Speedy Painter program Explain & download

Drawing and editing programs on the pictures are many and different and we need them a lot in the development of our artistic talents and enrich the sense of internal prestige and take out the shipments of the positive sometimes unloaded by doing some useful works, including drawing
Today's theme is about an easy and beautiful application which is Speedy Painter or Speedy Painter
The program was produced by C ++ programming language and is open source

you can make any modification or development of the user without reference to the program designer
  Speedy Painter program Explain & download
You can draw simple lines or designs other than images by using the brush tool
Which includes a large number of drawing styles you can choose between them
If you do not like the style you can simply undo and change the brush from the same interface
Selecting and changing the colors are done by pressing the color circle and setting the desired color ratio very easily

Choose the brush size and colors in Quick Paint
it contains images Reference   You can use it freely in the drawings you want to design 
You can access the photo meadow by dropping one of the images just by pressing the F3 button Choose what you want from the pictures and put them in the work list in front of you After placing the image you can directly transfer the image drawing on the other side and coloring
Upload images and draw matching and exporting
 You can also use the guidelines
It contains a cropping tool for part of the image
You can upload images to work on them and then save them in more than one way
You can also export AVI video as well as upload it to YouTube, Vimeo
You can use the mirror tool to draw symmetrical faces only by drawing half the image and the reflection is done by the other half so the painting is complete
Mirror tool  to draw faces or shapes symmetrical sides
 Supports most types of known image formats
Supports changing the orientation of the image

Specifications and download the Rapid Paint application
The size is 5.4 MB
The license is free and open source
Compatibility of operating systems Windows Vista / 7/8/10 32-Bit / 64-Bit kernel
Download Rapid Paint
Download from Microsoft Store

Get it from Microsoft
Click on the image to download

Or from here too

Download Rufus to make bootable USB flash drive

Do you have a problem with DVD or CD player
You want to install a new operating system
You can via USB
Burn the system version on the Flash and install the system directly from the USB
But do you know how to do it
It is very simple, but first you have to choose which program you will use
There are a lot of programs that move the operating system to an external source such as flash disk or memory card is not preferred for one reason, the speed of reading from the card is relatively slow than other external tools such as flash or external hard
Download Rufus to make bootable USB flash drive
 And many of the maintenance staff  use Flash to burn Windows
It is lighter and faster and the cost is simple considering the USB HARD DISK prices
 Rufus creates a bootable bot file via DOS
To use the program you must first have a copy of the operating system ISO It does not accept dealing with hard disks only ISO files

The method of use is explained in detail
Download Rufus from the links we provide at the end of the article
After downloading, install the application on the operating system you are using
Connect the USB to the dedicated port on the computer and do not make any changes to the program. Use the default settings directly
Select the tool you will use. In our case, we choose the USB tool
  It is a 8 GB chip
Download (Rufus) to burn Windows on Flash Disk

Then enter the system version that is ISO on the device after loading from any source and as we see above is the ISO disk for the Ubuntu system, a distribution of Linux
A pop-up window will then appear telling you that the format will be reset to Format and accept the warning by pressing YES

Wait only 7 to 8 minutes after which you have a potable strawberry
Then the flash can be used to install Windows or any operating system supported by the program and here is the set of systems
Arch Linux, Archbang, BartPE / pebuilder, CentOS, Damn Small Linux, Debian, Fedora, FreeDOS, FreeNAS, Gentoo, GParted, gNewSense, Hiren's Boot CD, LiveXP, Knoppix, KolibriOS, Kubuntu
Linux Mint, NT Password RegistryEditor, Parted Magic, Partition Wizard, Raspbian,
ReactOS, Red Hat, REFInd, Slackware, Super Grub2 Disk, Tails, Trinity Rescue Kit, Ubuntu,
Ultimate Boot CD, Windows XP (SP2 +), Windows Vista, Windows Server2008, Windows 7,
Windows 8, Windows 8.1, WindowsServer 2012, Windows 10, Windows Server 2016 ,.
The following languages are supported
  English, Español, Français, Hrvatski, Italiano, Latviešu, Lietuvi, Magyar, Nederlands, əederbanca,,, etederina,,,,
Norsk, Polski, Português, Português do Brasil, Русский, Română, Slovensky, Slovenščina, Srpski,
Suomi, Svenska, Tingng Vitt, Türkçe, Украннська, 体 中文 中文, 正 中文 中文, 日 日本語,, 국어,, ทย,,
Hebrew, عربي, فارسی

Specification and download Rufus software
The size of Rufus 3.3 is too small 1 MB
Compatible with Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 (32-Bit / 64-Bit)
License is free
Download Select one of the following links

PDF to Word Converter Convert document documents to written

Free PDF TO Word Converter
  Is a program to convert photo documents in PDF format to Word files
To be able to copy a part of an article or translate or modify a particular paragraph in addition or remove

PDF to Word Converter
The program is completely free, fast and very easy to use, just when you want to convert any PDF file to Word, place the file and press Convert
When you choose to convert, the program will create a copy of the image file and make it a Wordpress and can be used in the Rose program versions 2003 and 2007

 It is compatible with all versions of Windows and has a very simple interface and more than one way to convert in the sense that you can click right click on the document and choose to convert to the required format so you can extract data from the document and the printing or editing as mentionedYou can download the program from its official site 

Download KOPLAYER application run Android applications on the computer

At first we talk about the different operating systems available for mobile, which have become multiple and each has its own advantages
 But the Android system is the most widely used and the best system that supports many programs and applications that are not enjoyed by users of other systems
 However, despite the issuance of many mobile devices in all sizes and area of screen, but it is not comparable to the computer screen and also easy to use the computer through input devices and display, such as keyboard and mouse
 But the problem in using the computer to run applications, programs and games from Android is not easy and can not be operated only by a simulator that converts the Windows system to the Android system
Previously we have developed triggers for Android applications to be read about
 Today the simulator to run the Android system on the computer is KOPLAYER running Android applications on the computer
Download KOPLAYER application run Android applications on the computer

 It gives you the ability to enjoy all the applications, programs and games designed for the Android system on the computer screen and use the mouse and keyboard with ease
 KOPLAYER is quite large in size because it contains privileges that make it worth buying for free
You can run all Android applications on Windows
Use keyboard and mouse without any problems

Some of the problems that were found in the previous release have been fixed
How we use the program will be reviewed together
 After downloading KOPLAYER from the download links at the end of the topic we install it
When it starts up it will take some time to start up
You can use your GMail account or create a new account from the home screen
And then the establishment of cases such as mobile device, but on the computer screen, which can use the keyboard and mouse rather than touch on the mobile screen and thus get a lot of comfort and more control and speed in the performance of tasks
The program fully supports Google Play with Google Play as if you were using a smart phone
You can download the applications you want and use them when you link your Gmail account to the program
And also the developer of the program provided the possibility of download from Google Play without having a Google account and can use any applications you want from different categories
  Do you imagine that you can use your mouse or keyboard to play a certain game
What's more, you can add the gaming arm to the computer and play the android games and play them through the joystick
 The program allows you to record games as video files
  The KOPLAYER application allows us to use all custom applications for Android, not just games but any APK files
Such as Facebook, Twitter, Entsagram, Watsab and others
Specification and download KOPLAYER
The size of the program is 603 MB
License is free
Support for Windows XP / 7/8/10 operating systems
download here
Another link
download from here