Inkscape design program for Victor designers

Graphic design programs are known to all designers of the patch and the amendment and preferably design programs suitable for all operating systems such as Windows, Linux and Mac
Inkscape is a program that contains many similar tools like Adobe Illustrator, Xara X, CorelDraw and Freehand.
Inkscape is a professional program and we are in info geek provide a portable version of Inkscape software that can be run directly by placing it on USB and working on any device

 Inkscape design program for Victor designers
It is a free and open source program
Contains flexible drawing tools
Supports all file formats
The tools of making curves accurately and easily
The writing tool is perfect
You can view and learn all the tools and possibilities of the Inkscape program from here
 Inkscape design program for Victor designers

We will also explain how to install the non - portable version and localize it
For Linux users
If the software is not included in the software manager for your distribution you can download the program from the following link
Download inkscape for linux system
As for the localization of the program on Linux it is enough that you install the language pack and will automatically install the Arabic language on the program
KDE users can not be defined because the localization package is linked to GNOME
It can be localized by installing the language-pack-gnome-ar package that is in the distribution package manager that it uses
On distributions such as Linux Mint and OpTno, the package can be installed as follows
sudo apt-get install language-pack-gnome-en

Arabization for Windows users
It is very simple to choose the languages ​​you want during the installation process
If you like to use Arabic, choose Arabic to install the program
 Inkscape design program for Victor designers

After installation, you can change the interface language in the following way
Click File-Preferences-Interface
 Inkscape design program for Victor designers
You can specify the required language such as Arabic here
The program is restarted and we see the result
 Inkscape design program for Victor designers

The interface has become Arabic
The download links to the software for different systems and also download the program Portable
Download Inkscape for Linux from here
Download Inkscape for Mac OS   from here
Download Inkscape for Windows operating system from here
Download Inkscape Portable without installing from here

How to Earn Money By Uploading Files Up To $ 8.5

File upload sites are many and always need to either upload files or download files, which is a service by sites around the world to host the files of users and made available for download by the public and different advantages of the site in terms of speed and the size of space provided by the site to raise and also plans to increase the space is the common denominator Among all the sites, it provides free space and the possibility of increasing the space in return for material
Because of what we have presented in the previous introduction, certainly most of us use the file upload sites, but not to benefit more than just upload files, we can get a profit for uploading files and get the profit from the number of times the files downloaded
There is a decent site offers a good price when downloading files and in many ways to pay suitable for all countries and all means available through the Intern 

It is the site  Up-4ever
How to Profit from Uploading Files Up-4ever  Website up to $ 8.5

It gives $ 5 per 1000 downloads
It is considered one of the best sites in profit by uploading files and has great credibility
It has an easy and clear interface in three languages: Arabic, English and French
It is fast and easy to pay to all countries, especially Arabic and by all means
How to Profit from Uploading Files Up-4ever  Website up to $ 8.5
The minimum payment is different from one way to another as shown in the following table
How to Profit from Uploading Files Up-4ever  Website up to $ 8.5

Keep your files forever. Do not worry about losing your files
It gives you a lot of free storage space compared to other sites. It gives you 120 GB of free space
Easy to upload files in more than one way
How to Profit from Uploading Files Up-4ever  Website up to $ 8.5

Upload files directly from your computer

2 - Upload files via other sites Remote URL Upload This link must be directly downloaded

3 - Copy files previously uploaded Copy Files and upload them again with a different name through the site automatically
4 - Upload files Torrent Torrent Leech with ease and simplicity

As for the download prices per thousand uploads are in the following table
How to Profit from Uploading Files Up-4ever  Website up to $ 8.5
We see in America and Canada up to a thousand downloads to $ 7
UK, Australia, Saudi Arabia and UAE $ 4 per thousand download
As for the rest of the world, the price is $ 3 per thousand in normal days
And rises on holidays and holidays to reach the next rate
How to Profit from Uploading Files Up-4ever  Website up to $ 8.5
We also see download prices from $ 8.5 to $ 4.5 depending on the region

Registration at Up-4ever is simple without complications
Enter the following link Up-4ever
Hopefully the data
Then you have completed the registration and are directed to the site's home page
If you need to upload files only click on the UPLOAD FILES above and choose the upload method as mentioned above by one of the four methods and posted in different forums and groups
It is possible to enter the subject and get the best Arab and foreign interacting groups
This link is the best gift for a group of interactive gropes around the world
Register to upload files up-4ever

Top 10 programs to protect you during online shopping

Online or online shopping is never free of the potential risks of hacking, data theft, credit card information and personal data that the customer adds to online shopping sites. This risk is stimulated in the absence of a good safeguard for the shopper,
But that problem can be solved simply by installing a well-performing security application that has features to prevent hacking from the Web
Our gift for the new year 💼 
 info geek offers you 
the best 10 applications for protection while shopping online
We list applications in order of strength and efficiency and provide simplified explanations of each program, with links to download applications
Top 10 programs to protect you during online shopping

