Computer Repair Simulator

There is a new way of teaching and making some people learn things or do things they do not really want to do or maybe can't make it
That is why a new system has been created
It is simulation
 Computer Repair Simulator
It has been used a lot in many games that involve you in a world inside the game and some effects similar to the real effect in some situations

for example
You can play a game to learn how to drive cars on the simulator , you feel inside the car
 or Or trying to drive a train, ship or anything else

That is simply the simulator idea

The computer repair simulator is not a game in the sense that we have explained
It trains the novice user to repair the computer and introduce it to faults that may be encountered and train on the way to detect and repair the holidays
It offers simplified solutions to some problems
Also define all the internal hardware parts in the machine
 Computer Repair Simulator
And how to assemble a computer in a proper way
It is not a comprehensive program but it is definitely much better than watching a video repair or installing internal parts for a computer

Therefore, if you like to repair the computer and want to deepen and gain more experience, this tool is really suitable and wonderful

But remember that it is just a qualification but in a fun and understandable way

As for the program Computer Repair Simulator Beta is not a final issue, that is still in the development stages, if you are looking for a product full and stable is not now displayed

Either you want to look at the program and learn from the information in it and its fun way as a game that will attract your attention and push you to expand your understanding and learn the inner world of the device

Doing so may help you upgrade your level if you use the program as a game but it has great benefits

Specification and download  Repair Simulator
Drivers with Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 (32-Bit / 64-Bit)
The size of the program is 292 MB
Official Website of Computer Repair Simulator
Download Computer Simulator Application
Enter the link below and select as the following arrow indicates
 Computer Repair Simulator
from here
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