Download AMD Radeon graphics card definitions

We  mentioned a lot in our website, info geek, the importance of finding the appropriate and modern definition of the screen card, and that there must be very important conditions when downloading any definition of display cards because it causes great problems in the case of incompatibility with the issuance of the card or incompatibility definition with the core of the operating system as we know There are two types of operating systems, 32-bit and 64-bit
These are the most important points required to download a valid definition and do not conflict with your hardware or operating system used
So we always provide links to the official sites to download different definitions and make sure we get a definition of sound and the latest version available from the manufacturer

Today our appointment is followed by info geek with AMD Radeon screen definition
Download AMD Radeon graphics card definitions
To be able to download the definition of AMD cards easily, you should follow the following method when entering the download site below the article
When entering the site we find the following figure

In case you want the site to detect and install the driver for your system
Choose the left part
Download AMD Radeon graphics card definitions
And press DOWN NOW

if you need to manually download the profile, follow these steps
In the right pane of the page we choose
In step 1 we choose the type of definition in terms of the devices that will work for example Disk Top or laptop or Mac or TV card or other devices.

Manually download the profile Follow these steps

In Step 2, choose to release your card to download the appropriate profile
If you are unsure, you can choose the last option I'm not sure
Step 2 Choose your card to download the profile

Step # 3 can also choose automatic detection
Step # 3 Automatic detection can be selected
Install and go directly

Or not as sure as you like
In the last step choose OS
In the last step choose OS
Go to the download by clicking Display Result
Now after explaining my download method for the novice and professional link you log into
Download AMD Radeon Graphics Card Definitions 

Sim Card Data Recovery Software V3.0.1.5

Sim Card Data Recovery Software V3.0.1.5 
Restore deleted files from the SIM Card

 Sim Card Data Recovery Software V3.0.1.5
Is a program to recover your files that you deleted from the SIM card and you need to restore them again whether they are
Text file
Or even phone numbers
You can restore SMS messages
Also the name of the service provider

To use the program
All you need to do is place the card in the USB SIM card reader
It will recover easily and quickly as well
It can be used in the elimination by investigators in the detection of the SIM card and find out what has been deleted from messages and numbers
Also everyone can use it if they need to return data that was accidentally deleted
The program displays all details about deleted files such as size and date of creation
Specifications for the Sim Card Data Recovery Software
Size 513 KB
Windows operating system
Trial version
To download the program click here

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft Digital Notebook
We always need to record some notes or record paragraphs or ideas that arise in your mind and want to store them for reference later or even lists of tasks to be done today or tomorrow, for example your hand is appropriate and would like to register the date of the occasion to attend

All these things you can write into one application and carry it with you wherever you are on any mobile device, tablet or tablet computer and even personal computer
It's a Microsoft OneNote application

You can add scraps and handwritten or printed paragraphs
Or even audio media

And the possibility of sharing it with other users of the same application

You can save a copy of the digital note to your Microsoft account
It does not have a specific period of conservation. It is always there and you get it whenever you want

It can be used in conjunction with Microsoft Office as well

Microsoft OneNote
This program is Microsoft OneNote for all systems such as Windows , Android, iPhone, Mac , iPhone, iPad,

Requirements for running Microsoft OneNote

Windows 7/2008 / 8.1 / 2012/10 (32-Bit / 64-Bit)

For all requirements for all versions of Microsoft Office
It can be viewed from the official Microsoft link from here
The size of the program is 4.25 MB
License is free
Download OneNote for kernel 32 from here
Download Microsoft OneNote 64 from here

Patch My PC 3 to fix and update software!!!

