important update in WhatsApp "Edit after sending"

WhatsApp has launched a new update or corrected two updates

The new updates provide services called post-transmissions
important update in WhatsApp "Edit after sending"

The basic update is the possibility of modifying the messages after they have been sent
But provided that this is before reading it from the future

The Washington Chronicle spoke of this new update and says that from now on there will be no embarrassing positions for the user of the application because of sending an embarrassing message or if he wants to delete the message after sending it

The update also added the possibility of deleting the message after sending it not later than 5 minutes

Thus, Facebook's WhatsApp application has devised a completely new technology, deleting messages after sent

This unique technology is expected to be popularly admired

It is expected that the application will be launched after the latest updates to the users of the IOS system to be released later for Android users

Another update expected to be launched is for another advantage: to make important talks always at the forefront

This is done by pinning the conversation to always be at the top of the conversation

The user can specify a specific number of conversations which is three conversations with the pin code that will be at the top of the conversation when you press the length of the chat icon is shown at the top next to the deletion or trash and when it is clicked chat is highlighted

This update is aimed at facilitating the user to reach the most important conversations

Protection from WannaCry ransom virus

The recent virus attack has hurt so many users. And damaged the interests of people in Have suffered significant losses in their work!!
The virulent virus named WannaCry
Protection from WannaCry ransom virus
Exploits a loophole in Windows versions that have not been updated since March
It encrypts the full hard data and asks for a $ 300 ransom to recover your files
I mean if you have a company that has 10 devices, it costs $ 3000
And payment by famous digital currency

Not affiliated with any party and can not be tracked
Victims of the virus during the first day only tens or hundreds of thousands .. Millions can
In more than 100 countries
Of them are big companies of FedEx uniforms
And the British Health Authority
And the German Train Authority
And the Russian Interior Ministry
And universities in Italy and America
And the number is growing terribly fast!
Spreads randomly
Not targeted at specific countries or companies

Without distinction .. He takes advantage of everything he Encounters
If you are one of the people who have been infected,There is no solution except to leave Harddisk away and use another new one   ..
Until a solution to the virus appears
If you are a healthy device and have not been targeted yet .. Quickly do an update for Windows or at least

Download Microsoft Update to address this topic
Scroll down to the name of your copy in the table
Dos it and load the first file .. and the temp
If your copy is old (Vista or earlier):

Or, it is possible to do the steps when the property with the vulnerability is temporarily closed
Open Control Panel >>
Click Programs >>>
Click Turn Windows features on or off.
In the Windows Features window >> Clear the SMB1.0 / CIFS File Sharing Support checkbox >>>> and then click OK to close the window >>> then restart your computer

If the property is still in use, keep using the tulle from Symantec to lock it.

And of course Do not forget to make a backup to  The important Files
And put it on a flash memory or
external hard disk .
And open or download any links or files from  known or known

How to protect your computer from Ransomware

How to protect your computer from Ransomware

How to protect your computer from Ransomware

Ransomware is a malicious program that restricts access to Computer system that has been infected and demands payment of ransom to the software maker for access to files. Some types of files encrypt files on the system hard disk and display messages asking the user to pay. Was the beginning of its spread in Russia, but the use of this type of malicious programs developed in the rest of the world.
The virus spreads through e-mail sent to users with a malicious facility containing the virus. After infecting the user's device, it exploits the vulnerability known as "MS17-010" to infect other devices on the same network in order to achieve rapid spread of the virus. To infect electronic devices running Windows XP to R2008, and if the user's device is infected with this electronic attack, all files on the computer are encrypted and ask the user to pay a ransom as a condition to recover its files.
In June 2013, the McAfee antivirus software company released data showing that it had collected more than 250,000 unique samples from Ransomware in the first quarter of 2013, more than double the number achieved in the first quarter of 2012
A wave of simultaneous cyber attacks has hit dozens of countries around the world, with more than 75,000 attacks being detected in 99 countries, according to an expert.

