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Download Rainmeter weather program and special features

The Rainmeter program is one of the different service providers for Windows operating system users and its most important services display the weather situation in your area or in any region you specify by yourself you can customize your desktop to your computer and make it a masterpiece with your own touch and enable you to learn all the details of your computer components What processes are conducted through the system and the status of the processor , Ram  and other components

Well you get the latest news directly via RSS feed and search via Google search engine and you can show the clock to figure out the time in a distinctive way

It is a perfect alternative already for desktop tools and in this article we offer the program with some plugins that make you enjoy your own touch and make the office shine a masterpiece

Download rainmeter weather program and special features

RainMeter is a multi-language program with multiple templates you can choose from or customize your own Compatible with the Windows 7 system and  versions 8, 8.1, 10

In addition to the themes in the program we save in info geek additional themes that you can download and run immediately after downloading and installing the Rainmeter program

Install the Rainmeter program

Follow the pictures, which are simple steps that you don't need to do.

Select language
Download rainmeter weather program and special features
Select whether you want to install the software on your device or you want to make a portable portable copy to transfer it to USB and use it on any device with the same settings
Download rainmeter weather program and special features
Then choose the kernel system and the program can run when Windows starts by marking the second option

Or, you can prevent the program from starting with the system by Remove selection from the launch rainmeter on startup

Download Rainmeter weather program and special features

Download rainmeter weather program and special features
The program has been successfully installed

We'll have to show you a bunch of plugins you might like and run it very easy by  rainmeter.


The theme converts the desktop to a pretty creative painting already

The theme transforms the desktop into a really beautiful painting

Enigma Theme transforms the desktop into a beautiful painting already created

In the picture we can see the shape of the theme
Download Theme Enigma

Omnimo Theme
The beautiful metro shape in a wonderful and attractive way

And this is one of the pictures

Omnimo Theme The beautiful metro form in a wonderful and attractive way

It contains three different forms
Metro form of computer
Windows Phone Format
Free form you can customize it as you like
Download Omnimo Theme

The Amazing Spiderman
As we see it, the desktop is displayed in an interesting way and with attractive effects

The Amazing Spiderman The amazing Spiderman, which, as we see in the picture, embodies the desktop in an interesting way and attractive effects

It has been online for a while but has proved his worth within the themes of the Rainmeter program
  Download The Amazing Spiderman Theme

Android Jelly Bean Theme
You can convert your desktop into a mobile phone style that runs on Android

Android Jelly Bean can transform your desktop into a mobile phone style that runs on Android

With this feature, your desktop is transformed into an Android form with all the features and shapes on the android
Download Android Jelly Bean Theme
  These were some of the highlights of Rainmeter

Now the specifications and download the Rainmeter
There are two versions of the 2018 trial version

From here
Program size 2.3 for full version 2017
Download from here

Download Stella for old gaming enthusiasts

Stella is a program featuring a very large number of 2600 game of brilliant Atari games that as long as many children and adults sit in front of hours to enjoy wrestling games or car races of different types and shapes as well as wars planes and tanks and submarines so Mario games and Super Mario which have been issuing many updates to them later

All of those games were controlled in the old Atari by a dedicated games stick

But here in info geek we provide for your presence the comprehensive program for those games and more of it all you find in one place within a complex application named Stella you can download it from the link below the article
Download stella for old gamers

These players are fully controlled by the computer with ease and easier than before you play with your keyboard or mouse and choose between those games and work directly

The Stella program includes a set of game simulators to play all of these games on the computer without any problems.


Emulator Joystick Joystick

Atari Simulator Atari 2600 Paddle

Emulator driver Atari 2600 Driving

Speed Simulator CBS Boostergrip

Emulator cx-22/CX-80 style balls to control by mouse

and other software-integrated emulators to match any game control tool whether you use a keyboard, a shelter, a joystick, or a control stick that connects to a computer.

