Buy and Pay with Google

Google introduced the Google Payment API in May
Which was commissioned by the followers of the new service
Which allows traders to give consumers a much simpler way to enter payment data at purchase

These applications were only available to customers who had subscribed to the trial version of the software
Now they have been circulated to all traders

Google officially launched a payment service with Google Pay with Google to facilitate the completion of payment steps through Android devices and include a large number of e-merchants online
 Buy and pay with Google Pay with Google

Shopping and payment for various services and subscriptions is facilitated by simple steps with the new payment technology

The new service was integrated with the Google Chrome browser in office equipment as well
The payment method is simplified to the consumer by providing a means to automatically fill in the required data and shipping information by simply pressing a few clicks of purchase

The launch of Pay with Google is in the US, Brazil and the UK
Through some stores of them
Airbnb, Deliveroo, Instancart, Kayak, Fancy, HotelTonight, StubHub, JustEat and Papa John's
 Buy and pay with Google Pay with Google

Pay with Google is different from the Android Pay service as companies must integrate the Android app into their applications
 Buy and pay with Google Pay with Google

Buy with Google Pay with Google is interested and designed in a way that saves time and hassle automatically and in a smooth way

The company is seeking to provide the service of sending money to people by voice in the next stage

Solve and Repair all problems Windows 10 FixWin

The operating system for each person is exposed to some problems and errors
Including those that are easy to solve for any user
And others are intractable in the view of non-specialists in the maintenance of hardware and software

Because of the lack of familiarity with operating systems and how to deal with problems that may occur, a quick decision is taken to reinstall the operating system and get rid of the problem
Thus, more time is lost in the installation process, as well as loss of some of the applications we used
Important data that you have incorporated into one of these programs may also be lost. When you remove the operating system, all of that data is lost

We recommend that you try to fix the system in all reliable ways first
To avoid the above mentioned loss of data and waste a lot of time by installing the system and reinstall other programs you want

info geek Blog offers this portable tool Fix win tool
Repair and solve all Windows 10 FixWin problems

A lightweight and portable maintenance tool that does not need to be installed and is a repair currency for Windows

Examples of problems faced by the system
Problem with Windows Explorer
It is a mistake that the ordinary user is frustrated by not being able to browse files or open programs or even open my computer
Internet Explorer
Your browser is not running or you can not connect to the Internet because of a browser crash

Problem with Windows Media Player
And others

All these problems are fixed quickly and without experience with FixWin

Explain how to use the tool on Windows 10 operating system
We also mentioned that it is a portable tool to download and decompress a file decompressor such as WinRAR

After decompressing, open the file and press the play icon directly
In the Welcome screen, the system components are displayed
You can see any details about any program within the system of this list

It also allows the possibility of a Windows restore point to restore the system to the state it was in before the repair process
You can also check the Windows and verify the integrity of the units and you can determine the area you want to examine and tells you that you must work Restor Point before starting

System repair tools include solving important process errors such as
Task Manager, Windows Defender, Action Center, Windows Security Center, and Open / Close Control.
Proof or wake up hibernate, hybrid

The program works smoothly and without annoying alarm messages and works without irritation
Simply press the 'Fix' button and it works directly to fix the problems
Repair and solve all Windows 10 FixWin problems

And the advantage of this application
It helps novices learn to fix mistakes.
If you are interested in learning and want to fix one of the problems presented by the operating system, the program shows you the steps to solve this problem when pressing 'Fix' takes you to the next screen, which displays those steps that you want to use manually

Program page fixwin for windows 10
The program can be downloaded to multiple Windows systems such as Vista, 7,8,10
Download from here
Or download a version of Windows 10 (32-Bit / 64-Bit)
Size 104 KB
Free license
Download here

How to enter the router if you forget your password

It is possible to forget the password of the router and we need to enter the settings or change any data or just you want know some info

You will not be able to access the router if you have set a password yourself and have been lost
 How to enter the router if you forget your password

First, try to enter The default username and the default password
It is possible that the settings were not saved when you changed the password previously

If you try and fail, you do not have to do a reset
And return it to factory settings
We'll explain how you do it quickly
But first remember that you'll need to know the default user name and password for your router

