Download LockHunter 3.2

The program to delete the files that can  be hard to delete 
LockHunter 3.2
Download LockHunter 3.2

At times we may need to delete certain files
But you can not because the administrator refused to delete them
They are simply in use
In some cases it is also protected against deletion by a script
It is distinguished from other deletion programs
It sends deleted files to the Trash Can for retrieval if deleted accidentally
Key features of LockHunter 3.2
Download LockHunter 3.2

The possibility of deleting files permanently from Hardisk.

Ability to unlock files.

The possibility of deleting files to the trash.

Works under File Browser.

Allows renaming of locked files.
Operations in the background can be closed
Specification and download of LockHunter 3.2.
The size of the program is 3 MB
Software license is FREE
Support for Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / 7/8 (32-Bit / 64-Bit)
Official site of LockHunter 3.2
Download LockHunter 3.2 from here
Also here from Direct LockHunter 3.2

NetSpot 2.2 for best WiFi signal

Certainly many of us suffer from a weak Wi-Fi signal located in the home or workplace
A lot may not know that the reason for the weak signal is mainly due to where the router is located
Hence we need a way to find out the best places to place your router to get the best wireless WiFi signal without interference or barriers
NetSpot 2.2 for best WiFi signal
His task is to analyze the area of ​​the router and create a diagram showing the full map of the WiFi signal to identify the strengths and weaknesses that help us to choose the best area where the device can be placed to get the best signal
The method of using NetSpot2.2 is simple and once you do some steps you get the best places to get the strongest Wi - Fi signal
Let us start with an explanation
We download and double-click the program. The computer and the operating system are analyzed and analyzed in moments after the software download starts
The program opens automatically after the installation is complete

After installation and startup, the program main screen automatically appears and contains two menus
1 Discover
2 Survey

The Discover menu opens by default at startup
In this tab you will get all the information required for the existing Wi-Fi network
   network name
Router Encryption System
The amount of interference in the place that affects the strength of the signal
Last time to sign
It is possible to control the operation or adjustment of this exploration, which is carried out periodically for each specific period, for example, 5, 10, 30 or 60 seconds

The other menu is Survey
Allow us to create a thermal map of the place
NetSpot 2.2 for best WiFi signal
This map helps to find out the best places to distribute the signal
It is possible to know the best area in which the router is placed, which has the least interference rate of signal
We get a good wireless connection point

From here we have been able to obtain sufficient and complete information to help get the best WiFi signal in a simple and easy way
Now with the specifications and download program
Software license is FREE
The installer size is 233 KB
Support Operating Systems / Mac, Windows 7/8/10 (32-Bit / 64-Bit)
The official site of the version of Windows NetSpot2.2
Official site of the Mac version of NetSpot2.2
Download directly from here

CPU-Z Portable program shows the computer specification

CPU-Z version 1.72.0
Compatible with all types of Windows
Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10   (32-Bit / 64-Bit)

CPU-Z Portable program shows every computer specification

Is a free program as we always try in the ,site through which you know all the specifications of your device and all the pieces in it
And we are doing an explanation of the program

First processor
Name and number
Type of treatment
The package
User voltage
Indoor and outdoor watches
Support instruction set
Level 1 L and Level 2 L for storage
Place, space, speed and technology used

Second motherboard
Type, model and issue
Type and date of pheos
North and South Shibas and Sensor
Graphical Interface

Third Ram
Frequency and timing
Type, model, serial number and fendor

Third, the system or system
Windows and DirectX

What's new in this version of SPU-Z 1.72.0
First support for Intel Skylake
Also fix compatibility with Windows

Download link from official website Click on the site name
info geek

Click on the word Technical Technology
Direct download from here

Convert your computer into a security system and add security cameras

You can use your personal computer as an integrated security system to protect your home or office or monitor employees of your company
 Convert your computer into a security system and add security cameras
Explain how to add IP cameras or Internet cameras to the computer and remote control
Security Eye 3 makes you turn your computer into an integrated security system
Security is a free application
 Convert your computer into a security system and add security cameras

The program depends on the Xvid MPEG-4 Codec
It is a codec that requires monitoring programs that work effectively
And gives the freedom to choose the codec required during the installation process, but prefer to leave on the default

The application can also be installed on a remote computer via the remote computer
Through the Internet and thus control cameras connected to the remote computer

When you open the program, a list of settings appears
Through which we can identify the cameras we want to control

Two types of cameras can be used: IP cameras, web cameras

Allows the addition of a large number of cameras up to 64 cameras and supports many types also

Allows to add cameras automatically or manually
As the next steps
First click on Add Camera
 Convert your computer into a security system and add security cameras
In the next window we choose the camera whether directly connected to the device via USB or webcam
 Convert your computer into a security system and add security cameras
Then select the camera type, resolution, and desired screen size
Click Next
 Convert your computer into a security system and add security cameras
You can test your camera for connection or work by clicking Connect & Test

In the next step you must put a name for the selected camera
Click Next
 Convert your computer into a security system and add security cameras

Here you have completed the connection of the camera manually and can then adjust the settings according to what is appropriate, whether monitoring or recording or the method of alert

The possibility of activating the feature of sending alert messages via email or text messages over the phone in the event of something suspicious and give a siren as we see

Go to the Alarm tab
 Convert your computer into a security system and add security cameras
The siren and the appropriate duration can be set to trigger the alarm

It is only allowed to watch or register, and you have the freedom to choose

When the settings are finished and the window is closed, it will disappear to the toolbar and the program will appear.

