Download the latest version of Internet Download Manager

 latest versions of  Internet Download Manager
The most popular software in downloading from the Internet
Preface to counterparts of download programs
It has a wide popularity for its exclusive advantages
Internet Download Manager Download latest versions
Internet Download Manager uses unique technology to split files into small parts
It gives an increase in file upload speed to 5 times the normal download speed

The possibility of completing the download when the connection is disconnected for any reason
For example, a malfunction in the download link, a problem in the Internet or a power failure during the download, it gives you the safe download
Easy to use
Also supports all file types
Supports many languages ​​including Arabic
Compatible with all kinds of browsers on the scene such as Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, etc
In this release improvements have been made to its full compatibility with Windows 7 and 8
It also supported the video types of the video, which was not previously supported by all of them
It has also increased its tulip allocations, added more features and supported more protocols than the MMS protocol
'Of course, these are not all the advantages, it carries many advantages and many know
It is enough that it is the most popular software in downloading files
Now it's time to download the program
The size of the program is 6.87 MB
Click on the word technology
To go to the download site and click on the download link in the upper left corner
Download version 6.29
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