QuranCode 6.19.463

Quran Research Program

  A Useful and Necessary Program For Every Muslim
Quran Research Program

Where you can search for words or phrases in the entire Quran
Easy to use and simple explanation
When you select a fence you want to search for a word inside, the entire picture is displayed in the middle of the screen
The latitude is clear and is the Ottoman line
 QuranCode 6.19.463

There is a search box in the left hand side where you can search for any word or phrase in the sura
You can search in Arabic and also support English
Also useful in the program is that you can listen to the Holy Quran in the voice of any reader you wish to listen to
 Quran Research Program
A translation of the meanings of the Holy Quran is also presented in the lower part of the program and is translated into major languages ​​such as English, French, German and other languages.
It presents an explanation of the verses and the walls

The program of research in the Koran and verses of the Koran is wonderful, God willing, you will listen to it
Specifications and download the program does not need to install
Just download and unzip and enjoy
The size of the program is 14 MB
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