Brackets Text Editor

brackets for text editing software program

Brackets program is a giant production Adobe specialized in very high software with professional users and amateurs and students of science and the program is easy to use as it features a program of full T Web programming, "HTML" HTML, and "CSS" CSS, and "JavaScript" JavaScript. The program works on different versions of Windows as well as Linux and Mac
BracketsText Editor

To download the software from the official website

Download ProgDVB 7.14 for Satelite Cards

Download ProgDVB 7.14 to run  Satelite cards

Today  with us ProgDVB rich from the definition in the Run of the  Satelite cards on the 
computer and watch the encrypted channels
Download ProgDVB 7.14 to run  Satelite cards

ProgDVB 7.14 is the latest version in 2016 and he has proven his ability and sweep in to run 
the channels encrypted and also the possibility of listening to the  radio without having a Satelite card in your PC  through the internet

Can also process a list of favorite channels.

Is characterized with reliability and stability

Gives you the possibility of running the video files existing on your device

Has an interface so easy everyone with a bunch of stuff you can choose from

It is also fast in performance and lightness on different setups and the user can navigate 
between channels very quickly

Feature picture-in-picture no can you run more than channel at the same time.

You can register for the channel that you are watching

By aqualis composed of 10 buttons

Supports the channels of information

Operating system supports Windows versions 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10

Note 32 and 64

Requires install net fram work V2.0 Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
The size of the program 19 MB

Download  prog DVD  from here .

Cover Design Facebook without software and design experience

Cover Design Facebook page 

without software or experience in design

Cover Design Facebook page  without software or experience in design
Facebook is the most popular site for social networking to now and always what you need to design a cover for your personal or received and groups are being generated with your friends. And a lot of us does not have the experience in dealing with Photoshop or other program is received and design programs you graduated casing Facebook as you want.
But the designers did not stand Online software thinking it is received and there are dozens of sites you can design your Facebook cover through which large and easily shows your business like a professional.
All you had to do is login to the site and follow some simple steps such as selection of the image and the background and write on it and then you can save them on your computer and filed on Facebook
Dear watchers Arab Technology site
Site cover bash of the best sites for the design of Facebook cover for being easy to handle and provides you with various tools in order to design the cover of Facebook as you like
To access the site, click here

Activation of the Comprehensive Avast to 07/15/2015

Activation of the Comprehensive Avast to 07/15/2015

 Activation of the Comprehensive Avast to 07/15/2015
 Activation of the Comprehensive Avast to 07/15/2015
A peace, mercy and blessings of God the praise of God and thanks to him we had found activation destruction of avast Who is one of the most powerful existing programs, especially when using the safe zone
No one can any penetrates your computer to spy on your banking information , therefore, we found that the license for life has no meaning to you often delete the program and download the latest therefore short activation in months is the best beats and , God willing , before ending the activation Snuay yourselves another activation and the rest file comes in turn , God willing ,
To download Avast from the official website  Click here

To download the license file from the Media Fire Click here

Download Google Chrome 49.0.2 Full

Download the giant browser  "Google Chrome" 49.0.2 Google Chrome full version 
to be installed at any time and on any device
without   Internet connection for installation
Of course the vast majority of netizens knows the importance of the Chrome browser does not shed it for the lightness and the presence of all its additions
Download Google Chrome 49.0.2 Full
This browser can run or show the information on the web pages and languages ​​of programming and the possibility of the amendment which is important for developers primarily Veduath help undoubtedly make things easier on those who want to develop a specific product, a private Web pages
Also permanent support from Google Inc. and continuously improve the product does not stop
Some users encounter problems when using other Mtcefat like Internet Explorer and Firefox
Most of these problems is a Ashlak those browsers large amount of Alramat therefore find that Google Chrome fast, lightweight application consumes significantly Alramat
Asdarat compatible with Windows XP, run the following Windows operating system, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows Vista x64, Windows XP x64, Windows 8, Windows 8 x64
Free Chrome browser completely
Download the free full version of the Google Chrome program 49.0.2
Click on the word download download

