Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft Digital Notebook
We always need to record some notes or record paragraphs or ideas that arise in your mind and want to store them for reference later or even lists of tasks to be done today or tomorrow, for example your hand is appropriate and would like to register the date of the occasion to attend

All these things you can write into one application and carry it with you wherever you are on any mobile device, tablet or tablet computer and even personal computer
It's a Microsoft OneNote application

You can add scraps and handwritten or printed paragraphs
Or even audio media

And the possibility of sharing it with other users of the same application

You can save a copy of the digital note to your Microsoft account
It does not have a specific period of conservation. It is always there and you get it whenever you want

It can be used in conjunction with Microsoft Office as well

Microsoft OneNote
This program is Microsoft OneNote for all systems such as Windows , Android, iPhone, Mac , iPhone, iPad,

Requirements for running Microsoft OneNote

Windows 7/2008 / 8.1 / 2012/10 (32-Bit / 64-Bit)

For all requirements for all versions of Microsoft Office
It can be viewed from the official Microsoft link from here
The size of the program is 4.25 MB
License is free
Download OneNote for kernel 32 from here
Download Microsoft OneNote 64 from here

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