Download cpuz latest version

Program showing the specifications and components of the computer CPU ID in the latest version
Among the famous programs that are used by a professional technician in maintenance or who assembles computers and buy and sell devices
It is a very fast and lightweight tool that shows full hardware hardware and the name of the manufacturer of the product
Download cpu z latest version 2020
Together we explain the program interface

In the top menu of the application there are several tabs, each tab for a specific part of the hardware begins in the CPU or the processor
Download cpu z latest version 2020

The name of the treatment

Its code is any number

The type of treatment method

The package

How much voltage does it use

Internal and external capacities

Storage information at level L1, L2

the speed

Tab number 2 which is caches
It is the storage capacity used between the processor and the main storage units and is used to accelerate the process of processing by means of the processor

Tab No. 3 Motherboard
it contains

Type of motherboard


Release Date

Type of BIOS and its release date

Northern and southern graying and sensor devices

Graphical interface

Tab No. 4 Ramat Memory
Ram type

The total size of the Ramat

The name, frequency, and vendor

Also the serial number of RAM

SPD tab
You can view the used memory ports

Like the size of each port, the value of RAM, and detailed information about it, and it complements the previous tab. It is a detail for each part of the ports, not the size of the RAM as a whole.

Graphics tab
Specific to the screen card specifications

Like the name

And technology designed

The size of the memory, the hour, the speed, and this is related to the external screen cards
It is not a built in

New in this release is the Bench tab
Download cpu z latest version 2020
It is a very important characteristic of every technologist
processor benchmark is equivalent to calibrating or comparing the processor in the device to another processor
To get to know the performance, the speed, the amount of data processing, how much it contains a kernel, and others that are calibration

It is measuring the device's instrument by downloading it with applications or programs
It is characterized by the presence of two options for measurement and speed
1 - Bunker unit
2 - Specializes in measuring across multiple fields to determine the capabilities of the device with great accuracy

The last tab is About
Download cpu z latest version 2020
You can know the system or the operating system

The used version of the operating system, such as Windows or others


DirectX version

On this tab, it is possible to save the inspection report with all data for later use

And you can save the data in TXT, HTML format

You can get your drivers updated from Driver Update
You can get the previous version of the following topic for free
CPU-Z Portable program shows the computer specification
Free cpu z software compatible with all operating systems
The size is 5.7MB

For download, choose one of the links, and after decompressing, open the folder and choose the operating system kernel, either 32 or 64, and it will work directly. It does not need to be installed, does not occupy a piece of memory, and is very light.