NetCut for Android and PC Internet disconnection and self protection

The famous net cut which is used for disconnect devices connected to the local area network and WiFi NetCut

NetCut for Android and PC Internet disconnection and self protection

The software will display all the devices connected to the Internet within a local area network shows the machine name and IP and MAC address
NetCut for Android and PC Internet disconnection and self protection

The call is disconnected by MAC address it most effectively and ensure the process is done completely.
Further to the protection of NetCut user from one user to connect your device via ASP SPOOF
NetCut for Android and PC Internet disconnection and self protection

Easy to use just Tim disconnect any device or a mobile phone, or a wired network connection device and connection device for one Bdght

NetCut for Android and PC Internet disconnection and self protection

The NetCut free
The program size is very small.
The web site can be used to measure the speed of your Internet
NetCut for Android and PC Internet disconnection and self protection
The official site of the net cut is Arcai
Download the net cut of the computer Here.
The site also NetCut
Download net cut Android devices, either from the following link netcut for Android using fingerprint mobile
Or directly download the software and install it from here.

learn about different social networks in the world

Get to know the different networks of social communication in the world.

 شبكات التواصل الاجتماعى المختلفه فى العالم

The emergence of social networks

Range of social networks began to emerge in the late nineties , such as in 1995 to connect classmates and site in 1997 and focused on that site direct links between people. And it appeared in those locations profiles for users and service to send messages to a group of friends. In spite of these sites provide services similar to exist in current social networks , but these sites have not been able to generate a profit for their owners it has been closed. Then came a series of social networking , which has not been able to achieve great success between 1999 and 2001. With the beginning of 2005 appeared site with a number of hits its pages more than google , a famous American site MySpace is one of the first and largest social networks in the world and his famous rival Facebook , which also began in the parallel deployment with MySpace even Facebook has in 2007 allowing formation applications developers and this is what has led to increased numbers of Facebook users dramatically and now are believed to number more than 800 million users worldwide.

That social networking has become a place of study for many students in the field of communities and researchers in a number of topics such as privacy, identity and capital communities and uses teenagers

Types of social networks

Basic type

This type consists of user profiles and public services such as personal correspondence and share photos and audio and video files, links, texts and information based on specific classifications linked to study, work or geographic scope of such sites Facebook and MySpace

Work - related

And it is one of the most important types of social networks , which connects friends work in a professional, business owners, companies and include user profiles include their resumes and what they have done in their school years and their work , and they work with them.

Additional Features

There are some social networking features such as the availability of other micro - blogging Micro Blogging like Twitter and Plurk and geographic networks such as Bright Kite site.

Types of social networks according to their nature

1. Social networking sites accepted.

2. blogging. (Web page on the Internet by the growl Entries - input - dated and in chronological order in descending order) are used to disseminate and receive news and interact with news , whether personal or public. Examples: - blogger - word press

3. wiki.

Arab social networks

There are some Arab social networks that have emerged recently, but did not live up to compete with services offered by the major social networks Examples of such Arab social networking is written , one of the largest and most famous sites and developed in its social network brings users of the site and provide them with a variety of services, and other Arab networks Brothers Advanced network city and Faye and write and SerirZ mm and save your favorite links.

Social networking and business

Only social networks do not stop at the link between the friends and the people there are even gathering makers and business owners of companies and their employees and example networks months on that site LinkedIn, which collected more than 20 million users and over 150 different craft.

