FlexClip - A Simple and Pleasant Video Editor for Everyone

FlexClip - A Simple and Pleasant Video Editor for Everyone

Looking at how many people take photos and make short films, 
I think that even a child can handle it. 
But what if you have a dozen or so short clips in your smartphone's memory 
and would like to make a vacation video from them? 

With a little desire, 
you can easily learn the basics of using editing programs.
 Even at first glance, 
unpleasant and difficult Adobe Premiere Pro will cease to be mysterious 
when you watch a dozen or so instructional videos on YouTube. There is, 
however, another problem. The application costs its price.
 And although you can buy it for a month,
 it is not an expense that people who need a program to stick one film want to incur.

Such people are met by producers of simple and user-friendly video editing applications
 - whether in web or mobile form.
 FlexClip is one such program, which is free. Is it working? Let's see.

FlexClip - A Simple and Pleasant Video Editor for Everyone

After a fast, free registration, 
you get access to the video editor
This one is clear
 and transparent from the first page giving the opportunity to create a project -
 either from scratch or by choosing one of the templates.
 In the first case, you'll have to do everything yourself. In the second,
 the program will suggest themed animations for subtitles and suggest matching music.

FlexClip - A Simple and Pleasant Video Editor for Everyone

I suspect that most will want to use their own files 
(well, why to edit a movie from stock materials). 
All you need to do is import it from your computer disk, 
and it will appear in the program after a while. Here, 
FlexClip will throw up the cropping window (though you can also do it later). 
The bottom of the screen is the "Storyboard", which is the timeline representing your film.
 At this level, you can cut individual segments (files), 
and set them in the correct order. When you're ready, 
just export the movie to a file. Simple, even very much.

But isn't it too simple and not too limited?

Exactly. Like everything is transparent, straightforward, 
but you can not count on more than just short clips.

 A particular segment on the timeline can only have a minute.  
So if you want to use a longer file,
 you will have to cut it yourself to adjust the duration to a particular segment. 

FlexClip - A Simple and Pleasant Video Editor for Everyone

FlexClip also allows you to create simple slideshows, 
i.e., animated photo shows. Here, however, 
speaks a small, but annoying shortcoming.
 During import you can not throw into the program a few or a dozen pics,
 you have to do it one by one.

There are not many editing options, 
although you will find basic functions that will allow you to glue a simple clip.

Do I recommend FlexClip?

At first, FlexClip associated me with the Canva web application,
 which I like to use to make simple thumbnails of YouTube videos.
 I don't use this type of program very often, but I am surprised by its simplicity.
 It all depends on what you expect from such a program. If you want to try - here is FlexClip.

Create a slide presentation PowerPoint 2016

PowerPoint, the most popular program for presentations in the form of detailed slides on any project, seminar, study, design details of the facilities, educational explanations, and other slide shows.
Used by doctors, engineers, military personnel, teachers as well as used in distance education, leaders and many others dealing with groups of people
Both large and small numbers make it easy to view and understand graphic content easily

PowerPoint 2016 slide presentation presentation software

PowerPoint comes in two ways
It can be in a package within the Microsoft Office application suite
 The other way is to have PowerPoint solo and this is the subject of today's article
For those who want to download PowerPoint only without getting other packages from Microsoft such as Excel, Word
PowerPoint is not difficult to work on it and does not need to explain long All you need is to install the program and create slides with pictures and put notes or annotation on each image or after or before as you like and adjust the time period that you want to keep the slide in front of the follower
It can make it a manual transmission ie the image is changed only by clicking on it
You can also try the effects PowerPoint offers to navigate between slides
Adding sound clips to the slides, for example, adding a music track if the offer requires it to be a tourist resort and show the places available in this product from the pool, beach or hotel buildings You can put a music part with the slides that makes your viewers feel relaxed to watch the show, as it is a movie of still images
We talked about the program just enough for you to practice it yourself and you will find all the tools simple and clear and you will be able to create a presentation of slides in a few minutes

Specifications and requirements for running PowerPoint with download

The size of the program is 2.36 MB

Support Windows 7 and higher operating systems ie Windows 8,8.1,10

The license is free

Microsoft Production

download links

Design and manufacture fonts with   FontCreator Professional Edition

Designer, always needs a special touch to distinguish him from others in his designs
One of the most important things the designer is interested in is the line he uses to produce his work, whether graphic design, written, such as publications, page creation, magazines.
He always looks for the line that suits his work, relaxes in dealing with it because it highlights his work, makes him a special imprint in the markets

Many designers resort to downloading ready-made fonts available on the Internet
But there are those who have the ability and techniques to create a font, only his own lines, so he designs the font himself or modify the other lines, to get the best font.
There are many programs that help in the work of Fonts.
Here we find that the distinctive program that accepts dealing with all fonts and what we are interested in are Arabic, English, French, in addition to all other languages.

We tried a lot of programs and some problems were occurring with the Arabic language, the letters do not come out properly, but FontCreator Professional Edition is the best already, you can fully deal with fonts, in many ways, import the font from any file
Design and manufacture fonts with    FontCreator Professional Edition
 Even with a scanner, it converts images into editable characters.
 As well as the possibility of making distinctive logos lines, free handwritten signature
 Allows complete checks and debugging of the design, making you avoid all common errors in other programs.
One of the most important possibilities of the program, there is a tool called OpenType TrueType, which is to design, create, edit fonts completely.
 It can also import fonts from vector files EPS, AI, PDF, and others
Image files, BMP, GIF, PNG, and others
Create and edit WOFF open web fonts
Colored lines can be created in your own colors, which you can modify and develop
It also includes an awesome tool, dealing with Arabic fonts OpenType Designer
See how to run and use the program

The program is a full portable version that does not need to be installed, just unzip one of the following programs
Software Specifications
  High-Logic FontCreator Professional Edition Portable
The size of the program is 30 MB
Supported Operating Systems All versions of Windows with 32-bit and 64-bit