Download Patch My PC

Patch My PC is a software that updates software installed on the operating system by providing all updates continuously and automatically
تحميل Patch My PC لاصلاح البرامج وتحديثها
Patch My PC features other similar programs that not only checks applications and finds updates from the Internet, but also automatically installs patch files
This is a very important process to activate the applications installed and fix their problems and disadvantages
Of course it is a very important and useful program for those who find it difficult to get new updates for programs
As well as the unique property, which works to activate these applications to avoid the various operating problems
Without the need for serial or crack  
Patch My PC 3 features
Simple and easy user interface
Programs that require an update appear red
Programs that run the latest versions appear in green
Existing programs but not installed on the system appear black

Supports update of over 150 different applications
For example
Mozilla Firefox , Media Player Classic , NotePad ++ , Google Chrome , Hotspot Shield , FileZilla Client, Format Factory , CPU-Z , 3 360 Total Security , Adobe Flash Player ,
And many more ......
Download Patch My PC software update and update more than 150 application
You can view the applications and programs that support the updated program
Via this link supported products
The software updates automatically, but you can turn off automatic updating from the program control panel

Patch My PC 3 Portable does not need to be installed
The size does not exceed 800 KB
Download and use updates on any device
You can uninstall several programs at once

The use of the program requires that the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 be installed
&Internet connection

Support operating systems for all versions of Windows
But there is support for users of Windows operating system version XP
To download the support tool for XP system here

The size of the program is 879 KB
License is free
Download Patch My PC 3 from here

TeamSpeak Client Voice Chat program

TeamSpeek Voice Chat
This great application allows TeamSpeak to make voice calls with great accuracy and purity. It is popular for a long period of time because it contains multiple filters to purify communication between callers and remove any possible obstacles. It provides multiple application servers, and one can be chosen to establish a connection via your own server. High privacy
It is sufficient to mention that this program TeamSpeak is the basic communication system adopted by the International Civil Aviation Organization IVAO
Which is used in conversation and voice between the pilot and the air observer

Our site  info geek offers a quick description of this program

Tim Speck can be used
TeamSpeak Client Free program for Voice Chat
To make an audio conversation between you and a friend or multiple friends at the same time
In the new update, it supports the reception and sending of messages through many servers available for free through the application
As well as the various files through the private server that you create within the application, which is unnecessary because of the availability of servers already exist
But it gives you the freedom to choose and add privacy to your communication

The program offers 32 ports and up to 512 connection ports through the personal server

It is favored by many gamers around the world
TeamSpeak Client Free program for Voice Chat
To connect while playing for what he enjoys
Lightness of communication
Sound purity
Protection and security of information
Non-amortization of the Internet
Also speed dialing
And support for many languages
Once you've created your own self-host from the program, you can share the IP address with friends, family or anyone you want to communicate with.
After downloading the program from the link at the bottom of the topic
Install and open the program and click Connect
Put the address of the server
Select Nickname or Nickname you want
Add a password if you prefer to close the connection and it is optional
In the last click Connect
Free program for voice conversations TeamSpeak Client Create a connection

You can control the server completely
This is for the free personal server

There is also the possibility of renting a permanent server
It is an easier way to get a 24-hour, 24-hour contact point for a full 7-day period and is fully supported by the company and receiving temporary instructions

All of these features in TeamSpeak Client 3 and more
It supports all operating systems such as
Mac , Linux , iOS, Android, plus Windows operating system
Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 (32-Bit / 64-Bit)

License is free
Official site TeamSpeak
The size of the program is approximately 66 MB
Download suitable for MacOS operating system
Download for Android Android
Download for iOS
Download for Linux 32 Linux
Download Linux for Linux
Either download your Windows operating system
Download Tim Speck 64 kernel from here
To download Tim Speek click here

What is happening now in Google?

Google is the world's first and first search platform, a basic reference for many content creators and webmasters who are passionate about attractive URLs and topics people are looking for in all their interests and interests, and who wish to find blogs that increase the level of their sites, blogs and forums.
Google did not forget to make things easier for the users of the giant network across the world and always seeks to link his loved ones services is indispensable and also services that may wish and did not find the satisfaction of the desire to find them and those important services that provide information that we mentioned that there are very many interested in them.
Google Trends service

Yes, it's the big free service. The technology does not stop. The months service now provides a means to show what people are looking for on the internet in real time and in real time.

Which provides information and statistics directly to the current trends and trends of people and is a very important feature for researchers and scholars of the nature of communities

If you are a website owner you will find interesting topics and titles in the easiest ways
Already users want it.

