How To Check The Hard Disk And Monitor Its Validity And Performance Using CrystalDiskInfo

 CrystalDiskInfo is One Of The Best Applications That You Can Rely On To Evaluate The Condition Of The Hard Disk, Measure Its Temperature, As Well As The Number Of Hours The Hard Disk Has Been In Use Uince It Was First Used

 How to check the hard disk and monitor its validity and performance using CrystalDiskInfo

CrystalDiskInfo Program Contains Many Important Tools Specialized In Information And Data About Hard Drives, The Most Important Of Which We Mentioned Above. If You Want To Know The Most Accurate Details About The Hard Drive When Purchasing It, Installing This Simple Program With Its Excellent Functions Is Sufficient.

The Program Operates Using SMART Technology, Which Performs Self-Monitoring And Data Analysis, Issuing Reports.

In Turn, CrystalDiskInfo Program Helps Protect Your Data By Detecting And Preventing Errors in a timely manner, allowing you to take quick action in case of a potential problem due to a malfunction in the hard disk, thus enabling you to store data in a safe place before the hard disk fails.

Hard disk inspection program and monitoring its health and performance.

Using the program is very simple.

When you start the program, after installation, you will find in front of you the main interface containing all the basic information about the hard disk, such as the manufacturer, type, size, current temperature, and the duration the hard disk has been running.

It includes a warning color scheme to show the health status of the hard disk. If the hard disk is in good condition, the scheme appears in green or blue colors. If there is a problem or potential error, the color changes to yellow.

It works on all types of hard drives such as HDDs, SSDs.

It supports multiple languages, including Arabic and English.

Customizable colors, dark mode, and works on all devices.

CrystalDiskInfo9 hard disk inspection program is free and small in size.

Specifications of the CrystalDiskInfo hard disk monitoring and inspection program

The License Is Free

 Support for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11


The Program Size Is 5.6 MB

Download The Program, Choose One Of The Following Links

Winkeyfinder program: Get the serial number for Windows or Office for free

Winkeyfinder program to obtain the activation serial for Windows and Office programs

You must keep the activation key for the copy of Windows you are using, because you may have to reinstall the copy at some point.

Of course, it is better to format it before installing the copy again, in order to get rid of unnecessary storage space due to the remnants of the old version. This is also the case for the Microsoft Office writing program, which must also be activated and activated with the registry key.

But it is certainly difficult for many people to find the registry key quickly, so we need a help tool that can extract the serial number from Windows and other installed programs and save those keys in a specific place on the hard drive for quick reference after installing the copy.

This is the mission of WinKey Fender

Winkeyfinder program: Get the serial number for Windows or Office for free 

This is the latest version of the program, which was added to the latest versions of the Windows operating system up to Windows 11.

How does winkeyfinder work?

The Win keyfinder 2.2 program retrieves the serial from the operating system and you can modify it and add your own codes. They are saved in the program to be registered with later. The matter applies to other programs for which a registration serial has been added in the operating system, including, as we previously mentioned, Microsoft Office, starting from Office 2007 to Office 2016.

Winkeyfinder program: Get the serial number for Windows or Office for free 

But it does not support versions of Office XP and Millennium. This was in the previous version above.

After extracting the serial number, using the winkeyfinder program, you can save the serial number on the hard disk with ease.

You can use it for both 32 and 64 bit cores

It is a very small application, but it is extremely useful 

Specifications and download of Win keyfinder 2.2

The program size is 39 KB in a compressed file

  It does not require installation. After downloading, unzip it and use it directly

Compatible with Windows operating systems, 32 and 64 bits.

The license is free

Download from here

How to run windows programs on linux ?

Linux operating system
 is gaining confidence day after day in the world because of its great advantages,
 And not to restrict the user.
Especially if he likes to develop software and applications, for the operating system to suit its various uses
 Windows does not have the freedom to modify system files in an easy way.
 On the contrary
  There are many restrictions and rights that the developer can not develop freely and legitimately.

