Publish billion video on YouTube to help the deaf and dumb

YouTube giant Google Inc.'s announcement of the launch and deployment of more than one billion video added to it decided a translation of the audio files automatically called automated captions
Publish billion video on YouTube to help the deaf and dumb

The YouTube to do that step to help the deaf and dumb to understand the video without the need for any guidance

The reason for the YouTube add this update is to try to help more than 350 million people around the world who have a hearing problem in a new way to enjoy not provided by one of YouTube users to the platform now

The date of suspension automatic automated captions to 2006, when the launch of Google's first comment on the video and audio conversion to invent texts feature

But it was adopted at YouTube then for three years

 And it must be mentioned that these days there are a lot of casual users who do not have a hearing problem using these feature in the caption read translations and reliable instead of listening to the sentence for the development of language skill
Publish billion video on YouTube to help the deaf and dumb
 Large developers YouTube that he says will be the integration of automatic comments many of the basic YouTube languages, namely, (Italian, French, German, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish as well as English).

 He says that because there is a huge amount of videos and diversity shall be not easy to integrate the automatic suspension to it easily but due to user analysis to understand the English language comments algorithms have been developed and improved by up to 50% so far

In the end, thank the YouTube platform Permanent her efforts and continuing their search for ways to help astronauts YouTube from all directions    

Windows 7 64-bit & Windows Server 2008 Free download

For users of Windows 7 operating system 64-bit version of this gift

Windows 7 system
With Windows Server 2008 CD

Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit and

Windows Server 2008 R2 Service service Pack 1

Windows 7 64-bit & Windows Server 2008 Free download

And it supports all Microsoft updates

Features of Windows 7

You get continuous updates for your system

Get a complete package of updates at once

It provides the needs of business owners

Providing a wide range of virtualization innovations

It offers a full package of support and information technology

Specifications and download link

 Producing company Microsoft Corporation Microsoft Corp

Version File size 903 MB

Thread the original link here

Download Link for Windows 7 64-bit kernel + and Windows Server 2008 Service Pac 1

from here

Hiren's BootCD 15.2 Maintenance CD

Hiren's BootCD 15.2

Our appointment today with the cylinder, which absolutely indispensable in the field of maintenance

 Hiren's BootCD 15.2 Maintenance CD
Hiren's BootCD and most of the dealers in the field of maintenance know the value of these different cylinder Basaddaradtha and also non-specialists in the maintenance they can use, but carefully Veugd out programs for professionals only
Today, we are with the latest version of the cylinder, a release
Hiren's BootCD 15.2

This release contains cylinder Hiren's BootCD many important programs in the field of maintenance and protection from viruses, but I can not explain all the disc programs, this needs to-day work of the many programs and tools disk mighty

The disc includes the following programs

Antivirus Tools 
Avira AntiVir Personal (18-10-2012)
- ClamWin Free Antivirus 0.97.6 (18-10-2012)
- ******** (18-10-2012)
- Dr.Web CureIt! Antivirus
- GMER 1.0.15
- Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 1.51.1 (18-10-2012)
- Remove Fake Antivirus 1.82
- RootkitRevealer 1.7.1
- Spybot
- SuperAntispyware
 - TDSSKiller 2.8.13

Backup Tools
CloneDisk 1.9.6
- COPYR.DMA Build013
- CopyWipe 1.14
- DiskImage 1.6
- DriveImage XML 2.42
- Drive SnapShot 1.40
- FastCopy 2.11
- G4L Ghost 4 Linux 0.34a
- GImageX 2.0.17
- Image For Dos 2.75
- Image For Windows 2.75
- ImgBurn
- InfraRecorder 0.53
- Macrium Reflect 4.2.3775
- ODIN 0.3.4
- Partition Image
- Partition Saving 4.00
- RegBak 1.0
- Raw Copy 1.2
- ShadowCopy 2.00
- SelfImage
- Seagate DiscWizard 11.8326
- TeraCopy 2.12
- WhitSoft File Splitter 4.5a
- XXClone 0.58.0


- Award DMI Configuration Utility 2.43
- !BIOS 3.20
- BIOS Cracker 5.0
- BIOS Utility 1.35.0
- CMOS 0.93
- Kill CMOS
- UniFlash 1.40

