Download ProgDVB 7.14 for Satelite Cards

Download ProgDVB 7.14 to run  Satelite cards

Today  with us ProgDVB rich from the definition in the Run of the  Satelite cards on the 
computer and watch the encrypted channels
Download ProgDVB 7.14 to run  Satelite cards

ProgDVB 7.14 is the latest version in 2016 and he has proven his ability and sweep in to run 
the channels encrypted and also the possibility of listening to the  radio without having a Satelite card in your PC  through the internet

Can also process a list of favorite channels.

Is characterized with reliability and stability

Gives you the possibility of running the video files existing on your device

Has an interface so easy everyone with a bunch of stuff you can choose from

It is also fast in performance and lightness on different setups and the user can navigate 
between channels very quickly

Feature picture-in-picture no can you run more than channel at the same time.

You can register for the channel that you are watching

By aqualis composed of 10 buttons

Supports the channels of information

Operating system supports Windows versions 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10

Note 32 and 64

Requires install net fram work V2.0 Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
The size of the program 19 MB

Download  prog DVD  from here .

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