Wise Registry Cleaner 8.66.556

Wise Registry Cleaner 8.66.556

When the user installs programs or removes programs, this procedure causes some problems in the files of the registry and there is a problem with the repetition of the installation or removal

برنامج Wise Registry Cleaner 8.66.556
This program fixes the errors resulting from these operations and restore the correct values ​​of the registry and clean the incorrect values ​​in it and remove errors that appear due to errors
The errors that happen to the reaction result in some things, including the computer being relatively slow
The emergence of some alerts errors, which bothers the user because of some of the required features in Windows
You can also experience System Restore, a very important feature that often deals with major problems
From here we know the importance of this program in reforming these problems
A brief and concise explanation of the program and its importance is provided to your attendants. This is what we need most to know about their work
Now we will explain the interface of the program
The program consists of its main interface of two parts
The left part is a tree of the filesystem to be scanned
The right part is the result of the examination
The bottom part of the program shows the result of the examination and the number of problems
What distinguishes the program from other programs
Most registry cleaning programs perform a clean cleaning process without any input, but this program has a distinction between files that can be repaired or files that are unsafe.
And also contains the advantage of pick-up or backup of the Registry can enable us to restore to Windows in the event of error in the repair of files or any change we have done and in my view that is the most important feature of the program
From here we summarize the advantages of the program
1 Easy to use
2. The possibility of suspension and completion of the examination at any time
3 Possibility of restoration of values ​​before modification
3 Show errors and insecure reform
Now comes the time of download

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