New explaining Ojooo site+ correct profit strategy

with out any Introductions
Here we offer you a detailed explanation of the giant German ojooo
New  explaining Ojooo site+ correct profit strategy

Large company does not need to prove its credibility

They are found in the world of profit from watching advertisements on the Internet since 2013
The site ojooo offers many services such as e - mail and search engine such as Google and videos
As we have said that the company has fired the profit site PTC pressure on the announcements in March 2013 and has millions of members

It supports dealing with the following electronic banking
New  explaining Ojooo site+ correct profit strategy


New  explaining Ojooo site+ correct profit strategy
Features Ojooo company
Offer real ads, not profit
Ease of assembly point, currencies and hire assignments in little time
The price of the pressure of the Standard membership of between 0.001 and 0.01
There are tasks you can do in addition to the pressure on advertising
The minimum payment at the site is $ 2 
Ojooo It provides excellent support
Upgrade cheap organic to some extent , a $ 39
I got several medals, as well as protection from comodo
Log in to the site from here or by clicking on the banner
After that the company sends a message to the email typed title
Click on the activation message and show you the following image

And put pressure on access to Login

Here you have completed the registration and you are willing to profit from the site to watch ads

To start working
At the top left at the front of the site click on the Paid to click ads and select the first of them with the same name , a Paid to click ads
New  explaining Ojooo site+ correct profit strategy

There are two types of advertisements declare a compound called Evolution advertisement which announced a trilateral 3 × 1 plain announcement

Dealing with the announcement of the compound after the end of the advertising push next page , and so on until the end and then trying to draw the shape on the bottom of the meter

By moving the mouse from the beginning of the circle at the beginning of shape
New  explaining Ojooo site+ correct profit strategy
So we are trying a mouse
New  explaining Ojooo site+ correct profit strategy
You can also watch videos that do not exist on an ongoing basis
By pressing
Paid to click ads and choose

Make sure you and you press the four ads until they are calculating your assignments

Come to the  correct profit strategy
Click on the ads every day until you get to $ 2 to start rent a Referrals
But most of you to bring your account Referrals directly by posting your referral link in many locations to take advantage
The period in which you need ranging from one month to two months to get 10 Referrals effective because not all assignments are active , you may have 30 or 40 assignment, but to take advantage of all the assignment may not exceed 20% or 30%

the Profit of 10 Referrals in range about 50%
Thus doubling profit in the next month from 0.1 to $ 0.3
In this way, you might get two or three months on a $ 6

After that start leasing the first 10 and then 20 Referrals after 10 days to get twice the profit of any 0.4 to $ 0.6 per day
Advice would prefer to stay away from rental Referrals as pollster and greater reliance on direct assignments

Of course , then you can walk the same as the previous steps of marketing to get more referrals directly and hire another 30 assignment at the very least be able to get $ 1 a day

It is the most important strategic investment for $ 100 a month

As seen in the highest he could get $ 1 per day after four or five months is very beautiful

But what do you think that doubled profits
The spending of $ 39 to be doubling the daily profit by $ 1
And it will gather them in a period of less than two months and interest after that is double the profits, how so? The value of advertising , which is pressing upon increasing weakness plus additional ads for memberships paid an average of 20 extra declare any profit only from advertising to $ 0.15 a day almost 5 dollars a month plus an additional increase in profit from your referrals , and when it is 50 to refer you directly +100 referrals leased

50 refer directly active = 0.3 (profit of 10 referrals a simple , up from the normal organic) × 5 = 1.5 dollars per day or $ 45 per month

100 leased refer = (100 hauling expected 30%) = US $ 1 a day a monthly profit of $ 30 - $ 20 price for the 100 hauling a net profit of $ 10

If profit in the month 5 +45 +10 = 60 dollars this month after the first upgrade
In the second month
70 active referral = 0.3 × 7 = 2.1 dollars almost $ 60 a month
200 hauling leased = $ 2 per day , or a net $ 20
If profit in the second month , 5 +60 +20 = $ 85
The third month is expected to reach more than $ 100

Method of administration and follow - up assignments at the site Ojooo
Follow - up assignments and renewal of the referrals that give good, strong strokes
The assignments with a few clicks leave it until the end of their term
For regular membership there is a large proportion of the loss in assignments leased
To avoid the loss you relying on direct referrals

Then register
And watching the ads more than once throughout the day
Since announcements bug throughout the show today Just go for opportunities

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