MBR what and how we check

MBR Fix what and how we check

It is the first part in a hard disk and a simple size does not exceed 512 bytes, but is considered the most important part because of the nature of his work
MBR Fix what and how we check
It is simply primarily responsible for the definition of hard to BIOS  in the sense At the beginning of operation of the system is reading the first part or section of the first hard disk or floppy and implementation of existing its orders to run the so-called schedule operating or master record contains information about everything to HDD from partations and determine partation operation and is usually the C and the rest of the Hard sectors in agenda and therefore the system is running after obtaining the data from that part
And suppose that he malfunction happened to this table, it means that the machine will be able to finally workAlso sometimes there is VIRUSES viruses, malicious and designed feature makes it hides in the Master Boot Record, or primary file for the take-off will not be able antivirals from discovered or removed This shows that even if you make a formate or re-create the hard disk drive and you install a new operating system will not solve the problem with the virus hiding in the MBR What is the solution The solution that we check the Master Boot Record and clean
How ?
We use device which is called aswMBR a tool designed to check the master boot and a program Avast record

It must be installed in order to operate the tool Avast
This tool works Statistics doing a full scan files Master Pot and get rid of any harmful software and remember first in case of any malicious software files Make a point to restore your system first, and you know how you make a restore point
 In the case of the files in the Master Boot and need to work repairing it must have available the operating system you are working on a CD

And put it in the CD player and work as if you will work Restart formate and then select the language you're not choose your operating system

After stomping prompt or command prompt

And write it bootrec / fixmbr then Enter

After the completion of the reform message appeared to complete the process successfully

We write the following command bootrec / fixboot then Enter

After the process is complete and a message appears to complete the process successfully

You have completed the repair MBR and make Restart the process and have been too much work
to download the tool aswMBR  

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very informative post for me as I am always looking for new content that can help me and my knowledge grow better.

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