The program closes the files of users and forces them to pay money in the form of the currency "BITCOIN" to restore the use of their computers or mobile, which is called "ransomware" or ransom virus.

The message on the screen shows that the ransom must be paid within three days, otherwise the amount will double. If the payment is not made within seven days, the files will be cleared.

To protect your computer against ransom, here are some of the ways to do it:

1. Make a backup copy of your files
The greatest damage suffered by those subjected to ransom attacks is the loss of files, including photographs and documents.

The best way to protect against the virus is to back up the information and files on your devices in a completely separate system, preferably on an external hard disk that is not connected to the Internet.

2 - Be careful when dealing with emails, sites and applications
In order for the ransom virus to work, hackers need to download a malicious program on the computer from which to launch attacks and encrypt files.

The most common way to install software on your device is phishing e-mail and malicious advertisements on suspicious sites, applications, and programs.

3.  Use Antivirus
Antivirus programs can stop the ransom virus from being downloaded to computers and found.

Most of these programs can scan files to see if they contain the ransom virus before loading them. It can also block confidential uploads of malicious ads when browsing the Internet and see if there are any malicious software on the device.

4. Install updates permanently
Companies often release software updates to fix vulnerabilities that can be exploited to install the ransom virus. Therefore, it is recommended to download the latest versions of the software as soon as available.
you can download updates from here
Protection from WannaCry ransom virus

5. Never pay a ransom
Victims of a ransom attack are advised not to pay the amount ever because they are encouraged by the attackers and the files may not be recovered at the end.

Some programs can help to Decode files. Or if you have a backup, you can restore your device from it.

Download USB Device Tree Viewer

USB Device Tree Viewer 3.1.1

You can manage and control all devices connected to USB ports and view the full details of the device connected to the port
Download USB Device Tree Viewer
Keyboard, mouse, flash memory, reader or any other device

You can find out all the required information about the tool connected to the port on the left and the data is displayed on the right.

Also you can see which of the ports is used in the playlist

Simply if you press the USB port and show the connected device data you will know that this port is being used
Download USB Device Tree Viewer

So you know how much port you have, whether you are using or not connected to any devices
Download USB Device Tree Viewer

Through the program you can do many works on the tool related to it
How so

When you press the right mouse button on the connected tool you can reboot it or remove it safely.

This lets you determine if the connected device is working normally or has a problem

In this new release, the data of connected devices will be automatically updated as soon as they are connected

Specification and download the USB Device Tree Viewer 3.1.1

Compatible with Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10 (32-Bit / 64-Bit)

Program size is 280 KB

Official site USB Device Tree Viewer

Download the USB ports management program from here
Or from here

What is Guaranteed RAM And Burstable RAM?

VPS Servers with OpenVZ technology provides two types of server memory

What is Guaranteed RAM And Burstable RAM?

 Guaranteed RAM

What is Guaranteed RAM?

Guaranteed RAM memory is dedicated memory that your VPS server can use fully at any time

Burstable RAM or vSwap
Burstable RAM
Burstable RAM is shared memory that your VPS server may share and use, while the other VPS servers are not using it and if it is avalable. But, if other VPS servers needs this RAM, it must be freed promptly, so if your VPS server applications uses this burstable RAM it will be forced to free it, sometimes this forced RAM release can cause services malfunction and make other stability issues.
 vSwap Virtual Swap
In the newer 2.6.32 kernels burstable RAM is called vSwap (virtual swap). This feature emulates swap functionality to a VPS server (it slows down VPS speed when programs "swaps-out" or "swaps-in"), but still uses node RAM for this purpose, because real swap is available to a node server only. There is a lot of stability problems with vSwap enabled servers.

then, in planning all the services and programs you will run on the VPS server, you should evaluate your memory needs  the right plan when you chooseVPS. And you may have to configure your services and programs accordingly

   the Difference Between “Guaranteed” and “Burstable” RAM on OpenVZ
The Guaranteed RAM is the amount the can be used  
Burst RAM   
the Burstable RAM is the amount that can be allocated. Generally assume that the program will allocate double the RAM it uses.