What is happening now in Google

So visitors will get lightning fast

Your keywords can be developed and strengthened by your search

It is a tool of SiO

Your vision and search can be customized
You can search by selecting a country and you know what is happening now
And analyze the society of that country and study its interests
Just select the country from the bottom of the page on the site

With the least effort, just enter the Google Trends link and see directly what is happening now locally and globally
Here's the Google Trends link
Google Trends

Download Visual Basic 2016 Visual Basic for free

Free Visual Basic 2016 program

What is Visual Basic?
 2016  Visual Basic  for free

Is a program that is used in the famous Visual Basic programming language

It is an integrated environment for the integrated application of the production of Microsoft
It is one of the easiest and simplest programming languages ​​in terms of other languages ​​such as C #, C ++,
The Visual Basic program uses a large base of millions of programmers worldwide
It provides a lot of job opportunities for programmers around the world
 2016  Visual Basic  for free
Most experts in programming regard it as one of the most important programming programs

Features a flexible and smooth interface

It can detect any software errors in programs

Does not conflict with any Windows operating system

Possibility to design and install programs and applications with high professionalism

Specification and download Visual Basic 2016

Program size: approximately 3 MB

License: Free

The program is compatible with Windows system: Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, Win XP, Win 2000 Download Free Visual Basic from here

Ashampoo Cover Studio 2017 Direct Download

Ashampoo Cover Studio 
is one of the best and most beautiful programs in the design of DVD and CD covers in a professional way.
برنامج Ashampoo Cover Studio 2017
Ashampoo Cover Studio enables you to create custom CD and DVD covers as well as poster design and many other graphic designs and print them.
Contains excellent tools 
and makes it easier for any user to use the program by designing a simple interface and guidance tools at each stage of the design to facilitate you to produce the design you want without complications

 Ashampoo Cover Studio 2017

You can also use Ashampoo Cover Studio's built-in templates to modify, add and write images
 Ashampoo Cover Studio 2017

With all these features it does not consume the resources of the device so much will work on the program freely and without feeling slow in the computer
 Ashampoo Cover Studio 2017
Compatible with Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 (32-Bit / 64-Bit)
Ashampoo Cover Studio 2017 is now available
The size of the program is 23.10 MB
Compatible with Windows 7,8,8.1,10 with 32, 64 and 64 Windows
Ashampoo Cover Studio
Download Ashampoo Cover Studio 2017 here
Or from the official site here

Avant Browser is the fastest and easiest browser

Stability in performance, easy of use and speed are the most important specifications required in any application, which is preferred by the professional user and the novice alike

From our new software we add Avant Browser

Avant Browser is a fast, stable, easy to use and versatile web browser
Compatible with other browsers and can import cookies, favorites and settings from any other browser such as Chrome , Firefox , IE

Automatically filter out unwanted advertising pages and ads
Works on filtering animations. Most of the animations that flash pages that display animations are originally ad pages
And those pages Flash start a lot of user time when visiting one of the required pages, which displays Flash files animation is loading the page very slowly because the page size will increase by up to 90%

With Avant Browser you can maintain your bandwidth or so-called bandwidth
And control the bandwidth for faster loading of the page
Simple and easy step with one click
Flash files that cause slow playback are blocked
It can also control and prevent downloading other files such as images or video files and audio files as well as files associated with an ActiveX application

The Avant Browser2017 is a multi-window browser allowing simultaneous multi-use
Also built-in search engines are Yahoo and Google

Includes annoying popup blocker
Includes advanced navigation options
Contains an integrated cleaner
For example, if you press the middle diamond button on an address, the link will open in the background in a new window
There are also two additional features for using Mouse buttons in Avant Browser
You can go back one step by
Press the right button down and then click the left button simultaneously.

