Wireless Network Watcher 2021

Wireless Network Watcher 2.25 is a special application that detects all devices connected to the Rutter and Wi-Fi.

And this is the newest version of the WiFi surveillance program, and by it you can completely control all the devices connected to the WiFi network.

Wireless Network Watcher 2021
Of course, we all know that there are some intruders who might use our Wi-Fi and consume the Internet  through theft.

And it may not show up if we're using a powerless app like this Wireless Network Watcher 2.25, which is capable of detecting all points of contact with your network and showing the brightest information about the Wirless device.

It can show an IP device.

Also Device Device Name

And his MAC Idris

, 'as well as Network Adapter Company

And by knowing the company that produces the device's network card, you can expect whether it's TAP, COMPUTER or LAP.

It shows all devices, whether mobile, laptop or computer of any kind.

Wireless Network Watcher 2021 
WiFi Surveillance Program

Free Wireless Network Watcher 2021

The size of the program is very small.

It doesn't require special specifications. It works on any device, and it has less potential.

Supports all Windows versions and this is the latest version

Program size 384 kB

The license is free

Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10 (32- Bit/64- Bit) system support

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