Supports the handling of different compression programs either in ZIP or GZIP format and opens closed rooms with those formulas without bothering

Full Control in games you can also save phases or run phases previously saved Load & Save
Be sure to install the ZIP-decompress program to play the games and download it from here or here

Program Size 4 MB

Stella's official website

Compatibility with the following operating systems

Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 (BIT/64-bit)

Free Stella download from

Adobe Photoshop Express for Mobile

The world-renowned Adobe Photoshop giant and top rated software editing and modifying images is also the best way to refine blurry images and the ability to optimize image quality is the degree of HD and other creations that you can play by Photoshop

Now you can also work on Photoshop via Android mobile phone software Adobe has released Adobe Photoshop application for Mobile Edition 4.1 and subsequent versions of Android

The application is named Adobe Photoshop Express and update number 2.0.149

Adobe Photoshop Express Mobile

Adobe Photoshop Express for Mobile

Adobe Photoshop Express Mobile

You can through the program

Improved or modified image quality and bug removal

As well as the embedded signals with the image

and save them at the highest quality and in multiple formats that is appropriate for all image-specific display programs and other design programs that use multiple extensions and those formats to save images through Adobe Photoshop Express 2.0.149

Raw, TIFF, plus other most used formats such as JPG

You can also save the picture with a white background or a transparent background in Png mode

You can crop the image and format it at high quality and use it in networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Add professional text to images

Add frame to Picture

Fixed defects in the image such as red-eye and Pet-eye.

All the possibilities of Adobe Photoshop are present in this version available via mobile or Android tabletAdobe Photoshop Express for Mobile
In addition to the speed of sharing your photos or works produced through the application to the means of communication such as Twitter or Facebook

or share them in SMS or via regular messages sent to email

You can use Adobe Photoshop by beginner to make quick edits to images
Adobe Photoshop Express for Mobile
Also, Pro can make compositions, add shadows, install backgrounds or people to the image, adjust lighting and colors
Adobe Photoshop Express for Mobile
The program has too many possibilities, and you can find it yourself.

Software specification and download
The program size is 33 MB
Official   site photoshopxpress
Compatible with Windows 8/10 (32-Bit / 64-Bit), Android 4.1+ plus
iOS: 9.3 and later
Download Adobe Photoshop Express 2.0.149
From the Microsoft photoshop express site
From Google Play Photoshop Express
From Apple Store Photoshop Express

The Best Media Player Classic - Black Edition (MPC-BE)

MPC-BE supports all operating systems and accepts all filters, optimizations and add-ons installed, including the famous LAV codec , which is very important to improve the image and compatibility of audio with the image in video files is also a very important codec for television programs also, although important It conflicts with a lot of media drivers installed on the operating system
Our program today is Media Player Classic - Black Edition (MPC-BE), which is one of the most famous programs in the world of multimedia playback and works efficiently with all existing codecs
The program runs 4K media at high quality and great speed

The Best Media Player Classic - Black Edition (MPC-BE)
 When we review the normal version of the program we will see that it is a multimedia player with great potential and in the Black version , some of the problems that were sometimes

One of those simple problems is the possibility of taking screenshots with better quality than the previous version
Media Player Classic - BE is free
It is also an open source program
And join the family of multimedia file player in addition to Media Player Classic Home Cinema
And Media Player Classic
Media Player Classic - Black Edition (MPC-BE) Portable Edition (Portable Portable)
It can be run on any computer, laptop or tablet without installation
You can download it on Flash Disk or Memory Card and transfer it to any other device and works without any problems
Light size and also low resource consumption
The design of the interface is simple and beautiful at the same time

Specification and download Media Player Classic BE

The size of the program is 11 MB and after installation it will be 35MB size which we will give you in the download
Mpc official site
Support for all operating systems versions of Windows
The program is compressed and must be decompressed by one decompressor
There are many programs such as 7-Zip, which is a program that supports many types of compression
In Info Geek we provide download links for WinRAR for 32 and 64 bit programs
Download Winrar Nuwa 64 from here
Download winrar 32 bit from here
 Media Player Classic Black from here

Mimosa Small School Edition

Mimosa program for arranging meetings and organizing lecture schedules and organizing very important times for learners and teachers at once used by university professors in arranging lecture times and conference schedules

It is also used by students to schedule homework schedules, organize study times and use it to arrange all times of life

Mimosa Small School Edition
It can also be used to organize business shifts in enterprises as well as industries

We must mention there are many educational institutions like schools using this easy-to-use application

The number of countries using it in their educational institutions is more than 80 countries around the world
Mimosa The number of countries that use the educational institutions in more than 80 countries around the world
Gives you a lot of advantages during time management you can write notes

A view of each table easily and in a special window

It is a free program that you can use anywhere you like on your PC, laptop, or Tablet

Fully corresponds to the operating system you are using and when you export the report from it to any other system that works with the same ability without problems due to time change or system body

You can print all your reports and schedules from the program and extract them as a Web page
Mimosa Small School Edition

The program is free and gives free support too
Official site of Mimosa Small School Edition
The size of the program is 1.4 MB
Support Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10 as well as Linux
Download Mimosa Small School