Through these networks , the user can write his biography in the field of education and work and can call his friends to recommend it to other people to start a new business areas among themselves, so the networks then it is one of the areas that are significant to the future away from the networks struggle
The famous social networking links

How do you get the definition of any Hardware connected to the pc


How do you get the definition of any Hardware  connected to the computer

Do you sometimes need Find definition  may not be there , and going on with you problems because of the lack of definition of consensus used which is identical to the possibilities of your device now try to help everyone who suffers from this problem here you will find the definition that matches the potential of the computer and did not find anywhere you'll find that , God willing , Here

Website URL used in the commentary Click here

Original Windows XP from Microsoft's

Microsoft Windows XP  original Veresion

With multiple sites that talk about the versions of Windows to a variety of Asaddart modified systems, most of which brings us to the maze to obtain the required version but today in our blog  we will give you the  Windows XP Professional original directly from Microsoft
  نسخة ويندوز XP الاصلية من ميكروسوفت

This is an Iso you can burn it directly onto CD or on Flash Memory and you can find out how to do that  just read the topic

You can download
Windows XP Service Pack 3 - ISO-9660 CD Image File

 Surf's version Pack-3 and the language you want from the site
From here choose a language version and press the Download
date of issue

File Size

544.9 MB

 Windows XP version of the original Microsoft

Windows operating requirements and note this is the minimum specification device

Pentium 3 processor speeds of 2.3 MHz and 3 MHz better

Ramat Mega 64 and preferably 128 MB

1.5 GB of hard empty space to install the system

Of course Keyboard and Mouse

You can learn how to burn a copy of Windows on a flash memory or USB via YUMI Program to install operating systems on USB Flash Memory or programs

Android system on the computer By Andy OS

You can using Android system on your personal computer entire  the Andy OS v0.46.2.161 program    
In the beginning there is a lot of programs which you can run Android on a normal computer
نظام اندرويد على الكمبيوتر ببرنامج Andy OS
But what distinguishes Andy OS v0.46.2.161 program from other programs operating in the same specialization
Simply explain the difference
Other applications put limits on the use of any sense applications It's designed to run Android games on the computer they are just player for a specific application
The program is in our hands today is help you to use the entire Android system on the computer is automatically configure the system tablet or Mobile to work on a computer screen, you can also use all communications and applications on the computer as you use on other Devises that use Android
Application features

The last working version of Android system
Lets you download applications directly from the disc to top the software emulator
It coincides perfectly with Android that you use on Mobile
Is fully compatible with operating systems Windows and Mac
How to use the application Andy OS
When finished downloading the application and start using it on the device show a black screen and the message meaning Andorad the update
After that show us the welcome message and choose from your favorite language
Then click on Start
The direct action program and import your information by Emile Google that you use the tab device 
And you should choose a synchronization feature to be able to gather information for entry
After that when the end of the previous step tells you that he has been working and turning your computer into a Tablet

نظام اندرويد على الكمبيوتر ببرنامج Andy OS
Use Watts in August by the application on your computer

The application comes complete Alandroed components such as MSN ID and email and applications and download applications from the Play Store or App Store and various communications. You can also use any Watts in August by the application on your computer
Also the possibility of running your favorite games on your computer as if you are on the tablet can control and customize the way you prefer, such as the use of Altach screen or keyboard shortcuts

نظام اندرويد على الكمبيوتر ببرنامج Andy OS
Run your favorite games on your computer
see this vedio

as we say in the top of the topic that allows you to use the entire Android system, not just to run the games
Program size 439 MB
Now is the time to download Andy OS v0.46.2.161 from here
His official from here

charles secrets to a happy farm program

charles secrets to a happy farm program

This program is very important for all game lovers happy farm on Facebook

charles secrets to a happy farm program

Used by professionals in increasing levels of dinars in the game and you can also work the full expansion of the farm program is easy to handle, but it only needs the user to speed the implementation of the work program is based on the idea that he will communicate directly The main file of the game very quickly before sending process and use of the data and thus helps to control the data and change also used by developers to develop games Macromedia Flash because the program displays all the flash data
charles software supports various operating systems such as Windows and Mac and Linux
Light on the device does not consume a lot of resources you can save a copy of the work and use it on another installed program does not need to re-implement steps you previously work
Based mainly on the main access to the source file to a particular location and view the programming source so that you can control in all matters relating to the site of the changes or additions so doing, he also is useful for anyone who wants to develop sites or correct errors in the thread

