Download Avast Mobile Security

Avast AntiVirus
Is well known to many computer users and is one of the most important protection programs in the world
In this topic we put you Avast Mobile Security

It is specialized in protecting Android mobile devices
Download Avast Mobile Security

Avast Mobile Security offers these features

Full and powerful protection for mobile from malware and malicious applications

Trace stolen or lost mobile

A filter for incoming calls and SMS messages

Prevents certain user-defined numbers from sending calls or messages

Anti-theft feature which enables the mobile owner to locate and retrieve the device

Possibility to follow the security situation of Mobile

Warnings are given when trying to access a malicious Web page

The interface is simple and easy to use

Contains a firewall against viral attacks or hacking

Automatic protection when attempting to access a url that is infected with malicious or malicious software

There is a feature to install the hacker firewall in case you have done Root for the phone

Monitor Internet connection and Wi-Fi network

Correcting incorrectly typed web addresses
After activating the SiteCorrect option

And new here on this subject
Download Avast Mobile Security
Get Premium membership for free by inviting you to 5 or more people to use the program
According to what is mentioned in the application page on Google Play

The version also contains fixes for some of the previous problems

Download Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus
The size of the program is 17.0 MB
Android OS
Company Avast Software
Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus with apk extension from here
From play google

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