How to create a video online with FlexClip

How to create a video online with FlexClip

How to create a video online with FlexClip

Every user of mobile devices and PCs today is faced with the problem of video editing. This can be done using various tools, such as online service FlexClip, which is suitable for a wide range of devices. It allows you to edit your videos quickly without any editing knowledge.

What is FlexClip online video editor

It is a browser-based video editor that works on almost all browsers like Chrome. FlexClip video editor has great capabilities. It allows you to create presentations with already taken photos, add background music and signatures. You can also record the screen of your computer to create video tutorials. That is, this is an application that will meet the needs of people in all types of professions and amateur activities.

FlexClip Video Maker supports almost all basic editing functions such as rotating, splitting or cropping with high precision. The time range for operations can be set to milliseconds by simply dragging the panel or manually in the settings. If you are looking for a quick way to create a video for YouYube, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, then you've come to the right place.

How to use FlexClip

1. First, we go to the site, quickly register with your email, Facebook or Gmail and that's it. We are ready to start creating our masterpiece videos, which will become viral on social media.

How to create a video online with FlexClip

It is worth saying the whole interface is quite simple. I think even a primary school student can figure it out. Video editor editing online is now a reality! Making videos, movies and slideshows are as easy as possible. We can quickly create an intro for our YouTube channel or a promotional video for a website.

2. Then we can create the video by click "create by templates," select the desired templates and press the customize button. We will be led to the editor. We can also start from scratch by uploading the videos and photos from our local computer.

How to create a video online with FlexClip

There are many functions on the left of the editor, including Text, Stock media, Background, Music, and Watermark. We can now use our creativity to customize the video.

How to create a video online with FlexClip

3. We can then apply various video editing and enhancement functions, including trimming, removing unwanted segments, format fixing, and more.

The voice recording option is also interesting to make your video more personalized. And the built-in media player allows us to watch the video in real-time to make changes more conveniently.

4. Next up are the Music and Lyrics options. FlexClip lets us import our own audio files or select assets from the music library. We can also add stylish titles and logos.

How to create a video online with FlexClip

5. Once we are satisfied with the work, click preview and play the video. After that, we export the video in the selected quality for the intended purpose. Videos with a resolution of 480p and up to 1 minute are available for download for free. We can also upload it to the social network and catch likes.

How to create a video online with FlexClip

Paid subscriptions offer advanced features. For example, we are allowed to download a 3-minute video with a basic plan, $ 5.99 per month.


If you want an easy-to-use online video editing software, FlexClip Video Maker is a good choice. You can import videos and photos into the editor, which can be enhanced with titles, background music, voice, logos and other options, and finally export them in the format you want. In addition, there is a free plan for everyone to try.

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