2 can move forward one step by reversing the buttons ie holding down the left mouse button and then pressing the right button

You can enjoy the no-hassle feature in full-screen mode
Avant Browser2017
It provides a complete view of web pages without the hassle of having a tulipar or any other parts causing clutter
It only shows the Windows Toolbar

Download Avant Browser 2017 build
Size is 4.29 MB
License is free
Official website Avant Browser
Support for Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7/8/10 (32-Bit / 64-Bit)
Download from here
Download Avant Browser Ultimate
Size 81.7 MB
from here

Defragment your hard drive

What is Disk Defragment?

info geek

Disk Defragmenter is a collection of fragmented data on a volume (such as a hard disk or storage device) to function better. Volume fragmentation occurs over time as you save, change, or delete files. Changes that you save to a file are usually saved in a different location on the volume that is not the original file location. This does not change where the file appears in   Windows - The bit information that forms the file is stored only in the physical volume. Over time, both the file and the volume become fragmented, and the computer then runs slowly, looking in different places to open a single file.
Disk Defragmentation is a tool to rearrange data on your volume and consolidate fragmented data so your computer can run more efficiently.

The utility of canceling the retail

Collecting data in one place, accelerating the transfer of information to memory, reducing battery or electricity consumption, and maintaining the hard disk life.
Try  to move or cut and paste a file onto a single selection   Move or cut and paste a file from another presentation statement   You will find the first in a blink and the second takes a period depending on the size of the file   Reason   In the first, the so-called title is changed in the table known as Master Vail Table.

I chose for your presence the best tool for defragmentation, which is Smart Defrag 4, since it works in idle times, and allows scheduling of fragmentation in times when the computer is not used. Also, through the settings, you can leave the tool running in the background so that you cancel the partition and you are still using the computer .

First open the Advanced SystemCare program
The Download link below the article
Click on the Smart Defrag tool as in the picture
info geek

The tool opens and selects whether you want to defragment each partition individually or all hard and choose from the settings where the tool allows you some important choices, such as analysis of each Partition on the whole or all as well as disk fragmentation quickly or slowly.
info geek

Click Analyze
info geek

So choose what suits your situation and then leave the tool running until you completely finish defragmenting the hard drive

What do the colors mean in the defragmentation tool?

Red color  إلغاء تجزئة القرص الصلب Means files to be defragmented
the colour blue  إلغاء تجزئة القرص الصلب The files are organized on the hard disk and do not need to cancel the fragmentation and the function of the tool is to make the files all organized to make them all in blue.
green color  إلغاء تجزئة القرص الصلب Means operating system files.
The free space is the background of the program and here in black  إلغاء تجزئة القرص الصلب Means the free space of any files must be not less than 30%
Of the disk space to operate the computer efficiently.
info geek

After the tool finishes analyzing the disc, press finish or vew report
info geek

Thus, you have completed defragmenting the hard drive. You can know the success of the process of calculating the space of your computer pre-emptions before the process of canceling the division and then to know the difference
I advise you during this process to adjust the battery power on the non - shutdown mode until the program is complete and then return the settings to their origin.

Accept my greetings and do not forget to share the subject with friends to benefit the benefit of all

Wait for your comments and posts on the subject

EaseUSPartition Master 2018 (Free download)

EaseUSPartition Master Free 12.5 
makes you do everything you want to do with Hardisk like Format, recreate, delete, edit or edit Partition space, increase or decrease, and can do it without losing any data.
You can use it to modify the area of ​​the drivers without fear of loss of any data and easily and quickly
You can fix the problems and lack of available disk space for the operating system and increase without affecting the system completely installed and this feature is supported only in versions of Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 23-bit kernel
Here is an illustration of the operations we can do with EaseUspartition Master
The main interface of the program
Free software downloads and reviews - EaseUSPartition Master Free 11.5
It shows the Harddisk and the Partitions (Partitions)

To change the space for one of the drivers
EaseUSPartition Master  11.5 Free download
The process of changing the place of the drip
EaseUSPartition Master  11.5 Free download
Merge over Partition
EaseUSPartition Master  12.5 Free download
Copy Partition
برنامج تقسيم الهارد ديسك EaseUSPartition Master Free 11.5
Partition Recovery has been deleted
برنامج تقسيم الهارد ديسك EaseUSPartition Master Free 11.5

Copy the Hard Disk completely
EaseUSPartition Master  12.5 Free download
To do hard disk copies, we have to have more than one hard disk attached to the computer and we copy one to the other on an empty space
 Now come to the specifications and download for EaseUspartition Master
The size of the program is 48.18MB MB
Support for Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8x / 10
Official Site EaseUSPartition Master Free 12.5
EaseUSPartition Master 12.5