You can find out through the manual instruction 

Assume that you do not have this booklet or you have lost it

The user and password can also be printed on the sticker above the router itself

But if you do not find the User and the bass in both cases, you can now use the definite solution

do not worry
You can access this site
Find your type of router and will display the User and password
 How to enter the router if you forget your password
After knowing the required data, which is the default data for the router, you do the restart manually
It is as simple as it appears in that picture
 How to enter the router if you forget your password
As you can see, you can insert a tool with a high tooth to be a pen or wooden match or any similar tool
It is inserted into the hole shown in the image and pressed on it once and thus is to reboot the router with the return of the data entry to the default
Then you can access the settings as you like
Although the subject is simple, there are many who do not know that we hope that you will benefit

Opera Web Browser 48.0.2685.5

Opera Web Browser

The latest version of the browser Opera Opera number 48.0.2685.50
 Opera Web Browser 48.0.2685.50
The most important features of the Internet browser

Speed ​​of performance if you have slow speed Internet 

Turbo is used to compress and view files at higher speeds

Access to important sites easily

The browser arranges the sites that the user visits regularly
Put it in a set

This makes it possible to access those favorite sites faster

Play video and also read documents
Contains special additions to the video playback in the browser
As well as the possibility of reading image files or PDF

Maintains power and battery life in laptops
Since the release of Opera 38, a technology has been added to preserve the battery life of the laptop
Due to the speed of performance up to 50%

Thus reducing the time consumed in the process of cooling the laptop

More features than previous versions are available
Can be obtained from here

Opera Web Browser specifications

The size of the program is 36.59 MB

Official website Opera

License is FREE

Support for Windows
 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / 2008/7/8/10 (32-Bit / 64-Bit)
Download from here

Krack loophole destroys Wi - Fi networks in the world

A serious loophole has been discovered that is penetrating and destroying Wi-Fi networks around the world

This loophole is called "Krack" and it hits all devices, both at home and in companies

Krack loophole destroys Wi - Fi networks in the world

The vulnerability targets networks that use the protection system
(WPA2), which is used by most Wi-Fi network users, the Independent newspaper reported.

Experts say it is one of the most serious vulnerabilities to operating systems over the wireless network because it operates in the usual operating mode so it is destructive.

The dangerous thing in this gap is that it allows the hacker to get whatever he wants from the devices that are hacked everything available to the hacker without restrictions
Credit card numbers and data can be stolen
Passwords and codes save files
Photos or conversations in chat and exploitation

As well as all devices connected to the same network have the same damage

The hospital confirmed the gap, which was revealed by a team of researchers, headed by Matthi Vahnov of the University of "Ko Loven" Belgian.
The size of the injury is very detrimental to the devices Android 6.0 Marshmallow and Miles and devices that use the Linux operating system
Which means that the rate of infection may exceed 40% worldwide

Because the gap is very serious, the computer emergency preparedness team in the United States of America
US CERT issued an important warning in this regard

Vanhoff confirmed that special updates will be made to close the crack Krack because of the possibility of exposure of the devices running Android system for a real disaster
And dealing like Apple in its interest in issuing continuous updates to the IOS system
Which makes it less vulnerable to Android
He also said that all the devices supporting the Wi-Fi system are vulnerable to damage due to that serious loophole

The Google spokesperson said that they knew exactly what was going to happen and that all the machines that might be affected by that vulnerability

It is also reported that the hacking could go beyond HTTPS, which is known as a system of protection and security of user activity on Internet sites

Professor Allen Woodward, a professor of cyber security at the University of Surrey, says the tactic is based on a combination of factors
The time it takes to launch an attack
Or if there is a need for a network connection at the moment of penetration but in any case can easily penetrate because of the existence of that vulnerability

The reason is that when trying to connect the devices to the Wi-Fi network, an encrypted connection is established between the two connected parties can not penetrate one but because of the existence of that gap in the security system
WPA2, which is the best security system after the penetration of WPA1 and WEP systems.
By giving the hacker a person at the start of the network connection encryption key and then decryption and spy and get all that the hacker wants from the victim

In the sense that they control all the devices that operate the safety system
And full control of all devices connected to the network and the possibility of sending malicious software or viruses, including ransom virus .

