NetSpot 2.2 for best WiFi signal

Certainly many of us suffer from a weak Wi-Fi signal located in the home or workplace
A lot may not know that the reason for the weak signal is mainly due to where the router is located
Hence we need a way to find out the best places to place your router to get the best wireless WiFi signal without interference or barriers
NetSpot 2.2 for best WiFi signal
His task is to analyze the area of ​​the router and create a diagram showing the full map of the WiFi signal to identify the strengths and weaknesses that help us to choose the best area where the device can be placed to get the best signal
The method of using NetSpot2.2 is simple and once you do some steps you get the best places to get the strongest Wi - Fi signal
Let us start with an explanation
We download and double-click the program. The computer and the operating system are analyzed and analyzed in moments after the software download starts
The program opens automatically after the installation is complete

After installation and startup, the program main screen automatically appears and contains two menus
1 Discover
2 Survey

The Discover menu opens by default at startup
In this tab you will get all the information required for the existing Wi-Fi network
   network name
Router Encryption System
The amount of interference in the place that affects the strength of the signal
Last time to sign
It is possible to control the operation or adjustment of this exploration, which is carried out periodically for each specific period, for example, 5, 10, 30 or 60 seconds

The other menu is Survey
Allow us to create a thermal map of the place
NetSpot 2.2 for best WiFi signal
This map helps to find out the best places to distribute the signal
It is possible to know the best area in which the router is placed, which has the least interference rate of signal
We get a good wireless connection point

From here we have been able to obtain sufficient and complete information to help get the best WiFi signal in a simple and easy way
Now with the specifications and download program
Software license is FREE
The installer size is 233 KB
Support Operating Systems / Mac, Windows 7/8/10 (32-Bit / 64-Bit)
The official site of the version of Windows NetSpot2.2
Official site of the Mac version of NetSpot2.2
Download directly from here

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