Download Easy Code 2.0

New version of Easy Code
Download Easy Code 2.0

It is a development of the previous release 1.0

Easy Code is one of the best application building programs for Windows in all its versions
And also for 32 and 64 bit

The program was developed to create applications that support 32-bit and 64-bit variants under the visual assembly programming environment

It is very similar to the visual language of Basque

The new version in this release supports the assemblies Fasm / GoAsm / Jwasm / Masm and PoAsm

Free Easy Code

Light size 5.5 MB

Supports Windows XP / 2003 / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 (32-Bit / 64-Bit)

Official site EasyCode

Download Link

from here

Download Free Video Editor 2017 to edit video

Free Video Editor 7.3.0

 Download Free Video Editor 2017 to edit video
Is a video editing program that allows you to remove any part you do not want from the video
The amendment is done without the need to re-add the codec and thus have been working quickly and with the same original quality of the video

The method of using the program is simple and very easy
All you need to do is specify a starting point and end point for the part to be cropped from the movie
Then the Save button is pressed
 Download Free Video Editor 2017 to edit video

The video is saved as a new file

Supports file handling and output
Video extensions from the following formats .avi, .mpg, .mp4, .mkv, .flv, .3gp, .webm, .wmv.

Free Video Editor 2017 is free and has no advertising links or advertisements

Perfect for Windows Movie Maker users

It gives you the possibility to add or remove part of the video
Also add an extra filter to the clip

Edit and rotate the video image

 Download Free Video Editor 2017 to edit video

As well as adding different effects of work

A custom watermark can be added to the video

Is already quite suitable for producing small visual works

You can extract video in most ways

· Extract the entire video with modifications in one clip
 Extracting the video with the removed adjustments and the parts to be removed but the output is done as separate parts
Specification and download the Free Video Editor 2017 to modify the video

size 20.7 MB
Support Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP SP3
To Download Free Video Editor
Click on
Download Free Video Editor for Windows
From here
With regards from info geek

Computer Repair Simulator

There is a new way of teaching and making some people learn things or do things they do not really want to do or maybe can't make it
That is why a new system has been created
It is simulation
 Computer Repair Simulator
It has been used a lot in many games that involve you in a world inside the game and some effects similar to the real effect in some situations

for example
You can play a game to learn how to drive cars on the simulator , you feel inside the car
 or Or trying to drive a train, ship or anything else

That is simply the simulator idea

The computer repair simulator is not a game in the sense that we have explained
It trains the novice user to repair the computer and introduce it to faults that may be encountered and train on the way to detect and repair the holidays
It offers simplified solutions to some problems
Also define all the internal hardware parts in the machine
 Computer Repair Simulator
And how to assemble a computer in a proper way
It is not a comprehensive program but it is definitely much better than watching a video repair or installing internal parts for a computer

Therefore, if you like to repair the computer and want to deepen and gain more experience, this tool is really suitable and wonderful

But remember that it is just a qualification but in a fun and understandable way

As for the program Computer Repair Simulator Beta is not a final issue, that is still in the development stages, if you are looking for a product full and stable is not now displayed

Either you want to look at the program and learn from the information in it and its fun way as a game that will attract your attention and push you to expand your understanding and learn the inner world of the device

Doing so may help you upgrade your level if you use the program as a game but it has great benefits

Specification and download  Repair Simulator
Drivers with Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 (32-Bit / 64-Bit)
The size of the program is 292 MB
Official Website of Computer Repair Simulator
Download Computer Simulator Application
Enter the link below and select as the following arrow indicates
 Computer Repair Simulator
from here
I hope that you will receive all your satisfaction in info geek