Blu-ray Converter Ultimate

Blue Ray format is a kind of video file formats
It has a very high clarity and superb sound quality and includes translation files and images
But despite the advantages we all need
It has disadvantages that may prevent the user from enjoying those previous advantages
The main drawbacks are the large size of the file
The difficulty of playing these files in many times and the availability of Blu-ray player
But these problems can be solved
With conversion programs specialized in changing the format from Blu Ray to
DVD, MP4, HD, AVCHD or others
Blu-ray discs need specialized software such as Blu-ray Converter Ultimate
 Blu-ray Converter Ultimate

It converts files to an appropriate size
And also maintain a lot of quality in the sound and accuracy of clarity
Translation and comment files can be integrated into the video
Simply put, Blu-ray Converter Ultimate
You can drag and drop the file from the computer directly or from the DVD player
Is all you need to convert Blu - ray Discs to any discs that suit you
You can burn a file on one of the discs by the program
There is a trial version and a full version
Some additional features include
 Blu-ray Converter Ultimate
Cut off part of the film and remove it from the finished product
Compatibility with ISO files
Possibility to control the output of the file after conversion
To iPad, PS3, Nexus, smart devices and more
Accept files from the following devices
iPad, iPhone, Galaxy pad / note, PS3, Xbox, Nexus, Blu-ray, DVD, and more
Audio improvements
Many features can be discovered by yourself
The program is fast in the conversion process
Small size
Fully compatible with modern display cards
Output formats
Mpeg2 video
Mpeg2 audio
DVD subtitle

Operating requirements
Processor Intel Pentium III / AMD Athlon
(Intel Pentium 4 / AMD Athlon XP or equivalent)
512 MB RAM with Windows XP
1 GB RAM with Windows Vista
Hard disk drive with at least 4.3 Gbytes free
Blu-ray reader / optional disk reader

Support operating systems
Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7 / Vista / XP - 32 & 64 bit

Size of Blu-ray Converter
41 MB
VSO Software
Download  Blu-ray Converter Ultimate  program
 from here

Windows Repair Toolbox

Windows Repair Toolbox to repair all errors and problems
Of course, problems often occur in the operating system of the computer
And may be damaged for many reasons, including malware
Also a change in the original values ​​of the  Registry
Some programs leave remnants running in the system background
Install and uninstall programs leave negative effects on the performance and speed of Windows
Fortunately there are some applications working to fix these problems
But most are ineffective
We are also used to testing our software
In my experience with the Windows Repair Toolbox, I discovered that he was checking and reforming seriously
Windows Repair Toolbox
It has a good technology and has a similar test to be carried out by a treadmill through the CMD
We should mention that the program requires .NET Framework 4 , and Internet connection

How to use the Windows Repair Toolbox
The software has a full version of the installation and a portable version that does not need to be installed
We will provide the version of the portable, which works as soon as the decompression and double click on the icon of the operation without the need to increase the load of programs installed in Windows

When the program is run for the first time, it collects all information related to the device and the operating system
The main interface of the program contains several tools
Windows Repair Toolbox
View hardware information
Make a copy of the system or restore the system
Maintenance tools
Checking the DOS prompt in Windows
Software removal tools
And other important tools, both for experts in the field of computer repair and maintenance or even the novice
It is enough to put the mouse pointer on the tool button you want to know its work and will show you information about the tool and what you can do

In the middle section of the malware removal tools
Windows Repair Toolbox
It gives you the possibility to download system cleaning tools from malware and viruses and you specify what you want

You can also repair Windows or certain programs such as Windows, Java, Adobe Flash and Adobe Reader.
In the section on the right, you will receive information about the state of the processor, the temperature and the usage ratio
Information about Ram (Ram)
As well as the empty space of Harddisk

Either in the tab Final Tests
Windows Repair Toolbox
Different reports of the checks performed are reported

Windows Repair Toolbox
It is special to set the scan settings if you want to set it yourself, from which you can restore the default settings by choosing Reset to Defaults

Specification and download the Windows Repair Toolbox
The size of the program is 3.9 MB
License is FREE
website Windows Repair Toolbox
Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 (32-Bit / 64-Bit)
Download Windows Repair from here

18Feature You May Not Know About Google Photos

Feature you may not know about Google Photos  

You can do 18 properties through Google Images and may not know many of us and we are Arab technology we offer these advantages with an explanation to know what is available for convenience and we do not use it
Most of us know that you can put a set of pictures in one album by an android or computer and open it through the Internet and watch your groups
We also know that Google Photo provides high resolution images which makes large size photos and HD video and all of that lose you from the storage space available to you in Google Drive
Here are some caches that some of us may not know about using Google Photos
 18 feature you may not knowAbout Google Photos

