Wise Folder Hider Hide Files, Folders and USB

Wise Folder Hider

A wonderful program works with new technology is to hide what you want files or folders or even USB FLASH can not be shown only a password

After loading the program easily install it and then open it and type a password and confirm again and after that start by choosing the files or folders or Alosi Bb to hide as we see in the picture
Wise Folder Hider Hide Files, Folders and USB
Double protection program using double password

You can place files by dragging and dropping or by pressing the Hide file button
Wise Folder Hider Hide Files, Folders and USB
We choose the file
Wise Folder Hider Hide Files, Folders and USB

It will be put into the program and we have to define what we want to do that is to hide or show or set a password as we will see
Wise Folder Hider Hide Files, Folders and USB
If we want to hide the full folder and not the file we choose as the image
Wise Folder Hider Hide Files, Folders and USB

Also for the USB or the DISC DISC
Wise Folder Hider Hide Files, Folders and USB
Now we have come to the process of hiding and we have two options either to hide without a password
Wise Folder Hider Hide Files, Folders and USB

Or hide by setting a password
Wise Folder Hider Hide Files, Folders and USB
Now the download from here

AOL Instant Messenger 4.7

AOL Instant Messenger 4.7

For Macintosh

 AOL Instant Messenger 4.7
Connects with your friends and family right away
It has the advantage of merging more than one account into websites to find out what your friends are doing
 AOL Instant Messenger 4.7

The program is now available in a customized version of OS X users
 AOL Instant Messenger 4.7
It is available for all other systems such as Windows and Linux
As well as on mobile operating systems such as Android and Apple
It can be used for conversations and photos and messages
Fast and lightweight and works on any possibilities that does not consume the resources of the device
Group talks can be held
Share Media Files
Integrates with the firewall available in your system and thus protects the user from receiving any malicious programs or malicious files

Specifications and download AOL Messenger
Compatible with Mac OS 8.6 - Mac OS X
The size of the program is 3.4 MB
License is FREE
Official Website
Download AOL Instant Messenger from here

Download AOL Messenger for other systems
Download AOL Instant Messenger Windows System from here
Download AOL Instant Messenger Android System from here
To download the AOL Instant Messenger Apple system from here

Wise Registry Cleaner 8.66.556

Wise Registry Cleaner 8.66.556

When the user installs programs or removes programs, this procedure causes some problems in the files of the registry and there is a problem with the repetition of the installation or removal

برنامج Wise Registry Cleaner 8.66.556
This program fixes the errors resulting from these operations and restore the correct values ​​of the registry and clean the incorrect values ​​in it and remove errors that appear due to errors
The errors that happen to the reaction result in some things, including the computer being relatively slow
The emergence of some alerts errors, which bothers the user because of some of the required features in Windows
You can also experience System Restore, a very important feature that often deals with major problems
From here we know the importance of this program in reforming these problems
A brief and concise explanation of the program and its importance is provided to your attendants. This is what we need most to know about their work
Now we will explain the interface of the program
The program consists of its main interface of two parts
The left part is a tree of the filesystem to be scanned
The right part is the result of the examination
The bottom part of the program shows the result of the examination and the number of problems
What distinguishes the program from other programs
Most registry cleaning programs perform a clean cleaning process without any input, but this program has a distinction between files that can be repaired or files that are unsafe.
And also contains the advantage of pick-up or backup of the Registry can enable us to restore to Windows in the event of error in the repair of files or any change we have done and in my view that is the most important feature of the program
From here we summarize the advantages of the program
1 Easy to use
2. The possibility of suspension and completion of the examination at any time
3 Possibility of restoration of values ​​before modification
3 Show errors and insecure reform
Now comes the time of download

EagleGet Download files efficiently

The new vicious program EagleGet   

Many programs do the same work, but each one has advantages and disadvantages
Today we will try EagleGet To download files


We will review the features
Supports many languages ​​including Arabic
Uses file shredding technology to speed up the download process
Ability to control files loaded simultaneously and at different speeds
Automatically update download links without restarting the download
Supports all browsers
Download audio files and HD video from any website
Convert video formats of Internet to many other formats
Pop-up windows are easy to control and can also control windows
Automatic checking of malware, spam, and malicious files
Change the shape and interface of the interface
The most important feature of the program is completely free
 Download files efficiently EagleGet

Download from the official site from here

Blender program for trigonometric design and animation

Blender is a 3D design program and industry of animation movies and games
Blender program for trigonometric design and animation
Most designers and cartoonists know the famous design programs
Such as 3D studio and Maya
But for those who like the experience, it should be remembered that these programs are expensive
The Blinder program is free
And gives you the opportunity to experiment and bring out the internal creativity and control movement
Lighting and animation production
Blender program for trigonometric design and animation
Allows full control of the industry
By vehicle interface gives you many tools to help work
You can add the technical touch that distinguishes you and can also produce video games
Blender software for trigonometric design, animation and video games

