Blender program for trigonometric design and animation

Blender is a 3D design program and industry of animation movies and games
Blender program for trigonometric design and animation
Most designers and cartoonists know the famous design programs
Such as 3D studio and Maya
But for those who like the experience, it should be remembered that these programs are expensive
The Blinder program is free
And gives you the opportunity to experiment and bring out the internal creativity and control movement
Lighting and animation production
Blender program for trigonometric design and animation
Allows full control of the industry
By vehicle interface gives you many tools to help work
You can add the technical touch that distinguishes you and can also produce video games
Blender software for trigonometric design, animation and video games

You can make a TV commercial
Design of special introductions
Design of business presentations
Blender program for trio design, presentations and introductions

Contains many filters
Flow simulator to preview working speed and motion
We in Arab Technology provide a contribution from us to facilitate the explanation and how the program works

Download and Download Blender 2.78c / 2.79 Dev
License is FREE
The size of the program is approximately 72 MB
The official site Blender 2.78c
Support for Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7/8/10 operating systems
Explain the download in the following image

Download Blender 2.78c
We provide you with a video explanation of how Animations works and animation
The file is compressed and mounted from here

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