Browsers / File Managers

- 7-Zip 9.22
- Bulk Rename Utility
- Dos Command Center 5.1
- Dos Navigator 6.4.0
- EasyUHA 1.1
- Everything 1.21
- Explore2fs 1.08b
- Ext2Explore 2.2.71
- File Maven 3.5
- File Wizard 1.35
- FastLynx 2.0
- HashMyFiles 1.90
- Mini Windows Xp - Portable Windows Xp
- Opera Web Browser 12.02
- SearchMyFiles 2.30
- Tor Browser 2.2.39
- Total Commander 8.01
- Volkov Commander 4.99
- WinMerge


- All Users Temp Cleaner 1.2
- ATF Cleaner
- CCleaner 3.23.1823
- CleanUp! 4.5.2
- CloneSpy 2.63
- Data Shredder 1.0
- Delete Doctor 2.2
- Duplicate File Finder 3.5
- McAfee Removal Tool
- MyUninstaller 1.94
- Norton Removal Tool
- PC Decrapifier 2.2.8
- Print Flush 1.3
- Revo Uninstaller 1.93
- SpaceMonger 1.4
- SpaceSniffer
- WinDirStat

Device Driver Tools

- 3DP Chip 12.09
- Device Doctor 2.1
- Double Driver 4.1
- PCI 32 Sniffer 1.4 (18-10-2012)
- Remove Non Present Drivers
- Smart Driver Backup 2.12
- UnknownDevices 1.4.20 (18-10-2012)
- USBDeview 2.16

Editors / Viewers

- Atlantis Word Processor
- HxD
- IrfanView 4.33
- Notepad++ 6.2
- PhotoFiltre 6.5.3
- Picture Viewer 1.94
- QuickView Pro 2.58
- Spread32 1.18
- SumatraPDF 1.1

FileSystems Tools ملفات النظام

- AlternateStreamView 1.32
- EditBINI 1.01
- Ext2fsd 0.51
- FileDisk Mount Tool 25
- Filemon 7.04
- ImDisk 1.6.0
- Junction 1.04
- NewSID 4.10
- NTFS Access 2.2
- NTFS Dos 3.02
- NTFS4Dos 1.9
- NTFSLinksView 1.07
- Virtual Floppy Drive 2.1

Hard Disk Tools

- Active Kill Disk 4.1.2393
- CrystalDiskInfo 4.0.1
- Darik's Boot and Nuke (DBAN) 1.0.7
- DRevitalize 1.2
- DiskView 2.4
- DiskWipe 1.2
- ExcelStor's ESTest 4.50
- Fujitsu HDD Diagnostic Tool 7.00
- Fujitsu IDE Low Level Format 1.0
- Gateway GwScan 5.12
- Hard Disk Sentinel 1.00.5
- HDTune 2.55
- HDAT2 4.9B1
- HDD Capacity Restore 1.2
- HDD Erase 4.0
- HDD Low Level Format Tool 2.36
- HDD Scan 3.3
- IBM Hitachi Drive Fitness Test 4.16
- IBM Hitachi Feature Tool 2.15
- Maxtor amset utility 4.0
- Maxtor Low Level Formatter 1.1
- Maxtor PowerMax 4.23
- MHDD 4.6
- Samsung Disk Diagnose (SHDIAG) 1.28
- Samsung ESTOOL 3.01v
- Samsung HDD Utility(HUTIL) 2.10
- SeaTools for Dos - GUI 2.23 Text 1.10
- SmartUDM 2.00
- Toshiba Hard Disk Diagnostic 2.00b
- Victoria 3.33e and 3.52rus
- Victoria 4.46
- ViVard 1.0
- WDClear 1.30
- WDIDLE3 1.05
- Western Digital Data Lifeguard Tools 11.2
- Western Digital Diagnostics (DLGDIAG) 5.19
- Western Digital Data Lifeguard Tools 1.24

MBR (Master Boot Record) Tools

- BellaVista
- Boot Partition 2.60
- BootFix Utility
- BootSect 6.0.6
- BootICE 2012.09.20
- DiskMan 4.2
- FbInst 1.6
- Grub4Dos installer 1.1
- grub4dos 2012-10-02
- HDHacker 1.4
- isolinux 4.05
- MBRWizard 3.0.73
- MbrFix 1.3
- MBR Utility 1.05
- MBRWork 1.08
- MBRTool 2.3.200
- MemDisk 4.05
- PLoP Boot Manager 5.0.14
- RMPrepUSB 2.1.620
- Smart Boot Manager 3.7.1
- XOSL 1.1.5

Ms Dos Tools

- 1394 Firewire Support
- ASUSTeK USB Driver 3
- Dos tools
- Interlnk support at COM1/LPT1
- SCSI Support
- SATA Support
- Universal USB Driver 2
- USB CD-Rom Driver 1 - Standard usb_cd.sys driver for cd drive. (Dos Freeware)