WhatsApp Computer version

Watsab has become one of the most popular programs used in voice and text chat and the simplest way to exchange messages, pictures and video files quickly without any complications and used by all levels, whether in work or between friends or even teaching online
Demonstrated high efficiency among other applications that work on mobile phone and characterized by speed and lightness and the absence of problems during the use and full compatibility with all operating systems for mobile devices
Our theme today with the release of WhatsApp  is a special Windows operating system on the PC

You will be able to handle the program as you would in a mobile phone
You can enjoy your favorite tuner, Watts Up
The program works on Windows 8 and later IE 8.1 and 10
WhatsApp Computer version
The method of use is simple and we will explain it in the following lines
In the beginning we have to know that you can manage your account on the Messenger on the mobile computer by synchronizing the account in the two devices and define the application on the computer open account on the phone
Is a simple method will only bring the mobile closer to the computer screen, to match the code encrypted through the application,
When you open the program for the first time requires you to scan the code by clicking on the menu bar in the application on the mobile
We write WhatsApp Web
Which allows us to scan QR code by computer
WhatsApp Computer version

Once the code is checked and synchronization is complete
You will be able to see all the processes that took place on the mobile in the application on the computer
We do not need to manually add anyone
You can communicate with all your addressees
And enjoy the features of the program, but on the computer and use the keyboard of the computer
And the creation of the excerpts that you want, which makes working on the program easier than it is on the mobile

After a simplified explanation of how to use the software on your computer,
We now know the specifications, and download for the Whats software for PC

The size of the program is 125 MB
Whatsapp Official Site
Support for Windows operating systems 8,8.1,10
Core 32 Bit 64-Bit
Also for Mac OS X 10.9

Download Watasab for PC
Mac system from here
Windows 64 kernel system from here
Windows system 32 bit kernel from here

Add Start Menu for Windows 8 and 10

Sure, most users of the Windows operating system have adapted to its own view and the similarity of the different versions in some things, and from that point the Start menu was always present but the last appearance was on the operating system Windows 7 When Windows 8 was released, the Start menu was removed and the company was shut down with the Metro system But the metro is not an alternative to the START list in the view of most users
Therefore, users of the latest Windows versions of Windows Ships always seek to restore the basic menu of programs, the Start menu
Of course everyone wishes, but without going back to older versions of Windows because Microsoft does not support those systems and provides support and attention to the latest versions of the Windows operating system

Here in info geek we offer your presence an application that helps restore the Start menu
It is the Start Menu 8 program

 Add Start Menu for Windows 8 and 10

The program adds a START list easily and comfortably to Windows 8 and Windows 10 32 bit and 64 bit

How to Install and Start Start Menu to Windows 8 and
When you start the installation, the Advanced SystemCare 6 Protection Program option provided by IObit gives you the same product as our Today Start Menu 8 program
You can skip and uninstall Windows System Care and complete the installation of Start Menu only

You can choose the style that suits you best and finish installing the program
The program gives you multiple accessories or options
It displays the Start menu in Windows 7 format and also can be changed to the Windows XP menu format and deactivate the appearance of the Metro menu
You can also switch between the metro and START menu whenever you want from the same menu

You can also control the applications you need in the Metro start menu system that is Windows 8 and you may need some applications but you do not want to disturb other applications
Start Menu 8 allows you to select and customize a metro menu as desired

There are many good possibilities that you can know and experience to discover for yourself
Yes it's a great tool and makes it easy to work on your desktop the way you want

Specification and download Start Menu 8
The size of the program is 12 MB
License is free but advertisements are allowed
Official Site of iobit
Support for Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10 operating systems, specifically Windows 8/10 (32-Bit / 64-Bit)
Download Start Menu 8

Download FastCopy Copy and transfer files

FastCopy is a fast and fast file transfer program that does not consume much of the memory or even the processor in the transfer process and differs from other programs that speed transfer and copy files in some of its own things
It is a multicast file that can transfer more than one file at the same time and at the same speed
Also the cache feature of files that are copied or transferred

Which helps to increase the efficiency of the computer in the transfer process without pressure
And also make sure that the files have been transferred completely without shortage and this away from the main resources as we mentioned
Supports the possibility of pause and completion
Download FastCopy Copy and transfer files
info geek provides you with a download link for the program Portable without installing at the bottom of the subject
Method of extrusion
After downloading the program
Click on the setup.exe icon
And choose where to install on your device
If you want to install the software on external USB or Flash memory, you should move the following files to the "FastCopy.exe" and "FastCopy.chm"