Capture images when a motion is detected in the specified location and send images to the electronic account while saving them in a file or through Claude

Requirements for running the program
• Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Vista, Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012.

• Processor Intel Pentium 1.8

• RAM 1 Gb.

• Free disk space 2 Gb.

Official site of Security Eye 3.9

Direct Download  from here

How to add an item or program in the Right-Click Menu

Rather than creating shortcuts for programs or games
Because it occurs on the busiest desktop when the number of shortcuts is large
There is a great way to actually exist in Windows
This allows the user to add a program, file or game to the right-click menu in the Right-Click Menu
How to add an item or program in the Right-Click Menu

Explain in the info geek site how to add one item to the list

Let's start by explaining
First, you need to open the Windows key editor, known as the registry
There are two ways to open the editor are two
Either open the Start menu and in the Run Run box, type regedit.exe and then Enter
Or access the Windows file located in the Partition C and look for regedit and then log on to
The shell key follows the path below

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ Directory \ Background \ shell
How to add an item or program in the Right-Click Menu
After accessing the file, right click on the file and choose New and choose Key
نضغط كليك يمين على الملف ونختار New ومنها نختار Key
We write the name of the item, whether it is a program or folder
How to add an item or program in the Right-Click Menu

We then click on the word Default twice and when you open the new window type the code & then write the item name in the value data
How to add an item or program in the Right-Click Menu
Then press OK

Then click right on the file we created and choose New then Key
In the box we write command then Inter
How to add an item or program in the Right-Click Menu

We click Default in the value data field and write the path of the program
To get the program path easily you can go to the program icon and click right click
And selecting Properties
How to add an item or program in the Right-Click Menu
And copy the path in front of Target
How to add an item or program in the Right-Click Menu

Then press Ok
, And this is the result as we see
How to add an item or program in the Right-Click Menu
Thanks for follow-up info geek

Download Media Player Classic Home Cinema 1.7

Media Player Classic Home Cinema
Video and audio driver with all extensions

It is one of the best and easiest programs to play multimedia files suitable for all devices and all versions of Windows operating system
It looks like Windows Media Player but beats it a lot in performance

You can use it as a home cinema theater

Works with the following extensions

It works with the following encryption systems

Supports that work via video CD, DVD without the need to install any additional packages
It also supports translation files with integrated video

Its settings can be controlled for special features such as
Working on multiple monetors
Control the resolution and number of pixels
Remote control in Android system
Allows recording from TV and reboot if there is a TV-card installed in the device

Specifications and download links
The size of the program is 12.7 MB
Website   Media Player Classic - Home Cinema
Free Mediaplayer license
Download from here Media Player Classic Home Cinema 1.7

Samsung unveils notebook PC 9 Pro with pen technology S Pen

Samsung has announced on the sidelines of its participation in Computex the notebook PC Pro 9 Pen Pen, unlike other laptops in the same category, the new computer with the joints allow the 360-degree rotation, such as laptops in the category of Lenovo Yoga Yoga .
 Samsung unveils notebook PC 9 Pro with pen technology S Pen
The screen's hinges allow rotation and use of the device as a tablet or laptop. The South Korean company combines mobile screen interfaces and S Pen technology to become an integral part of the Notebook 9 Pro.

The Pen Pen has a total of 4000 levels of pressure and pen tilt capability for shading in a way that is similar to the latest Microsoft Surface Pen. The computer also comes with the Air Command software for drawing, writing notes and editing documents.

Samsung has made sure that its Pen Pen is fully compatible with Windows Ink, allowing users of the Notebook 9 Pro to use the pen across the Windows 10 operating system.

The company plans to launch two models with different screen sizes from the Notebook 9 Pro, which is 13.3-inch and 15-inch, and will include both the latest Intel Core i7 processors with frequencies up to 3.5 GHz, the 13.3-inch with 8 GB of RAM, while the 15-inch version comes With 16 GB RAM.

All models include 256GB of internal SSD storage space, a 15-inch Radeon 450 graphics card with 2 GB of RAM, a USB-C port for fast charging, two traditional USB ports and an HDMI port, And support for external storage space via microSD port.