Network Tools

- Angry IP Scanner 2.21
- Complete Internet Repair
- CurrPorts 2.02
- Network Password Recovery 1.32
- PuTTY 0.62-t012
- SoftPerfect Network Scanner 5.4.7
- SmartSniff 1.95
- TCPView 3.05
- TFtpd32 4.0
- WinSCP 4.3.9
- WifiInfoView 1.05
- WirelessNetView 1.41
- XP TCP/IP Repair 1.0

- Defraggler 2.11.560
- MyDefrag 4.3.1
- NT Registry Optimizer 1.1j
- PageDfrg 2.32

Other Tools

- Calcute 11.5.27
- Don't Sleep 2.82
- Fix NTLDR is missing
- HBCD Customizer 3.0
- HBCD Program Launcher 3.2
- Mouse Emulator 2.2
- NT 6.x fast installer
- On-Screen Keyboard
- Parted Magic 2012-10-10x-swap
- Universal TCP/IP Network 6.5
- WinNTSetup

Partition Tools

- eXtended Fdisk 0.9.3
- Fat32 Formatter GUI 1.01
- GParted Partition Editor 0.14.0
- Mount Drives 1.1
- Partition Table Editor 8.0
- Partition Wizard Home Edition 7.0
- Ranish Partition Manager 2.44
- Smart Fdisk 2.05
- SPecial Fdisk 2000.03v
- Super Fdisk 1.0
- The Partition Resizer 1.3.4
- USB Format Tool
- Volume Serial Number Changer 1.2

Password/Key Tools

- ATAPWD 1.2
- Autologon 3.01
- BIOS Master Password Generator
- BulletsPassView 1.25
- ClearLock 1.4.0
- Content Advisor Password Remover 1.01
- Dialupass 3.16
- Kon-Boot 1.0
- LicenseCrawler 1.11.239
- Mail PassView 1.78
- MessenPass 1.42
- NTPWEdit 0.3
- Offline NT Password Changer 2011-05-11
- Password Renew 1.1
- ProduKey 1.54
- PST (Outlook) Password Recovery 1.16
- Router IP/Passwords
- SniffPass 1.13
- WebBrowserPassView 1.30
- WindowsGate 1.1
- Windows Product Key Update Tool 1.7
- WirelessKeyView 1.56
- XP Key Reader 2.7

Process Tools

- Dependency Walker 2.2
- IB Process Manager 1.04
- OpenedFilesView 1.52
- Pocket KillBox
- Process Explorer 15.23
- Process Monitor 3.03
- ProcessActivityView 1.12
- RKill (18-10-2012)
- RunAsDate 1.11
- Unlocker 1.9.1

Recovery Tools

- DataRescue DD 1.0
- DiskDigger
- DiskGenius 3.2
- IsoBuster 3.0
- Partition Find and Mount 2.31
- PartitionRecovery 1.0
- PhotoRec 6.14b
- Recuva 1.43.623
- Restoration 3.2.13
- ShadowExplorer 0.8
- Smart Partition Recovery 3.3
- SoftPerfect File Recovery 1.2
- TestDisk 6.14b
- TrID File Identifier 2.10
- Unstoppable Copier 5.2

Registry Tools

- ERUNT 1.1j
- Fix HDC
- Glary Registry Repair
- RegFromApp 1.23
- Registry Editor PE 0.9c
- Registry Restore Wizard 1.0.4
- Regmon 7.04
- RegScanner 1.90
- RegShot 1.8.2
- Registry Viewer 4.2

Remote Control Tools

- TeamViewer 7.0.14563
- TightVNC 2.5.2

Security / Encryption Tools

- DiskCryptor 0.9
- EncFS 1.7.4
- FreeOTFE 5.21
- TrueCrypt 7.1a

Startup Tools

- Autoruns 11.34
- HijackThis 2.0.5b
- ServiWin 1.50
- Silent Runners Revision 64
- Startup Control Panel 2.8
- Startup Monitor 1.02

System Information Tools
- Astra 6.01
- BattStat 0.99b
- BlueScreenView 1.46
- BrowsingHistoryView 1.05
- CPU Identification utility 1.20
- CPU-Z 1.61
- CTIA CPU Information 2.7
- Drive Temperature 1.0
- GPU-Z 0.6.5
- HWiNFO 5.5.2
- Navratil Software System Information 0.60.45
- PCI and AGP info Tool (18-10-2012)
- PC Wizard 2012.2.11
- SIW 2011.10.29
- Speccy 1.18.379
- System Analyser 5.3x
- System Explorer 3.9.7
- SysChk 2.46
- Update Checker 1.039

