Dropbox application for All devices

Dropbox is a free service
To save your files to the cloud
 Dropbox application for All devices

It is available for download on any device, whether it is a personal computer, laptop or laptop
And this service Dropbox gives you the freedom to transfer and save your files or images or even media files such as video and audio on the free space on the Internet estimated at 2 gigabytes
Your space can be increased by inviting friends through your referral link available with that service
This service gives you many great features
It is enough that all your files are available to you at any time and on any device connected to the Internet
Auto-save without interference from you
In addition to the process of sharing very quickly between you and your friends or teachers or even students
And you can print those documents or images very easily and quickly
Making your own images available can be made by people you select yourself and this gives you privacy

Do not worry about using any operating system with Dropbox
It works in full compatibility with Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry.
 Dropbox application for All devices
It also saves your files do not be afraid of loss
The work is saved for a full month if you need to restore a process that can be accessed by a constitutional or history
Works whether you are connected to the Internet or offline

It works in a special connection and scales the BadWith so it does not affect the speed of the Internet at all

This program also provides complete freedom to deal with mobile devices by providing applications suitable for each system such as Android, iPad or BlackBerry

Specification and download the Dropbox application
The full install version does not need to be connected to the Internet
The size of the program is 81 MB
Issue number 38.4.27
Official website Dropbox
License is FREE
Download Android devices here
IPad devices from here
IPhone system hardware from here
Compatible with Windows XP operating systems 7 8 8.1 10
Download directly from here

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