Download WhatsApp Gold WhatsApp Full Edition

Download WhatsApp Gold WhatsApp Full Edition

Download WhatsApp Gold WhatsApp Full Edition 

It's been highly praised by the users who used it, and it's more than a million people. 

They all paid tribute to this special issue, for several reasons, including: 

1 Readability of communications after deletion

2 Possibility to appear and activate an unrelated feature for all

3 Maximum privacy and safety during conversations

4 You can get rid of advertising.

5 You can change the sound in the WhatsApp Gold version in the following way.

Recording sound and then enter the conversation and press three points. Choose to change sound

6 Make adjustments to the chat and that's just in whatsapp gold.

Message timing control. You can change message time

8 Sending messages to a large number of people at once is a unique feature that allows you to send the message to 500 people.

9 allows you to download WhatsApp cases directly without an intermediary or only an auxiliary application of whatsapp gold.

10 Extension and increase of estuary or status to 10 minutes and more

11 Hide a health tag when receiving a messageHide Message Reading Mark

The possibility of locking conversations with a secret number and hiding them

And that, in addition to all of WhatsApp's normal features, here's how important and valuable WhatsApp is.

And now with the specification of the whatsapp gold v9.10 application.

WhatsApp Gold Plus 49 megabytes

Update dated August 2021

Used with the Indrid system starting with the 4.1 issue

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