Testing Tools

- Bart's Stuff Test 5.1.4
- CPU/Video/Disk Performance Test 5.7
- Disk Speed 1.0
- GoldMemory 5.07
- H2testw 1.4
- HDD Scan 2.8
- IsMyLcdOK (Monitor Test) 1.02
- Memtest86+ 4.20
- MemTest 1.0
- Prime95 25.11
- S&M Stress Test 1.9.1
- System Speed Test 4.78
- Test Hard Disk Drive 1.0
- Video Memory Stress Test 1.7.116
- Video Memory Stress Test CE 1.21
- Windows Memory Diagnostic


- Dial a Fix
- Disable Autorun
- Disable Compress Old Files
- EzPcFix
- FileTypesMan 1.62
- InstalledCodec 1.25
- KeyTweak 2.3.0
- Protect a Drive from Autorun Virus
- RemoveWGA 1.2
- RRT - Remove Restrictions Tool 3.0
- Shell Extensions Manager (ShellExView) 1.76
- ShellMenuNew 1.01
- Show Hidden Devices
- TweakUI 2.10
- Ultimate Windows Tweaker 2.2
- Write Protect USB Devices
- Xp-AntiSpy 3.98
 This image takeoff window at the beginning of the operation of the CD

 Hiren's BootCD 15.2 Maintenance CD
 Download link cylinder from the official website

Download Opera for PCs - Opera

Magnificent Opera browser, which has the characteristics of multiple
Download Opera for PCs - Opera 

comes compatible with the Microsoft Windows operating systems, OS X and Linux computers,
 and also is available on smartphones, tablets and even Internet-related television
 and decoders. Because Opera has been created to be used on a number of different devices,
 you can synchronize information between any of the user's compatible devices automatically - including the import hallmarks,
 open tabs and browsing history. Because the speed of the priorities of the Opera, is one of the fastest browsers available.
Opera has a number of different characteristics expects its presence in any of surfing the Internet, such as browsing tabs, and bar hallmarks, 
and page zoom (to help visually impaired people).  
It is also characterized as "speed dial", where the most user sites show visit in great pictures every newly open a tab. Opera offers customized features for tabs, and is able to re-open recently closed tabs easily and also provides a preview of the signs that are currently open tab -  pass over the tab.And be protective properties as well as listed by default by Opera, users can delete their own data easily (HTTP cookies, Browsing history, passwords, etc.), 
which is vital when accessing the Internet from a computer participatory as in Internet cafes or libraries. Opera also ensures the daily browsing safe for the user to view a badge protect visible in the address bar, 
and to provide information on each site (such as the protection certificates) as well as the verification of each site are to visit from the black list of malware and harmful threats, and warns the user of any sites with potential dangers
download from here OPERA.

Shadow User Pro program to save system

Shadow User Pro 

Shadow User Pro


Light program and the best of the deep freeze you can install a copy of Windows on a specific image is not affected by status or remove files even from a copy of Windows and you can stop the program at any time and the addition or deletion of those files , and run it again and it keeps a copy of Windows as long as possible against the futility of the children of others and mistakes unintentional that may lead to the fall of the Windows or run programs by mistake and Akhaddt with damage from a slow Windows and the most important anti-virus protection
  To download the program , click here

MBR what and how we check

MBR Fix what and how we check

It is the first part in a hard disk and a simple size does not exceed 512 bytes, but is considered the most important part because of the nature of his work
MBR Fix what and how we check
It is simply primarily responsible for the definition of hard to BIOS  in the sense At the beginning of operation of the system is reading the first part or section of the first hard disk or floppy and implementation of existing its orders to run the so-called schedule operating or master record contains information about everything to HDD from partations and determine partation operation and is usually the C and the rest of the Hard sectors in agenda and therefore the system is running after obtaining the data from that part
And suppose that he malfunction happened to this table, it means that the machine will be able to finally workAlso sometimes there is VIRUSES viruses, malicious and designed feature makes it hides in the Master Boot Record, or primary file for the take-off will not be able antivirals from discovered or removed This shows that even if you make a formate or re-create the hard disk drive and you install a new operating system will not solve the problem with the virus hiding in the MBR What is the solution The solution that we check the Master Boot Record and clean
How ?
We use device which is called aswMBR a tool designed to check the master boot and a program Avast record