You can make a TV commercial
Design of special introductions
Design of business presentations
Blender program for trio design, presentations and introductions

Contains many filters
Flow simulator to preview working speed and motion
We in Arab Technology provide a contribution from us to facilitate the explanation and how the program works

Download and Download Blender 2.78c / 2.79 Dev
License is FREE
The size of the program is approximately 72 MB
The official site Blender 2.78c
Support for Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7/8/10 operating systems
Explain the download in the following image

Download Blender 2.78c
We provide you with a video explanation of how Animations works and animation
The file is compressed and mounted from here

Pocket Radio Player

Pocket Radio Player

A program focusing on communication with radio channels transmitted over the Internet
It provides all basic services in a compact package
 Pocket Radio Player
The most important features
Multi-language application
Portable and modular design, knifeable and highly customizable
Includes: Recorder for recording stations , Encryption, editor and update
The store of songs and stations used Recently
Sound quality and excellent performance via FMOD
" Out of Frame   " works in Internet Explorer does not require any additions such as NetFrameWork, Flash Player or any other application
No ads, no data extraction . 100 % FREE !
The program is still under development to add more platforms and is now fully compatible with the operating system
Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10 (32-Bit / 64-Bit)
 Pocket Radio Player
Work on full support for other operating system such as

 Pocket Radio Player

 Pocket Radio Player

Now come to download the internet radio player
You can download Pocket Radio Player 103016 from here
Or from the official site of Pocket Radio Player

Download DaVinci Resolve 14

DaVinci Resolve 14 Montage & editing program 

Da Vinci, the world artist was creative in his work and impresses all those who follow him and dazzle them with his paintings and genius
From here comes the name of the video editing and Montage program, DaVinci

DaVinci Resolve 14 Montage & editing program
Gives you great tools for editing montage, on image or video files
Many of us use montage programs such as Sony Vegas, After Effects, Adobe Premiere, or others....
But many also do not know that the DaVinci Resolve software is powerful and effective in the same field
The Da Vinci program has many tools that contribute to the completion of the work required, like the other programs famous as well as ease of use, and can any newbie to work on it easily
As well as light on medium devices it does not consume a lot of resources
You can modify colors

DaVinci Resolve 14 Montage & editing program
Add many effects, visual effects, ripples and text to the video clip.

DaVinci Resolve 14 Montage & editing program
Merge and trim video.
Design of film introductions.
The possibility of making improvements to the video through the digital camera and take out the work with the highest accuracy.
Add sound effects or add audio files to the video.

DaVinci Resolve 14 Montage & editing program
Also the possibility to merge two video files of different sizes in one frame.
Save the work in multiple formats and more than the quality according to your desire.

DaVinci Resolve 14 Montage & editing program
Also control the degree of video transparency.
And a lot of things will be discovered by yourself .....
What distinguishes the program is that most tools and effects are integrated into the program and can be used without complications.
Once the DaVinci Resolve application is installed, on your computer and running it you will see that the program interface is distinctive and easy to use
You will see a black interface with the required output tools
It gives you quick access to the required tool
You might think at first glance when running the program it's as complicated as the rest of the other programs, but it's the opposite
You can simply find all the required tools in the main menu.

Specification and download of DaVinci Resolve 14
The size of the program is 626 MB
Free Freeware license
Compatible with operating systems
Mac, Linux,
Windows 8 64 bit • Windows 10 64 bit
The DaVinci Resolve 14 site
Download DaVinci Resolve and chose the appropriate version system for the operating system
تحميل برنامج المونتاج DaVinci Resolve 14 اختيار النسخة المناسبة
from here

Download Chromium browser open source

Chromium is classified as one of the best browsers on the web
It is very similar to the famous Google Chrome browser
Download Chromium browser open source

Your Chromium browser is open source
Thus providing high speed, efficiency and greater control by the user
It is possible to open many windows in the same window with little effect on the performance of the Internet
It has a wide reach and is used by millions around the world
Video can be viewed from different sites
Such as YouTube or Facebook or all the different sites of communication and high speed
It provides complete security because it is an open source application
You can set the start page yourself
Supports all different operating systems
It has many versions, including Windows compatible with all versions
Also OS Android and Linux
Well it is FREE
Download Chromium browser open source

Specification and loading Chromium browser
The size of the program is 100 MB
License is FREE
Support Windows operating systems, Linux, Android
Chromium official site

Download Chromium Browser

Download Chromium Browser Linux
Download Chromium Browser for free

32 Download Chromium Browser
Upload from the official website of the application
Download Chromium Browser 86x