The front camera on the device supports Windows Hello and Face Recognition support to log on to Windows 10. The company has not yet provided the date of the computer's arrival to the market or the proposed price of the Notebook 9 Pro, but is expected to arrive later General.

important update in WhatsApp "Edit after sending"

WhatsApp has launched a new update or corrected two updates

The new updates provide services called post-transmissions
important update in WhatsApp "Edit after sending"

The basic update is the possibility of modifying the messages after they have been sent
But provided that this is before reading it from the future

The Washington Chronicle spoke of this new update and says that from now on there will be no embarrassing positions for the user of the application because of sending an embarrassing message or if he wants to delete the message after sending it

The update also added the possibility of deleting the message after sending it not later than 5 minutes

Thus, Facebook's WhatsApp application has devised a completely new technology, deleting messages after sent

This unique technology is expected to be popularly admired

It is expected that the application will be launched after the latest updates to the users of the IOS system to be released later for Android users

Another update expected to be launched is for another advantage: to make important talks always at the forefront

This is done by pinning the conversation to always be at the top of the conversation

The user can specify a specific number of conversations which is three conversations with the pin code that will be at the top of the conversation when you press the length of the chat icon is shown at the top next to the deletion or trash and when it is clicked chat is highlighted

This update is aimed at facilitating the user to reach the most important conversations

Protection from WannaCry ransom virus

The recent virus attack has hurt so many users. And damaged the interests of people in Have suffered significant losses in their work!!
The virulent virus named WannaCry
Protection from WannaCry ransom virus
Exploits a loophole in Windows versions that have not been updated since March
It encrypts the full hard data and asks for a $ 300 ransom to recover your files
I mean if you have a company that has 10 devices, it costs $ 3000
And payment by famous digital currency

Not affiliated with any party and can not be tracked
Victims of the virus during the first day only tens or hundreds of thousands .. Millions can
In more than 100 countries
Of them are big companies of FedEx uniforms
And the British Health Authority
And the German Train Authority
And the Russian Interior Ministry
And universities in Italy and America
And the number is growing terribly fast!
Spreads randomly
Not targeted at specific countries or companies

Without distinction .. He takes advantage of everything he Encounters
If you are one of the people who have been infected,There is no solution except to leave Harddisk away and use another new one   ..
Until a solution to the virus appears
If you are a healthy device and have not been targeted yet .. Quickly do an update for Windows or at least

Download Microsoft Update to address this topic
Scroll down to the name of your copy in the table
Dos it and load the first file .. and the temp
If your copy is old (Vista or earlier):

Or, it is possible to do the steps when the property with the vulnerability is temporarily closed
Open Control Panel >>
Click Programs >>>
Click Turn Windows features on or off.
In the Windows Features window >> Clear the SMB1.0 / CIFS File Sharing Support checkbox >>>> and then click OK to close the window >>> then restart your computer

If the property is still in use, keep using the tulle from Symantec to lock it.

And of course Do not forget to make a backup to  The important Files
And put it on a flash memory or
external hard disk .
And open or download any links or files from  known or known

How to protect your computer from Ransomware

How to protect your computer from Ransomware

How to protect your computer from Ransomware

Ransomware is a malicious program that restricts access to Computer system that has been infected and demands payment of ransom to the software maker for access to files. Some types of files encrypt files on the system hard disk and display messages asking the user to pay. Was the beginning of its spread in Russia, but the use of this type of malicious programs developed in the rest of the world.
The virus spreads through e-mail sent to users with a malicious facility containing the virus. After infecting the user's device, it exploits the vulnerability known as "MS17-010" to infect other devices on the same network in order to achieve rapid spread of the virus. To infect electronic devices running Windows XP to R2008, and if the user's device is infected with this electronic attack, all files on the computer are encrypted and ask the user to pay a ransom as a condition to recover its files.
In June 2013, the McAfee antivirus software company released data showing that it had collected more than 250,000 unique samples from Ransomware in the first quarter of 2013, more than double the number achieved in the first quarter of 2012
A wave of simultaneous cyber attacks has hit dozens of countries around the world, with more than 75,000 attacks being detected in 99 countries, according to an expert.

The program closes the files of users and forces them to pay money in the form of the currency "BITCOIN" to restore the use of their computers or mobile, which is called "ransomware" or ransom virus.

The message on the screen shows that the ransom must be paid within three days, otherwise the amount will double. If the payment is not made within seven days, the files will be cleared.

To protect your computer against ransom, here are some of the ways to do it:

1. Make a backup copy of your files
The greatest damage suffered by those subjected to ransom attacks is the loss of files, including photographs and documents.

The best way to protect against the virus is to back up the information and files on your devices in a completely separate system, preferably on an external hard disk that is not connected to the Internet.

2 - Be careful when dealing with emails, sites and applications
In order for the ransom virus to work, hackers need to download a malicious program on the computer from which to launch attacks and encrypt files.

The most common way to install software on your device is phishing e-mail and malicious advertisements on suspicious sites, applications, and programs.

3.  Use Antivirus
Antivirus programs can stop the ransom virus from being downloaded to computers and found.

Most of these programs can scan files to see if they contain the ransom virus before loading them. It can also block confidential uploads of malicious ads when browsing the Internet and see if there are any malicious software on the device.

4. Install updates permanently
Companies often release software updates to fix vulnerabilities that can be exploited to install the ransom virus. Therefore, it is recommended to download the latest versions of the software as soon as available.
you can download updates from here
Protection from WannaCry ransom virus

5. Never pay a ransom
Victims of a ransom attack are advised not to pay the amount ever because they are encouraged by the attackers and the files may not be recovered at the end.

Some programs can help to Decode files. Or if you have a backup, you can restore your device from it.