It must be installed in order to operate the tool Avast
This tool works Statistics doing a full scan files Master Pot and get rid of any harmful software and remember first in case of any malicious software files Make a point to restore your system first, and you know how you make a restore point
 In the case of the files in the Master Boot and need to work repairing it must have available the operating system you are working on a CD

And put it in the CD player and work as if you will work Restart formate and then select the language you're not choose your operating system

After stomping prompt or command prompt

And write it bootrec / fixmbr then Enter

After the completion of the reform message appeared to complete the process successfully

We write the following command bootrec / fixboot then Enter

After the process is complete and a message appears to complete the process successfully

You have completed the repair MBR and make Restart the process and have been too much work
to download the tool aswMBR  

Sublime text 3 program for text editing

Sublime text 3 program for text editing

It is one of the best editing software available today. Small size, simple interface and elegant at the same time,
 Besides too many features as auto complete and also provided a range of add-ons in a very extravaganza. 
Giant program and deserves to be found in your computer if you are a private programmers. 
It allows you to edit the texts of many programming languages, including
C, C, C #, CSS , D, Erlang, HTML,
Groovy, Haskell, HTML, Java,
LaTeX, Lisp, Lua, Markdown,
Matlab, OCaml, Perl, PHP, Python,
R, Ruby, SQL, TCL, Textile and XML

The application is available for all systems, although it is a commercial product, it gives you a free copy,
complete Price is about $ 70 only, but totally worth it.
Sublime text 3 program for text editing
To download the software
          Click here

GeekUninstaller program to remove the software quickly


to remove the software quickly

Featuring a program specialist in GeekUninstaller remove the programs installed on the operating system from its roots from the rest of similar programs

GeekUninstaller program to remove the software quickly

It is doing its job with the utmost speed and accuracy

The main interface is very simple

Also it supports all versions of the Windows operating system

This allows quick access to the program to be removed

You can also easily access any registry as each program log files

You can also easily access any registry as each program log files

And also the possibility of entry was posted on online program

Therefore, it can automatically search in the Google search engine

Most of all it does not need to be installed on the device
 supports 32-bit and 64-bit

And doing a careful examination of the files, programs, whether for the purpose of removing or making sure the program files is complete and does not have any missing files

GeekUninstaller program to remove the software quickly

Is just an executable file does not need to install it on the operating system, all you need is to put it on a USB flash and use it on any computer

There are two versions of it

One of them professionally Pro

Free and the other

All versions support Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10 operating systems (32-Bit / 64-Bit)

The official site for the software program to remove GeekUninstaller

Download links and releases you freedom of choice

To download the professional version of the program 
 from the official website GeekUninstaller

  It will take you to a page to request Serial or serial number

  Issue size 3.82 MB

But if you want to download the free version

Size of less 1.9 MB

Here are the following links

Download Free GeekUninstaller from here

Or download GeekUninstaller a direct link from the official website here

How to Restore create a New Folder in the right click Option

With the use of Windows system for a long time exposed to many of the problems
😕 either through the use of wrong or viruses infect the software or operating system version may not complete the foundation

Hence, the system loses some of the operating characteristics of which may stop some tasks, such as creating a new file property run by pressing right click right click and choose to create a file surprised not to the existence of this option or was present and disappeared

How to Restore create a new file New Folder in the right click option

Mention here how to solve this problem and explain the pictures 

before the start of the review of the appropriate solution that not only works in the event log files become corrupted due to the age of the Windows system and use different applications some of which may affect Sometimes those files
But if the damage caused by viruses or cleaning tools that are not compatible with the operating system or even protection that does not fit with your system software capabilities at that time will not fix a useful record and the best solution is to re-install a copy of the Windows operating system means the stands and wind alone
Explain how the solution through leadership Editor
Can know whether the special register your ban of log files in the beginning of the truck can only run with me lasted parked 👂👀

Open the list of run and then write regedit
How to Restore create a new file New Folder in the right click option

Click OK
then go to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\Background\shellex\ContextMenuHandlers\New

How to Restore create a new file New Folder in the right click option

Which must be seen on the right side this value

How to Restore create a new file New Folder in the right click option
This was the correct value
But If there is a change it can be returned to its predecessor as follows pressing right click on the word Default and choose Modify
How to Restore create a new file New Folder in the right click option
And we are developing the value that we have mentioned a {D969A300-E7FF-11d0-A93B-00A0C90F2719} We then clicking on the ok, and eventually we work to restart the computer to be activated 😘 option

thanks for reading