Avast Free Antivirus
Avast Free Antivirus
Fast and light program on most devices with different capabilities and equipment and gives strong protection from viral attacks, transmissions and breakthroughs
Avast Free Antivirus can be used on all desktop, mobile or other devices
It is also preferred by many employers to protect their work, whatever the size of their institutions
Especially those whose business depends on the Internet

Download avast antivirus avast

Kaspersky Anti-Virus
Kaspersky Anti-Virus
From the oldest and best protection programs, the giant Russian Kaspersky protects the devices from many types of malware, viruses, worms, trojans, and malware, closing the ports of penetration and checking the time of files and data when dealing with the Internet
And has won many awards and obtained advanced assessments in the voting sites on the programs of protection and information security

Kaspersky Anti - Virus
Or from here

360 Total Security 360 Total Security
360 Total Security
It is one of the best protection programs and is a comprehensive and free protection application
As mentioned above, it works through five search engines to ensure you get all updates anywhere and also provide the maximum protection free of charge for different devices

Download 360 Total Security 360 Total Security 2018

The program is classified as one of the most powerful anti-virus applications in the worldAlways checks and isolates infected files or even non-trusted sources as well as applications that do not have a trademark and are interactive, fast and updated daily
Download ESET NOD32 ESET NOD32

Panda free antivirus
panda free antivirus
Free program and an anti - hacker to protect against viruses and hackers
It protects the system without consuming a lot of resources because it is very light, fast and updated periodically and can be used as a copy of business or personal copy of the ordinary user

Download panda antivirus panda free antivirus

Avira Free Antivirus
Avira Free Antivirus 2018
Is known to be one of the easiest and most efficient programs to defend and protect the computer
It is said to be a friend of the therapist already does not burden the professor at work and does not hinder work as well as the low value of memory consumed when doing a test to affect the efficiency of the computer
It gives real-time protection for file sharing over the Internet

You can download Avira from here Avira Free Antivirus 2018

Hotspot Shield
Hotspot Shield
Not only to open sites that are blocked by some networks in some countries
But it also protects your files over the Wi-Fi network
And because it establishes a network-protected connection that protects it from intrusions and external attacks

Download Hotspot Shield

Norton Internet Security
Stronger protection
Norton Internet Security provides the most powerful protection possible against any external tampering in the operating system and the protection of any old or newly discovered virus. It also provides protection in the exchange of personal data and information, as well as a permanent check of sites frequented by the user to ensure their cleanliness and contain no malicious software
However, his problem is to consume a lot of resources at the time of inspection because of the severe scrutiny of the passage of anything suspicious
Download Norton Internet Security
Here is an update of the package at the end of 2017 from here

McAfee Total Protection
Used to repel potential attacks from hacking sites or malicious and malicious software designers
Protect your device from any tampering attempts to change registry or registry and prevent moneyware and is used on all devices with the same efficiency either on the PC or at work or on mobile devices
When detecting any unwanted program it automatically prevents it and gives the user a message to clarify what is required of the program whether to allow the suspicious program or prevent it until the examination or even removed permanently

Download McAfee Total Protection

Bitdefender Internet Security 2018 
Bitdefender Internet Security 2018
Is a comprehensive computer security package
Protect your computer from viruses, malware and hacking and prevent spam by e-mail
A set of tools that provide you with complete security and protection

BitDefender Download
Bitdefender Internet Security
Here Anti virus BitDefender

Download Intel Graphics Driver 32 or 64-bit

 graphics card definitions are very important and the system can not be run normally unless the definition of the display card is sound and compatible with the operating system in terms of version or kernel system either 32-bit or 64-bit
Certainly there are programs that install the definition of the screen card, but it is normal that this installation is the latest versions of the definition of the card so it is best to install the definition required by the latest versions in order to work properly without any problems or conflict
So we offer our followers an info geek site
The official definition and the latest version of Intel® graphics cards
We will put a link to you to download any Intel® card definition and release

Download Intel Graphics Driver
Whatever the date of issue, and the user should choose the version that fits the hardware pieces he has and the integrity of the system used
And upload the definition and install it easily and without suffering
A simplified explanation of the search and installation process with pictures
After entering the link at the bottom of the article, follow the steps below
Download Intel Graphics Driver
As shown in the picture
Figure 1 is the description of the definition and in this case is the definition of the graphics card for the Windows operating system
# 2 which is the kernel and operating system and here we also see that it is compatible with Windows 10 kernel 64 system

You must select the appropriate for your system by the number 2 As shown in the picture, search only for the corresponding definition of the operating system on which you work

After clicking on the appropriate profile name it moves to the next image
Download Intel Graphics Driver
And with a detailed description of the definition and its features and what are the modern games that can be run on the way and DirectX also appropriate

Either download one of the two links either download the executable file of the program EXE
The profile size is 316.5 MB  
Or 2 Download the full profile in a zip file  
The compressed metadata size is 319. Mega
Recall the appropriate definition of the operating system and kernel
The difference between the 32 and 64 kernel of this topic is what is the difference between a 32-bit and 64-bit kernel
Go to the download link definitions for the Intel DART screen reader
From the official Intel Graphics Driver website