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Social networking site similar to Facebook

Russian social networking site is very much like Facebook,

Social networking site similar to Facebook
You can register an account by phone number and confirm your email exactly as usual in the method of registration for similar sites such as Facebook and Twitter
 It gives security features to the user from random additions such as robot additions that may cause serious damage to different accounts
Gives confirmation messages when you start making additional friends to make sure you are a real person and not a machine
You can search for new friends all over the world
Also identify age groups and gender, whether male or female
 Lets import friends lists from other sites
It gives the user incentive points to get from friends and those points can send gifts to other friends
Exclusive Victor designs can be accessed and downloaded via a range of on-site collections
Picture showing the home page of the site
Social networking site similar to Facebook
As we see below in the left in Arabic shows the list of friends currently online
To send someone you click on the picture
Contains many languages and certainly Arabic, English, French, Russian and others
You can also search and identify people who put a profile in the profile
As well as people who are currently online or even everyone, whether online or offline
You can also benefit from the site by getting backlink to your site by adding your link to the profile
Russian social networking site similar to Facebook VK