How to activate YouTube special mode dark mode in YouTube

We certainly use the internet for long periods
We enter the YouTube site a lot to watch movies or explanations or follow-up events
We spend hours on end and navigate through different sections on the YouTube platform
As time goes by, the eye becomes tired and tired
One of these reasons is the background color of the site, which is white
Another remote mode has been included which is not known to all users and is the mode of the night mode
This mode allows dark mode
How to activate YouTube special mode dark mode in YouTube
Changing the color to white and changing it to black color while highlighting the color of writing in white, which helps to relax the eye and relieve pressure to the lowest levels
But how we activate the night situation is not apparent to us
Explain the steps to show the night mode option for YouTube
The annotation will be applied to the Google Chrome browser
We open the browser and activate the developer tools mode, which is developer mode
By pressing the buttons
Ctrl + Shift + I
For Mac users with Option + Cmd + I

Then go directly to the tab labeled console console
How to activate YouTube special mode dark mode in YouTube

Copy and paste this line

"Document.cookie =" VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE = fPQ4jCL6EiE

How to activate YouTube special mode dark mode in YouTube
Press Enter

Restart your browser
Open YouTube will show you additional options when you click on your account
Choose from dark mode
How to activate YouTube special mode dark mode in YouTube
You can deactivate this mode at any time

Explain the profit strategy from the NEOBUX website

an introduction :
Explain the profit strategy from the NEOBUX website

This is an undisclosed amount and why do I get tired of getting something that is not mentioned. And returned after a period of searching the Internet on the right ways to work and make a suitable profit from this site because of the enthusiasm of many of the sites to clarify the methods and experiences of the process of evidence and evidence and most importantly I got a way to know the credibility of the profitability sites around the world,

To find out the true sites and the injury
And put the link of the company to know full information about them and whether it is safe or unsafe and also read the comments at the bottom of the site and will benefit from different views and you have a complete picture of any company that thinks to join in order to not waste your time without benefit

We are again coming up with the right strategy to work with the Newx website
You can develop a correct strategy to take advantage of the site and first consider it as a future project and you will build it with patience

Together we learn about NEOBUX:

New Pix is ​​the most important and most authentic in the world among sites working in the field of "PTC" and its meaning
Paid To Click Pay 
per click advertising on the site. It has a large base of members and thousands of people join it every day because of its proven credibility, eagerness and safety.
Newpex supports the following electronic banks
PayPal, Payza, NETELLER, Skrill
Why wait you can join and experience you will not lose something just a little time will yield you a good return

You can develop a correct strategy to take advantage of the site and the first to think that it will be a future project and you will build and patience on it is inevitably, God willing, after a period may be a few or large depending on how you will work with this site

God willing I will put a guide to the method of profit from the Internet in this subject through this site

In the beginning you need the most important request to complete your work successfully
It is the real key to success

We'll start with bless of god
The first step is to register at the Neobux site
Register here
Do not forget to log in daily and click on ads and prefer to do it more than once for more points

The next step is to click on your ads to calculate the next  Referral which is the real stage to start earning
In the first two weeks you will feel frustrated because there is little profit, which is because you work alone without help
And to get assistants Rifleat you should get 0.600 points and this gets after the passage of about two weeks and watch the ads daily and this does not require you more than a quarter of an hour just imagine?

The way ads are displayed is by accessing your account and clicking "VIEW ADVERTISEMENTS" at the top of the page.
There is also a special toolbar for the site "NewBux" - NEOBUX toolbar "TOOLBAR" which is very important and helps you to know the ads that appear in a timely manner and suitable for all browsers and very light and easy to install
Explain the profit strategy from the NEOBUX website

Now that you have reached the required amount to rent the  Referrals you have completed the most difficult stages
Now the real work begins

Rental referrals
But the advice I give you
Do not rent the shops after you have reached the required amount directly
Why? I am tired and want to work real and fruitful
You can start directly by renting out but you will not have any money to take care of these referrals
And how assignments are handled
Assume that you have already rented the 3 assignments and I was surprised that these are not all active, means there is only one or two referrals and the last one is not active
In the fact that you have rented out all the money from your credit you will not be able to change the assignment or extension of the working assignment