If you want to uninstall the program, you can click on setup.exe in the location where you installed the program

As for the transportation options in the program
Download FastCopy Copy and transfer files
Transferring files if the name is not repeated in the place where the file will be transferred
Move or copy the file to the other place if it contains a different size or date and without even information
Copy the file if it is on the date of the event
Copy (Overwrite) Copy and replace other files
Move (Overwrite) Move existing files and replace
These are the most important features of the program
Program size
600 KB

Official website fastcopy
Support WinXP / Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win10 operating systems
Download the fastcopy 46 bit kernel here
Download Fast Kobe 32 bit kernel from here
Download Fast Copy Portable version does not need to install size 900 KB
Download fastcopy Portable from here

Send Anywhere File sharing program

There are many file sharing programs between different devices and always resort to g applications to transfer files, images and media files, whether audio or video And became a way to participate through applications  using Bluetooth we can say largely decommissioned
Therefore always strive to add different SharePoint software and provides greater means Security and protection of information For the possibility of transferring important files across those applications
And Send program Anywhere contains all the features of other file-sharing programs, but sets it something very important and is 

That allow the file to be shared over the network to a specific time and open time
 Send Anywhere File sharing program
And some may see to determine when to accept sharing files is annoying
But if you're looking to protect your files and retain the greatest degree of security between you and who you share files Anywhere would be Send program is likewise in this case
It will ensure that your files are shared with people concerned only
Explain the special info geek site
Use program Send Anywhere
There are two ways to transfer files across devices with Send Anywhere program
The first method if you want to share files and select a specific time to participate, you can do the following
They are quite similar way when you use the site for the program to share files on the way
Select the files you want to send and press the send button and will put a specific time to accept the engagement and how this time is 10 minutes, that person must ensure that the future is now ready to share files at this time.
You can also specify a time share b full day 24 hours then the file will be deleted from the possibility of participating

The second way
 Send Anywhere File sharing program
You can give a six digit code as your protection code give it to whoever you want reception
When reception of files when the other party requires to put six numbers to be able to download files
Also there is an encrypted code via QR for owners of smart devices this allows  sharing your files with multiple recipients only learn code code via their phones

In short if you are looking for a program to protect and safeguard your files, just Send program Anywhere
It deletes the files that you share online after the time limit, you may not be able to carry it after that time limit 
If you need to have your files available to participate permanently either in your working environment or study this application will suffice.

The program is compatible with the following operating systems
iOS, Android, Windows Phone, PC, Mac, Linux, Chrome Extension,
You can also participate through official website
 Send Anywhere File sharing program
Directly from this link
Program size 45 MB
Free license

Download it from here

Inkscape design program for Victor designers

Graphic design programs are known to all designers of the patch and the amendment and preferably design programs suitable for all operating systems such as Windows, Linux and Mac
Inkscape is a program that contains many similar tools like Adobe Illustrator, Xara X, CorelDraw and Freehand.
Inkscape is a professional program and we are in info geek provide a portable version of Inkscape software that can be run directly by placing it on USB and working on any device

 Inkscape design program for Victor designers
It is a free and open source program
Contains flexible drawing tools
Supports all file formats
The tools of making curves accurately and easily
The writing tool is perfect
You can view and learn all the tools and possibilities of the Inkscape program from here
 Inkscape design program for Victor designers

We will also explain how to install the non - portable version and localize it
For Linux users
If the software is not included in the software manager for your distribution you can download the program from the following link
Download inkscape for linux system
As for the localization of the program on Linux it is enough that you install the language pack and will automatically install the Arabic language on the program
KDE users can not be defined because the localization package is linked to GNOME
It can be localized by installing the language-pack-gnome-ar package that is in the distribution package manager that it uses
On distributions such as Linux Mint and OpTno, the package can be installed as follows
sudo apt-get install language-pack-gnome-en

Arabization for Windows users
It is very simple to choose the languages ​​you want during the installation process
If you like to use Arabic, choose Arabic to install the program
 Inkscape design program for Victor designers

After installation, you can change the interface language in the following way
Click File-Preferences-Interface
 Inkscape design program for Victor designers
You can specify the required language such as Arabic here
The program is restarted and we see the result
 Inkscape design program for Victor designers

The interface has become Arabic
The download links to the software for different systems and also download the program Portable
Download Inkscape for Linux from here
Download Inkscape for Mac OS   from here
Download Inkscape for Windows operating system from here
Download Inkscape Portable without installing from here