Charles download the program from the last version of the official site here
To download the 32-bit version of the kernel from the official website
To download the version of the kernel 64 from the official website
Download a free copy of Charles from here Program

IObit Malware Fighter program malware hunter

IObit Malware Fighter program malware hunter

Specialized in stopping malware malware and remove it from the system software
IObit Malware Fighter program hunter malware

IObit Malware Fighter program hunter malwareA combination of antivirus and malware alsoIt protects your computer from the followingSpying programsTapes browser toolbars

Sometimes the user can install the toolbar of the browser that tape who shall change the settings of browsers and home page of the browser allows access some sites without the consent of the userRemote control any tools to control the system from hacker applicationsIt advised to run it with the antivirus to ensure full protectionThe database is updated dailyDoing a full scan of malicious software on all parts of the Hardisek

IObit Malware Fighter program hunter malware

IObit Malware Fighter program hunter malwareIt works to save system files from any possible breakthroughs by downloading programs or transferring files from one USB device to

IObit Malware Fighter program hunter malware

The possibility of control in parts of the files to be examinedIObit Malware Fighter program hunter malwareLight volumeIt works in the background of any system silentFree program IObit MalwareCompatible with operating systems

Windows XP

Windows Vista

Windows 7

Windows 8

Windows 8.1

Windows 10The program size 40 MBTo download IObit Malware Fighter program from here

How to get rid of Static Electricity in the computer

Do you know what is Static Electricity
How to reach your PC and Atharaha and how to get rid of her

How to get rid of static electricity on the computer
What is the Static Electricity ?
It is the electrical loadings clustered in a particular and continue in sleep mode until an intermediate body moves his way or divided
How is static electricity?
How to get rid of static electricity on the computer
Those shipments is called static electricity is generated by friction between two objects with different models
How to get rid of static electricity on the computer
When you wear the clothes made of wool or a blend of wool and cotton and nylon clothes with no static electricity is generated by friction between the material
Also, if you wear the shoes of the plastic or leather and wool carpet shipments are moved out of the body.
In short, it is Friction
 Alldnt materials with soft material
How to get rid of static electricity on the computer

The static electricity in the body to find its way through a large body of metal or conductive wire to the ground.
They don't feel the human only when an object touches the device or by the static charge or vice versa, meaning that the man himself by static loadings and up to thousands of Volts when in contact with objects is to connect feels its existence
Once I was walking on carpet and went to papa and I felt this furniture?
How to get rid of static electricity on the computer

How to get rid of static electricity on the computer
That's the static electricity
It's in the day of the winter, you wear a cap Llras entered the house when it takes off the hat on the head, find your hair up?
How to get rid of static electricity on the computer

It is by such static electricity.
After that, we have a brief definition of static electricity in it.
Static electricity transmitted to the computers at the beginning of the assembled, it is assumed that the electric insulating body
Therefore, when initiated in the first assembling computer parts, make sure to unload cargo from your body by touching the body of a metal wire or a ground floor
Second, the possibility of using metallic pieces worn on the wrist is divided between the load and moving objects.
How to get rid of static electricity on the computer

The choice of power supply (power supply) and looking for the good cheap, may be the cause of static electricity to computer access.
How to get rid of static electricity on the computer

Matathyrha found on the computer?
When touch the outer and inner cover for computer feel a thrill.

May cause the burning of some components in the Albwrt
The most common impact of the baffles to many non specialists or even some of the work in the maintenance, but in a random manner without study is that he sometimes find any the computer is slow at writing by Keyboard USB
And the navigation between pages Almfwtht by Alt+Tab
It's most likely to be due to static electricity problem, do not listen to those who say this Windows version or this keyboard malfunction or fault of those words to my confirmation. Install another copy of the operating system and the same problem exists.
The only problem, either by selecting a power supply return
How to get rid of static electricity on the computer

Static or collect shipments in computer parts and you get rid of them.
But by Asbray intended to remove static cargo

How to get rid of static electricity on the computer

The use of socket or three feet, located by the ground wire is located
How to get rid of static electricity on the computer

This is not available in some areas.

