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Google introduced the Google Payment API in May
Which was commissioned by the followers of the new service
Which allows traders to give consumers a much simpler way to enter payment data at purchase

These applications were only available to customers who had subscribed to the trial version of the software
Now they have been circulated to all traders

Google officially launched a payment service with Google Pay with Google to facilitate the completion of payment steps through Android devices and include a large number of e-merchants online
 Buy and pay with Google Pay with Google

Shopping and payment for various services and subscriptions is facilitated by simple steps with the new payment technology

The new service was integrated with the Google Chrome browser in office equipment as well
The payment method is simplified to the consumer by providing a means to automatically fill in the required data and shipping information by simply pressing a few clicks of purchase

The launch of Pay with Google is in the US, Brazil and the UK
Through some stores of them
Airbnb, Deliveroo, Instancart, Kayak, Fancy, HotelTonight, StubHub, JustEat and Papa John's
 Buy and pay with Google Pay with Google

Pay with Google is different from the Android Pay service as companies must integrate the Android app into their applications
 Buy and pay with Google Pay with Google

Buy with Google Pay with Google is interested and designed in a way that saves time and hassle automatically and in a smooth way

The company is seeking to provide the service of sending money to people by voice in the next stage

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