That's why Linux is important, especially Ubuntu.
But we have a big problem it is
  You can not do without certain applications but they are designed for Windows
 But how do you run Windows programs on Linux?
There is a program that allows us to run these programs, dedicated to the Windows system on the Linux system in general
Especially the Ubuntu distribution

How to run windows programs on linux ?
 It is free and legal and has proven efficient running all applications on Linux.
We stress that
  Integrated program for operation,
It is not just a simulator or a virtual system, but it is an actual driver for all Windows programs on Linux without any problems.
 In this way you can run any files, whether programs or games or any EXE program easily on the Linux system just like running on Windows.
 Now we come to download
Size of Wine 4.0 RC6  20.6 MB
Official Website winehq
free License   

Linux , Unix  operating system support

Download Wine 4.0 RC6
from here

Download Remini Mod APK 3.7 Unlimited AI photo filter

 Remini 2023 app AI photo filter full version

The Remini photo editing program is one of the best programs ever in the field of dealing with images and purifying images of poor quality, unclear images, distortions, distortion, and crystal clear images.

The Remini2023 application is a mobile application that runs on the Android or iOS operating system

This program has become indispensable for many graphic designers, advertising companies, and printing presses, because it provided very high efficiency in adjusting images and producing them with the highest quality. Download Remini Mod APK 3.7  Unlimited AI photo filter

 The Remini application is available in a free version on the Google Play platform as well as the App Store, but when you download the image after purifying it, it will have a watermark on it

However, these platforms do not offer the paid version, which gives you more efficient and accurate capabilities and tools, without a watermark

If you want to get the paid version, you are really lucky to have access to this article. We have provided a modified version of the application, which is a full version with all the non-free capabilities in your hands without costs.

Features of the Remini 2023 program

The Rimini application was programmed to clean the images in a unique way and use artificial intelligence to remove distortions and missing pixels  Unlike other applications that purify and clean images and raise the resolution, and use filters and effects to hide image defects.  Therefore, Remini 2023 is used to restore old photos and images with poor resolution

Download Remini Mod APK 3.7  Unlimited AI photo filter

And as those working in the field of design know that the images that will be placed in an advertisement or design must be of a very high resolution, High Resolution

And they need an intermediate program to raise the resolution of the images so that they are not pixelated when enlarging them, and here they use Remini 

Download Remini Mod APK 3.7  Unlimited AI photo filter

As we mentioned, the program uses the mechanism of designers and users to restore images, whether old or new, because the program guesses the blurred or hidden atmospheres from the image, adds missing pixels, completes the image, and outputs it with incredible accuracy.

Download Remini Mod APK 3.7  Unlimited AI photo filter

It can also color black and white photos

And it also processes video files in every way, although it needs a complex process to clean distorted videos and clips, but it is really special and does the job perfectly.

After getting to know the giant Remini to improve image quality, you can now download the program from one of the following links

A problem you may encounter when using the Remini app

After downloading and trying to install, a message may come that the application cannot be installed. Do not worry, this is normal. You can handle it by allowing applications from outside the Play Store to install, and with simple steps, we put them in front of you with pictures for those who need them.

Download Remini Mod APK 3.7  Unlimited AI photo filter

What are the specifications of the modified Remini 2023 application, full version?

The application size is only 14MB

Support Android 4 and above

The version of the application is V 3.7

Explain how to download

How to download pictures for link No. 1 You must turn off the ad blocker

Download Remini Mod APK 3.7  Unlimited AI photo filter

How to download from link No. 2 You can (preferably) turn on the ad blocker

Download Remini Mod APK 3.7  Unlimited AI photo filter
Links to download the Remini 2023 application for refining photos with artificial intelligence, full version

Simplify Digital Currency Management with Exwallets

 Simplify Digital Currency Management with Exwallets: A Comprehensive Portfolio for Trading, Investing, and Banking

Exwallets platform is one of the easiest platforms for currency exchange and transfer between currencies, whether cash or electronic currencies

Simplify Digital Currency Management with Exwallets: A Comprehensive Portfolio for Trading, Investing, and Banking 

The platform is characterized by ease of dealing and completely securing transactions among individuals

You can exchange a bit Queen currency in dollars and withdraw the amounts to Paypal, a local bank account, a visa card, Master Card, Western Union, electronic portfolios, electronic banks, and others ...

