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Get to know the different networks of social communication in the world.

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The emergence of social networks

Range of social networks began to emerge in the late nineties , such as Classmates.com in 1995 to connect classmates and SixDegrees.com site in 1997 and focused on that site direct links between people. And it appeared in those locations profiles for users and service to send messages to a group of friends. In spite of these sites provide services similar to exist in current social networks , but these sites have not been able to generate a profit for their owners it has been closed. Then came a series of social networking , which has not been able to achieve great success between 1999 and 2001. With the beginning of 2005 appeared site with a number of hits its pages more than google , a famous American site MySpace is one of the first and largest social networks in the world and his famous rival Facebook , which also began in the parallel deployment with MySpace even Facebook has in 2007 allowing formation applications developers and this is what has led to increased numbers of Facebook users dramatically and now are believed to number more than 800 million users worldwide.

That social networking has become a place of study for many students in the field of communities and researchers in a number of topics such as privacy, identity and capital communities and uses teenagers

Types of social networks

Basic type

This type consists of user profiles and public services such as personal correspondence and share photos and audio and video files, links, texts and information based on specific classifications linked to study, work or geographic scope of such sites Facebook and MySpace

Work - related

And it is one of the most important types of social networks , which connects friends work in a professional, business owners, companies and include user profiles include their resumes and what they have done in their school years and their work , and they work with them.

Additional Features

There are some social networking features such as the availability of other micro - blogging Micro Blogging like Twitter and Plurk and geographic networks such as Bright Kite site.

Types of social networks according to their nature

1. Social networking sites accepted.

2. blogging. (Web page on the Internet by the growl Entries - input - dated and in chronological order in descending order) are used to disseminate and receive news and interact with news , whether personal or public. Examples: - blogger - word press

3. wiki.

Arab social networks

There are some Arab social networks that have emerged recently, but did not live up to compete with services offered by the major social networks Examples of such Arab social networking is written , one of the largest and most famous sites and developed in its social network brings users of the site and provide them with a variety of services, and other Arab networks Brothers Advanced network city and Faye and write and SerirZ mm and save your favorite links.

Social networking and business

Only social networks do not stop at the link between the friends and the people there are even gathering makers and business owners of companies and their employees and example networks months on that site LinkedIn, which collected more than 20 million users and over 150 different craft.

Through these networks , the user can write his biography in the field of education and work and can call his friends to recommend it to other people to start a new business areas among themselves, so the networks then it is one of the areas that are significant to the future away from the networks struggle
The famous social networking links

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