Connect&control remote computers with Supremo

Supremo program 
  This App allows you to connect to other computers to help or repair a bug in one of the devices, whether you or someone else
connect to remote computers with Supremo
To use the program in a connection between two computers, type the device number and password
You have to give the other party the number of the device and the password and wait until the connection is accepted and then the connection between the devices and you can make the necessary repairs and full control
It also allows transferring and sharing files between devices with ease and ease
To ensure security between devices, the application produces an ID or a special user name that can not be changed
The ID is changed automatically every time you open the program to make a new connection
It is the experience of some people who proved to be very secure than other famous programs in the same specialty as Teamviewer
The program is simple and needs no explanation
Just try it
It is FREE
Compatible with Windows operating system in all versions
To download Supremo click on the word technology

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