You can get higher prices than the market It is a platform for a display and a price is offered from the buyer and you choose the highest price

You can transfer money to any electronic bank with the lowest commission

One of the good services that you can get from the platform is a virtual visa for the Internet and shipping it to use for one time and can extract other times

There are also gift cards that you can offer to your friends on any occasion, such as Amazon and others

It is not imperative that you register on the ExWallets

 You can register and complete the verification steps if you want to complete your profile to enjoy other benefits, the most important of which is credibility inside the site

You can profit by referral if you register and get a referral link that invites other people to register on the platform through it and thus get a percentage of their dealings without any effect on them

Once again, we recall that checking the account is not compulsory. It is only my choice that you can need in some special transactions for some currencies

If you like to work, increase profits and exploit the features of the site, you can register by clicking on the registration link

How to use the platform to convert currencies and exchange between banks, governors and currencies with the lowest fees and high safety degree in addition to the high speed in implementing transfers

You start in the first interface by submitting your request to sell a currency or transfer money whatever you want to implement
In our case, we will convert Bitcoin  from your electronic portfolio to money in dollars and send it to perfect money  Bank
Simplify Digital Currency Management with Exwallets: A Comprehensive Portfolio for Trading, Investing, and Banking 
1 Choose the currency to be converted and sent
2 The bank or the future chose the currency and in this case it is Perfect Money
3 Choose the currency you want to receive, for example, dollars or euros
Here we see the percentage that will be deducted in detail
After clicking on the request, the student's data is shown like this
Simplify Digital Currency Management with Exwallets: A Comprehensive Portfolio for Trading, Investing, and Banking 
It is indicated to approval and also education on the box that this account is reliable as we see and press the conversion
You are converted to the confirmation page, do the accurate review of the data
If there is any improper data such as your e -mail, the Perfect Money Bank address, or the quantity to be converted, for example, you can cancel the request by clicking on Cancel
Click to pay or as we explained above the iPayd
Simplify Digital Currency Management with Exwallets: A Comprehensive Portfolio for Trading, Investing, and Banking


        After moments, the amount paid will reach your account and transfer you directly to the transfer at the same moment, and the process is done with the utmost speed and safety

Simplify Digital Currency Management with Exwallets: A Comprehensive Portfolio for Trading, Investing, and Banking 

As we see in the picture, the money was sent to your account in Perfect Money

If you want to have an account in Perfum Money, you can register from the following link

To register for the currency transfer site, you can register
Also the very reliable wallet

The price of the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4060 Ti graphics card and its powerful specifications for games

 NVIDIA seeks to make GeForce graphics cards suitable for all types of users by launching several versions in succession, and each version has its advantages and is commensurate with its own price. Each price category has characteristics for the lower category.

Therefore, in May of 2023, NVIDIA presented us with the mighty graphics card, which expresses a new breakthrough from the launch of GeForce. This is because the new GeForce RTX 4060 card offers double the performance of advanced gaming devices, as it now provides impressive performance for high-definition images, as well as a way to track lighting and clarity.

Specifications and a quick comparison of the performance of the GeForce RTX 4060 graphics processor Provides more than twice the performance of the RTX 2060 SUPER GPU by 2.6 Compared to the GeForce RTX 3060 Ti, the advantage of the GeForce RTX 4060 was 1.7. The RTX 4060 Ti uses GDDR6 memory

The price of the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4060 Ti graphics card and its powerful specifications for games 

As for the difference between RTX 4060 and RTX 4060 Ti

It contains 24MB of sub-memory, in addition to 8 or 16GB of GDDR6 memory The second card, the RTX 4060 Ti, contains 32MB of L2 sub-memory with 8 or 16GB of ultra-fast GDDR6. The sub-memory L2 is the one that reduces dependence on the main memory, thus increasing the speed, increasing the efficiency of the card, and reducing energy consumption

  Artificial intelligence is built into the way the GeForce RTX 4060 and GeForce RTX 4060Ti work.

