Winkeyfinder program: Get the serial number for Windows or Office for free

Winkeyfinder program to obtain the activation serial for Windows and Office programs

You must keep the activation key for the copy of Windows you are using, because you may have to reinstall the copy at some point.

Of course, it is better to format it before installing the copy again, in order to get rid of unnecessary storage space due to the remnants of the old version. This is also the case for the Microsoft Office writing program, which must also be activated and activated with the registry key.

But it is certainly difficult for many people to find the registry key quickly, so we need a help tool that can extract the serial number from Windows and other installed programs and save those keys in a specific place on the hard drive for quick reference after installing the copy.

This is the mission of WinKey Fender

Winkeyfinder program: Get the serial number for Windows or Office for free 

This is the latest version of the program, which was added to the latest versions of the Windows operating system up to Windows 11.

How does winkeyfinder work?

The Win keyfinder 2.2 program retrieves the serial from the operating system and you can modify it and add your own codes. They are saved in the program to be registered with later. The matter applies to other programs for which a registration serial has been added in the operating system, including, as we previously mentioned, Microsoft Office, starting from Office 2007 to Office 2016.

Winkeyfinder program: Get the serial number for Windows or Office for free 

But it does not support versions of Office XP and Millennium. This was in the previous version above.

After extracting the serial number, using the winkeyfinder program, you can save the serial number on the hard disk with ease.

You can use it for both 32 and 64 bit cores

It is a very small application, but it is extremely useful 

Specifications and download of Win keyfinder 2.2

The program size is 39 KB in a compressed file

  It does not require installation. After downloading, unzip it and use it directly

Compatible with Windows operating systems, 32 and 64 bits.

The license is free

Download from here

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