Avant Browser is the fastest and easiest browser

Stability in performance, easy of use and speed are the most important specifications required in any application, which is preferred by the professional user and the novice alike

From our new software we add Avant Browser

Avant Browser is a fast, stable, easy to use and versatile web browser
Compatible with other browsers and can import cookies, favorites and settings from any other browser such as Chrome , Firefox , IE

Automatically filter out unwanted advertising pages and ads
Works on filtering animations. Most of the animations that flash pages that display animations are originally ad pages
And those pages Flash start a lot of user time when visiting one of the required pages, which displays Flash files animation is loading the page very slowly because the page size will increase by up to 90%

With Avant Browser you can maintain your bandwidth or so-called bandwidth
And control the bandwidth for faster loading of the page
Simple and easy step with one click
Flash files that cause slow playback are blocked
It can also control and prevent downloading other files such as images or video files and audio files as well as files associated with an ActiveX application

The Avant Browser2017 is a multi-window browser allowing simultaneous multi-use
Also built-in search engines are Yahoo and Google

Includes annoying popup blocker
Includes advanced navigation options
Contains an integrated cleaner
For example, if you press the middle diamond button on an address, the link will open in the background in a new window
There are also two additional features for using Mouse buttons in Avant Browser
You can go back one step by
Press the right button down and then click the left button simultaneously.

2 can move forward one step by reversing the buttons ie holding down the left mouse button and then pressing the right button

You can enjoy the no-hassle feature in full-screen mode
Avant Browser2017
It provides a complete view of web pages without the hassle of having a tulipar or any other parts causing clutter
It only shows the Windows Toolbar

Download Avant Browser 2017 build
Size is 4.29 MB
License is free
Official website Avant Browser
Support for Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7/8/10 (32-Bit / 64-Bit)
Download from here
Download Avant Browser Ultimate
Size 81.7 MB
from here

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