1 Make a group of similar faces and name them
Google Photos creates thumbnails or models for your photos and puts them in one set so you can search your picture library for a specific group such as Amy or Mohammed and make it your own so you can not share with the photos
And to make a special label
There is a Who Who button? Or from this existing top group and put the name or attribute of the group
After you name it, name it by using the search box
 18 feature you may not knowAbout Google Photos
If you want to change or delete the group name only, choose the Edit or Remove name label button.
 18 feature you may not knowAbout Google Photos
If you have a similar image tag you can combine it all and call it one by naming one group with a specific name and then naming the other groups in the format with the same name and when you register the name of the next group with the same name Google will ask you if you want to merge the two groups together So you merge all similar images in one group with one name, but if you like to ungroup just enter the group Press the off button to unplug the group
 18 feature you may not knowAbout Google Photos
2 Cancel images after uploading them online
If you upload images on the site why make Google keep them
Google can automatically delete images after uploading, so you can upload images with high quality and raise them and then scan them automatically, it provides a large storage space
 18 feature you may not knowAbout Google Photos
If the process is always enabled, you can delete the clips and images in the storage cache in the upper left corner. Click the manager and then Settings and then edit the cache to scan the images and videos that have already been uploaded.

3 Search for people, places, and objects
Google Photos arranges uploaded images at the location and upload date
With Google's huge database, you can easily identify topics related to your photos, such as photos taken on the weekend or your photos at a wedding party a month ago, or pictures of the containers or objects and much to search for what you want to press in the bottom right of the search box and type what you want to search for For example, cars or favorite food or what you want and click on the search or Inter
 18 feature you may not knowAbout Google Photos
In the main search interface you will find the categories that put the pictures under the names of cars, objects or foods
 18 feature you may not knowAbout Google Photos

4 Change the backup and synchronization settings
From the Settings, select Backup and sync settings
Activate the account To change the account in which you hold the images, click on the name of the recipient to change it
Here you will find the download size between two either high quality or original
In the case of high quality you can take un-copied copies of pictures and videos is a suitable option for those who do not care about quality but enough to print and share
But in the case of the original gives you limited storage space is 15 GB This is suitable for you If you are a amateur camera, it gives you the original quality of images
Backup photos via Wi-Fi or both : Choose whether you want to back up your photos only on Wi-Fi , WiFi or LAN. You can choose " full backup " if you want to backup your videos too. Remember, if you download using your mobile network , you can use the data backup , or charge a fee from the company
During charging only: If you activate this option , then you will get to upload your photos and videos only when the device is connected to an external power source . So if you are on a holiday trip , there is not To worry about the battery life of the device .
 18 feature you may not knowAbout Google Photos
5 Take backups of other applications
Google Photo automatically makes backup copies of images and is useful but in default it only supports the images taken by the virtual camera application . If you want to back up photos taken in Instagram , WhatsApp , Viper , and other apps , you can do it. You just need to know where those apps store the images they capture.
The way
Open the Google Photos app from your Android phone
Access the device folders from the applications and you will find them in the list that will appear and you have folders inside them that beautify the images of various applications such as Facebook,
Screenshots and screen shots Select the folders you want to include or exclude from the backup process . If you do not want to mess and mess the many shots taken
Which is simply a liquidation action
 18 feature you may not knowAbout Google Photos
Alternatively, you can use settings and then copy and sync and select the folders to be copied to. This configuration is available only on Android devices

6 Press to change the view
You know that you can click to enlarge or reduce the image when you view, but you know that there is more in the ways of displaying images through Google, it arranges the images daily and displays a time display, but more than that can provide the monthly presentation and comfortable presentation and thus provides all images In the screen and you can choose from them to display the same separately by clicking on them and also press them again to return to the total display of images
 18 feature you may not knowAbout Google Photos
7 Multiple image selection in one button
Do you imagine that if you have hundreds of pictures in your library how much pressure on each picture to see it Google Save you the advantage of limiting the number of images in one rice only when you see one of the pictures Press the long press on the picture and do not leave your finger but move up or down and you will be able to You can also do this by pressing the Sheft key

8 Prevent deleting images
We assume that you deleted an image by mistake or even intentionally and want to return it simply Google saves the deleted for 60 days and you can retrieve it through the trash Please choose the image you want to restore and continue to press and choose Restore or Restore to the top right and can also here permanently delete images by clicking Delete
 18 feature you may not knowAbout Google Photos

