use blogger comments
 The comments previously posted in Google Plus will not be posted to bloggers' comments. Bloggers will review their comments and follow-ups via google +.
 This means that all comments and replies from Google+ will disappear from blog posts permanently
 At the end of the alert, a link appears for those who want more information