The computer or dismantled and left it out of the bag length
Or better Taryd work Llkyst
How do make a Ground wire
to the computer?
Connect a copper wire less. 1 ml solid with the case and barrelled water
Delivery water pipe, so could not enter the nail in the wall preferably to be close to the earth and by the Alnhasy
It is intended to do through the static charge out of the computer and deliver it to the ground.
In some of the motherboard slot is intended to connect the ground wire, but if there is just connect external connecting wire.
This is about the experiments and not just words but the science Bjarb also in some few instances where in a ram or a hard problem for some problems, but if you work the device has consumed so long you Fkd causes no more than what we have.

AVG Antivirus Free Download

AVG Free program

 AVG software effectively and excellent mild Anti virus , and despite its potential is enormous Free program it has free versions and one limited potential somewhat, but enough for the average user

  AVG Anti virus effective and excellent

If you are a business owners

The big online sites and you want to protect and also get maximum protection from the harmful files online from spyware or even track you need to Alencjh non - free, but you can try it for a period of thirty days before buying it
Download it from  the official website here
In the bottom of the page there are two options download the free version on the left and experimental version on the right

Who's On My Wifi Explain and Download

Explain and Download Who's On My Wifi

Protection program of the Wi-Fi network to steal your knowledge of the uses and the possibility of full control
 شرح وتحميل برنامج Who’s On My Wifi
Explain how the download
Go to the program at the last topic we will put the official site link
As we can see pictures
شرح وتحميل برنامج Who’s On My Wifi

شرح وتحميل برنامج Who’s On My Wifi
After pressing the move to get started choosing compatible version with the system, whether you're using Windows or Mac
شرح وتحميل برنامج Who’s On My Wifi
After choosing the type of system will move to the download page
After pressing the Download Now will download the program directly
After the download is complete, we also see the installation
When you click on the installation file you this dialogue may appear
شرح وتحميل برنامج Who’s On My Wifi
It means that it requires that you have a program Net Wolfram York 3.5 and asks if you would 
 like to install it is, if not installed in your system and select Yes
Microsoft will open a page to not load the software including
شرح وتحميل برنامج Who’s On My Wifi
Will go on the page select the ones choice in the lower right hand
شرح وتحميل برنامج Who’s On My Wifi

After your download the program and install it as image
شرح وتحميل برنامج Who’s On My Wifi
Put pressure on the install
شرح وتحميل برنامج Who’s On My Wifi

Then go back to the program Who's On My Wifi, and start the installation process
شرح وتحميل برنامج Who’s On My Wifi
Click Next
شرح وتحميل برنامج Who’s On My Wifi
Next again
شرح وتحميل برنامج Who’s On My Wifi
And choose Create a short cut on the desktop for easier access to the program
شرح وتحميل برنامج Who’s On My Wifi
And then turned over
شرح وتحميل برنامج Who’s On My Wifi
In the latest finish
شرح وتحميل برنامج Who’s On My Wifi

Now we come to explain how to use the program Who's On My Wifi

When you open the program shows the following picture choose
شرح وتحميل برنامج Who’s On My Wifi
Which begin installation
After that it will scan the connected devices on the network and show it as we see
شرح وتحميل برنامج Who’s On My Wifi
Finally , in case if you want to disconnect from the specific device you click on the box next to the device and will give you a confirmation message if you want to disconnect him choose Yes
شرح وتحميل برنامج Who’s On My Wifi
Will take you to the registration page that were not could you make a calculation program, you create a new account to be able to control in the hardware either did not do so it will just show the program for devices connected to the network
The program works automatically in the background of the system in the Tri Setstm and that I wanted to stop him press right click on the image of the program at the bottom and select Exit
To download the program Who's On My Wifi
 from the official website press  here