9 View photos on a TV with Chromecast

If you have a Chromecast , then you can view your photos and videos on a large screen . Install Chromecast for Android Or IOS , Make sure that the computers are on a Wi-Fi network , one with Chromecast . At the top left , touch the cast icon , and select Chromecast . Open an image or video on your device , and click " Cast icon" to display it on your TV
If you're on a PC or Mac, you can also view your photos on TV only. Install the Google Cast extension and follow the instructions
 18 feature you may not knowAbout Google Photos

10Upload all your photos at once
Google Photo is a One Way One Way and does not allow multiple downloads but you can do it by Google Takeout . Just login to your account or choose the photo gallery or Google Photos and the last album you want to download
 18 feature you may not knowAbout Google Photos

11Make Google Drive and Google Images work together
Reconciling two applications is the most advantageous to get features between cloud applications
Integrate Google Drive and Google for images and make them synchronized in full
And how to enable this feature
Go to Google Drive settings from your browser and check "Put a folder automatically into a folder in my documents" and now all your photos will be in a folder named Google Images or Google Photos Gallery and you can see them on any view
 18 feature you may not knowAbout Google Photos
12 Send photos and videos to Google and YouTube
You should not be able to use your images in the gallery in Gmail messages, but if you apply the previous method to link Google Drive with the photo gallery you will be able to choose images from your Google Photos and you simply choose to enter from the drive or drive Insert from Drive and choose what you want
You can also do this with YouTube by going to the YouTube download page. There is an option to import clips directly from the photo gallery to your channel where you can call them and tag them and share them as desired

13 Share videos and photos with anyone
With Google Photos you can easily share an image, album, movie , and story with anyone through a link , even if that person is using the Google Photos app
Method Click on the tag and you can share it with other applications or get a link to share.

14Quick Download with Desktop Version
You can automatically download from your phone , but you can also upload it via your desktop to Windows and Mac OS X. By desktop uploaders you can also drag and drop files from your desktop to and will immediately upload them

15 Hide when and where you took the picture or video
Of course, the timing data and the location where the photo was taken will help Google group the images together but in case you do not want to share them with anyone
This method will delete any traces of the area where the image or video is taken. This will be done when you post a link to it via a watch link and not all the ways only when you are sharing a link.
 18 feature you may not knowAbout Google Photos

16 Use Photo Gallery and you are offline
Just activate the backup and sync, so you can use the application even if you are not connected to any Internet or Wi-Fi network.
The application will store the images and video you have taken and you are offline and collect them. When you first connect to the Wi-Fi or the Internet, the package will be uploaded at any time and even if you are not connected for a long time and will give you alerts

17 Make stories, animations and beautiful graphic pictures of your photos
From the + sign above select a story and choose the videos or images you want to merge into one work and add annotations and sites and change the cover image
  You can view the story later by opening the collections and at any time you can delete the story without deleting the images
You can make a moving movie or artwork by repeating the same steps above and choosing which category you want
 18 feature you may not knowAbout Google Photos

18 The possibility of fast modifying the images 
You can modify the colors and clarity and different filters by clicking on the pen marker and editing the copy of the image will be saved and leave the original if you do not like the change you can delete the modified and try again or leave it as it is
 18 feature you may not knowAbout Google Photos some Informations Transported from howtogeek

Best Protection Programs For Windows 10

Best protection compatible with Windows  10

  Today we offer you a wonderful suite of security programs that are compatible with Windows 10, because of the suffering of users of the new Windows of the incompatibility of many programs with the system and tired in the search frequently to find applications that are compatible with Windows 10
Including, of course, protection programs

Best protection compatible with Windows10

We put in your hands info geek lovers with a list of protection sites suitable for users of this system
And of course free ones, including what is experimental, choose what you want

Just click the program name to go to the official download site

Best protection compatible with Windows10

Best protection compatible with Windows10

Best protection compatible with Windows10

Best protection compatible with Windows10

Best protection compatible with Windows10

Best protection compatible with Windows10

Best protection compatible with Windows10

Best protection compatible with Windows10

Best protection compatible with Windows10

Best protection compatible with Windows10

Best protection compatible with Windows10

Best protection compatible with Windows10

Best protection compatible with Windows10

Best protection compatible with Windows10

Best protection compatible with Windows10

Best protection compatible with Windows10

Best protection compatible with Windows10

Best protection compatible with Windows10

Best protection compatible with Windows10

Download  and protect your computer or laptop from viruses, spyware or hacking attempts or even programs that may harm your computer