So what advice?
You have to wait for $ 3 to see the ads to follow the Raffles
But this is too long and you can not wait
So you have to invest the amount from your pocket which is a fully guaranteed investment 100%
Just pay $ 5 through one of the previous electronic banks, be it PayPal, Paisa, Neteller or Skrill

Now transfer the balance to the balance of assignments from Main Balance to Rental Balaance

And start hiring referrals

The pictures illustrate the way
Explain the profit strategy from the NEOBUX website
Then press the Referra button
Explain the profit strategy from the NEOBUX website
Then select the number
Explain the profit strategy from the NEOBUX website

And do not forget to activate the AutoPay feature of any automatic payment before the 20 days of referrals
It is a property taken from the care balance and paid only for the active assignment click
And extend the assignment period for an additional day
The non-clickable referral is not paid
And with a quick calculator we make it clear
The cost to the principal is $ 0.30 per month to maintain. Instead of making a payment for it constantly, every  Referral will pay for it as long as the auto-pay feature is activated and you will get $ 0.005 for every click it receives.

Here we see that automatic payment "auto pay" is better why? The explanation is also simple. Because every day your  Referral is active you will pay a daily rental fee. In this way, you do not have to worry about the amount you will be charged for paying rent.
You will also receive a special discount as a result of automatic payment activation
It is a great benefit for you
But keep in mind that assignments do not count their clicks unless you see your ads
It is meant to be yellow-colored ads according to membership
Standard membership has 4 ads
The golden golden member has to watch 9 ads

Remember that the goal is to connect to the maximum number of shelves which is 300 referrals
And follow up these spaces to purify and re-internationalization of others active to take advantage of its place in your list of referrals
Here comes the role of an important property recycling
It is one of the best strategies followed by the re-internationalization of  Referral, which does not click on ads during the period of 3 consecutive days
But you have to re-internationalize yourself
Every Riveral average of 2 or fewer pressures is re-internationalized immediately,
Refferal, whose average pressure between 2 and 4 would prefer to give him a chance 5 days before the internationalization.
In the event that the Riveral average pressure 4 pressure, leaving him a chance within the 7 days there may be special things temporarily distract him from work such as getting a vacation or traveling to a place do not lose
This is my suggestion for the appropriate time for the internationalization of the  Referral and you have to determine the appropriate time to re-internationalization of the assignment is the secret of sound profit
Important Tip Do not withdraw the yield when you reach the minimum of $ 2
But re-add them to the rental account to increase the number
Try to reach a larger goal which is to get as many Rivals as possible and try to reach 500 number of referrals
Then do not rent and follow up and return the non-active to them
But it takes a lot of time afterwards to reach a profit of $ 100 a month

Here is the time to upgrade membership and get a golden membership to double your profits
By investing $ 90 of your income, upgrade your membership
Explain the profit strategy from the NEOBUX website
Here we re-lease the referrals and get to 2000reveral
After that you can withdraw for more than the care of the Riffles
This ensures you get a big return approaching 75 to 80 per day
Indeed, as we said at the outset, you are building a project and you will be harvested a lot in a day with patience
Once you have completed all of these steps, you will see the result yourself and your efforts and you will get a decent monthly income without a job but with some time to work hard

Also do not rely mainly on rented assignments

You need to get the second type of referrals, direct referrals DIRECT REFERRAL
To be able to make use of the Riffler Direct feature, you must have completed one month of registering on the site or viewing 100 ads
The most important step is the one that many people who have experience in profit sites rely on to watch ads
It is already a tedious way to get live streams but you are reminded of many ways to get them like YouTube, Facebook, sites, forums, chatting with bloggers and sending link to them

I hope everyone will benefit
Please, who will decide to sign up for the NeoBux site, sign up for my referral link
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And not only that
There is a large group of 500 groups also who wants this group Fisljl through my referral link from here and I will give him a link to download a file with 500 group and the group includes groups in all areas of profit and work and publishing articles and marketing
Finally those who want success seek it
Be patient to build your business to avoid the profit you seek