   And by developing and updating important technologies such as DLSS 3 neural simulation, it has made it easy for artificial intelligence technology to improve the performance of games with a great deal of accuracy, clarity and fluidity.

And since many games have become dependent on the third generation of dlss3 neural simulation tools, such as The Lord of the Rings, Diablo IV, Gollum, and Unreal Engine 5, we are on the way to using this technology.

And artificial intelligence was used in this group from G-Force, so that the user gets a high definition of DLSS Super Resolution.

 The GeForce RTX 4060 and GeForce RTX 3060 Ti graphics cards have become an ideal and practical choice for online content makers, as well as designers, 3D graphics producers, and various design platforms that currently rely on artificial intelligence technologies.

As for the prices of GeForce RTX 4060 graphics cards, they are as follows

GeForce RTX 4060 card, priced at $ 299, will be available in July 2023

GeForce RTX 4060 Ti 8GB card at $399

And the last card, GeForce RTX 4060 Ti 16GB, is priced at $499 

Download HomeBank accounting software full version

 HomeBank accounting software full version

HomeBank is a simple personal accounting software

If you want a free, simple program to manage your personal accounts, organize your expenses, and expenses with ease without any complications, then this home bank is for you.

HomeBank's premium app, which is a complete personal accountant , contains all the tools anyone would need

In order to make personal accounts and how to spend his money in an organized manner

Features of the Home Banking Program

You can import and export your data from income and expenses with ease, and your data can be imported from other banking accounting programs OFX/QFX and accepts information from bank cards such as Master and Visa and works on them, also pay by cash, electronic banks , Paypal and others

Transfers between accounts are also allowed

The HomeBank program performs a complete analysis of income and expenses, which in turn gives you insights into ways to manage money through recommendations that can help you think more appropriately.

There is also the possibility of determining a specific ceiling for expenses  in the home accountant

Download HomeBank accounting software full version

 It can detect processes that are being repeated 

The HomeBank program contains many means of showing the analyzes and their results, including through the chart 

Thus, you can calculate monthly expenses, including routine expenses such as food, housing, clothing, entertainment, and others...

You can use this program easily and for free, and also in complete safety.

Specifications and downloads of the HomeBank program

The name of the program is HomeBank

Version number 5.5.2

The license is free

The program size is 18.3 MB

Support for XP/Vista/7/8/10/11 operating systems 

downloading programs

 Download اfrom here

Download Express Zip 2023 compress and unzip files

The Express Zip program is a compression, decompression, file opening and compressed files through any other program

Download Express Zip to compress and unzip files 

An experience is one of the best programs and uncompress Corrupted files and other software cannot remove them, such as Famous software  Winrar . 

We have tried a file after downloading it from the Internet through both programs to prove to us that Express ZIP is the best and most secure.

The following video shows how the experiment was done

Also compress files and fodder and add a password to protect it

Download Express Zip to compress and unzip files

Express ZIP can decompress files with all their extensions such as RAR, 7Z, Tar, Cab and more.

To see the full list, you have all the formats supported by the app

zip,zipx ,rar ,tar ,tgz,tar,gz,gz,gzip ,7z ,cab ,iso.img,dmg,arj,jar,bz2
Multidisk (.zip.00x)
Multidisk (.7z.001)

Express ZIP creates an additional copy of the file to repair the damage That happened during the download and automatically fixed it

 You can compress large files into smaller pieces and group them all Easy to remove

You can control compressed voltages and add or remove files from them

You can burn compressed files directly onto your CD or DVD In a CD, DVD

There are plenty of other features to explore on your own

The free version contains no advertisements and contains most features of the free version so you don't need to purchase it just enough to download the free version.

Express ZIP features

last update 2023
Operating systems support

Windows 7, XP, Vista, 8, 8.1.10

Mac OS X 10.5 or later

License is free

Download realtek hd audio drivers-32,64-2.82 2023

Sound card drivers are one of the most important programs that must be fully compatible with the operating system To give a good performance

Download realtek-hd-audio-drivers-32,64-2.82 

Due to the multiplicity of sound card companies in the motherboards of the computer, an incompatibility of the integrated card definition with the operating system may occur, and the card is not recognized automatically in many devices. The card may not be recognized on a Lenovo, Hp, Fujitsu, or other computer.

