Download Rufus to make bootable USB flash drive

Do you have a problem with DVD or CD player
You want to install a new operating system
You can via USB
Burn the system version on the Flash and install the system directly from the USB
But do you know how to do it
It is very simple, but first you have to choose which program you will use
There are a lot of programs that move the operating system to an external source such as flash disk or memory card is not preferred for one reason, the speed of reading from the card is relatively slow than other external tools such as flash or external hard
Download Rufus to make bootable USB flash drive
 And many of the maintenance staff  use Flash to burn Windows
It is lighter and faster and the cost is simple considering the USB HARD DISK prices
 Rufus creates a bootable bot file via DOS
To use the program you must first have a copy of the operating system ISO It does not accept dealing with hard disks only ISO files

The method of use is explained in detail
Download Rufus from the links we provide at the end of the article
After downloading, install the application on the operating system you are using
Connect the USB to the dedicated port on the computer and do not make any changes to the program. Use the default settings directly
Select the tool you will use. In our case, we choose the USB tool
  It is a 8 GB chip
Download (Rufus) to burn Windows on Flash Disk

Then enter the system version that is ISO on the device after loading from any source and as we see above is the ISO disk for the Ubuntu system, a distribution of Linux
A pop-up window will then appear telling you that the format will be reset to Format and accept the warning by pressing YES

Wait only 7 to 8 minutes after which you have a potable strawberry
Then the flash can be used to install Windows or any operating system supported by the program and here is the set of systems
Arch Linux, Archbang, BartPE / pebuilder, CentOS, Damn Small Linux, Debian, Fedora, FreeDOS, FreeNAS, Gentoo, GParted, gNewSense, Hiren's Boot CD, LiveXP, Knoppix, KolibriOS, Kubuntu
Linux Mint, NT Password RegistryEditor, Parted Magic, Partition Wizard, Raspbian,
ReactOS, Red Hat, REFInd, Slackware, Super Grub2 Disk, Tails, Trinity Rescue Kit, Ubuntu,
Ultimate Boot CD, Windows XP (SP2 +), Windows Vista, Windows Server2008, Windows 7,
Windows 8, Windows 8.1, WindowsServer 2012, Windows 10, Windows Server 2016 ,.
The following languages are supported
  English, Español, Français, Hrvatski, Italiano, Latviešu, Lietuvi, Magyar, Nederlands, əederbanca,,, etederina,,,,
Norsk, Polski, Português, Português do Brasil, Русский, Română, Slovensky, Slovenščina, Srpski,
Suomi, Svenska, Tingng Vitt, Türkçe, Украннська, 体 中文 中文, 正 中文 中文, 日 日本語,, 국어,, ทย,,
Hebrew, عربي, فارسی

Specification and download Rufus software
The size of Rufus 3.3 is too small 1 MB
Compatible with Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 (32-Bit / 64-Bit)
License is free
Download Select one of the following links

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