Krack loophole destroys Wi - Fi networks in the world

A serious loophole has been discovered that is penetrating and destroying Wi-Fi networks around the world

This loophole is called "Krack" and it hits all devices, both at home and in companies

Krack loophole destroys Wi - Fi networks in the world

The vulnerability targets networks that use the protection system
(WPA2), which is used by most Wi-Fi network users, the Independent newspaper reported.

Experts say it is one of the most serious vulnerabilities to operating systems over the wireless network because it operates in the usual operating mode so it is destructive.

The dangerous thing in this gap is that it allows the hacker to get whatever he wants from the devices that are hacked everything available to the hacker without restrictions
Credit card numbers and data can be stolen
Passwords and codes save files
Photos or conversations in chat and exploitation

As well as all devices connected to the same network have the same damage

The hospital confirmed the gap, which was revealed by a team of researchers, headed by Matthi Vahnov of the University of "Ko Loven" Belgian.
The size of the injury is very detrimental to the devices Android 6.0 Marshmallow and Miles and devices that use the Linux operating system
Which means that the rate of infection may exceed 40% worldwide

Because the gap is very serious, the computer emergency preparedness team in the United States of America
US CERT issued an important warning in this regard

Vanhoff confirmed that special updates will be made to close the crack Krack because of the possibility of exposure of the devices running Android system for a real disaster
And dealing like Apple in its interest in issuing continuous updates to the IOS system
Which makes it less vulnerable to Android
He also said that all the devices supporting the Wi-Fi system are vulnerable to damage due to that serious loophole

The Google spokesperson said that they knew exactly what was going to happen and that all the machines that might be affected by that vulnerability

It is also reported that the hacking could go beyond HTTPS, which is known as a system of protection and security of user activity on Internet sites

Professor Allen Woodward, a professor of cyber security at the University of Surrey, says the tactic is based on a combination of factors
The time it takes to launch an attack
Or if there is a need for a network connection at the moment of penetration but in any case can easily penetrate because of the existence of that vulnerability

The reason is that when trying to connect the devices to the Wi-Fi network, an encrypted connection is established between the two connected parties can not penetrate one but because of the existence of that gap in the security system
WPA2, which is the best security system after the penetration of WPA1 and WEP systems.
By giving the hacker a person at the start of the network connection encryption key and then decryption and spy and get all that the hacker wants from the victim

In the sense that they control all the devices that operate the safety system
And full control of all devices connected to the network and the possibility of sending malicious software or viruses, including ransom virus .

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