 Therefore, you need to download a driver that is fully compatible with the device

We provide on our site in for geek different definitions and programs to suit all devices and we update them periodically in addition to explanations and prices of cards so that our visitors can get the most appropriate and latest definition at the same time

It is known that realtek is a software giant producing sound drivers and built-in graphics cards

Therefore, today we present a definition of Realtek products for the realtek-hd-audio-drivers, version 2.82.

It is suitable for all devices and also for the 32-bit and 64-bit cores

The definition is complete and ready to be installed directly and free of charge directly from the company

You only need to download the appropriate definition of the operating system in terms of kernel and version, as we explain. When you choose the file, you will find a detailed description of the system and kernel above.

Download realtek-hd-audio-drivers-32,64 driver 2.82


Windows operating systems support

Version number 2.82

The license is free

The file size depends on the kernel and the file, whether it is an EXE or a zip file

the Producing company

If you encounter a problem with your inability to install, follow the following steps to fix the error in the operating system

Click on start and in the search box type regetit and press enter

Follow the next path


And change ShowTrayIcon from 0 to 1

To download, choose what suits your operating system and kernel

Download driver (Vista/7/8/8.1/10) 32-bit EXE file size 168 MB  

to download Press here

Download driver (Vista/7/8/8.1/10) 64-bit EXE file size 252 MB  

to download Press here

Download the driver (Vista/7/8/8.1/10)(32/64bits) suitable for two cores in a zip file of 417MB  

How to remove the spin maze virus for Android and iPhone?

 How to remove the spin maze virus for Android and iPhone

The spin maze game is, in fact, a dangerous virus that strikes mobile devices mostly due to the installation of hacked games from unreliable sources

How to remove the spin maze virus for Android and iPhone?

Some sites offer hacked games in an unsafe manner and contain spyware or viruses inside them, whether intentionally or unintentionally

This is not what matters to us, all that matters to us now

Ones We downloaded the hacked game and the mobile was infected with this virus

Do you know what is the spin maze virus?

It comes as a game with spinmaze apk extension

apk is the extension of the executable file that accepts installation on Android systems, such as the Exe extension for the computer and Windows system

This virus greatly slows down the mobile and paralyzes its movement, also implants spyware files to steal the victim's personal information and data, affects the browser's work and adds annoying forced ads, quickly integrates with any browser, whether it is Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Phoenix, and others

The hijacker was called spinmaze apk because it hijacks the browser and automatically adds its own search engine. If it cannot change the search engine, it immediately adds a set of tools and extensions inside the browser to monitor your movements on the Internet and record all the words and sites you visit.

It redirects to other pages automatically

It also occupies the device's memory with static ads, pop-up pages, and other things that make the device unbearable from slowness

Do you now know what spinmaze apk virus is?

Despite all the risks that this virus infects the victim's device and attempts to remove it directly, such as pressing it and removing it, it will most likely come back again quickly to appear in front of you like a nightmare, and you think that your device has been hacked and damaged.

No, you should not panic or even worry

It is enough that you have discovered the disease and you have to treat it, and the treatment is not as difficult as the Ransomware virus

What should you do in this situation

Here are simple steps you can take and the virus will be removed

First, turn off WiFi

It is preferable to activate the flight mode to be safe

Go to the settings and turn off the keyboard and all the languages ​​in it, such as TouchPal Keyboard K; English; German; spanish; French; Italian. Arabic  

You replace it with the Google keyboard, the Gboard application

This is the most important step, but wait a minute

The virus may have taken control of the browser, whether Chrome or something else

The remnants of the malicious application must be removed from the browser, by clicking on the three dots at the top of the application

Then go to more settings

Select Extensions

Now remove the Spin Maze extension

Thus, you have completely got rid of the virus with ease

Note, do not send the game the virus to anyone, and do not ask him to play through it, so as not to be a cause of harm to others

Share the topic with your friends and acquaintances so that everyone can benefit