WhatsApp Computer version

Watsab has become one of the most popular programs used in voice and text chat and the simplest way to exchange messages, pictures and video files quickly without any complications and used by all levels, whether in work or between friends or even teaching online
Demonstrated high efficiency among other applications that work on mobile phone and characterized by speed and lightness and the absence of problems during the use and full compatibility with all operating systems for mobile devices
Our theme today with the release of WhatsApp  is a special Windows operating system on the PC

You will be able to handle the program as you would in a mobile phone
You can enjoy your favorite tuner, Watts Up
The program works on Windows 8 and later IE 8.1 and 10
WhatsApp Computer version
The method of use is simple and we will explain it in the following lines
In the beginning we have to know that you can manage your account on the Messenger on the mobile computer by synchronizing the account in the two devices and define the application on the computer open account on the phone
Is a simple method will only bring the mobile closer to the computer screen, to match the code encrypted through the application,
When you open the program for the first time requires you to scan the code by clicking on the menu bar in the application on the mobile
We write WhatsApp Web
Which allows us to scan QR code by computer
WhatsApp Computer version

Once the code is checked and synchronization is complete
You will be able to see all the processes that took place on the mobile in the application on the computer
We do not need to manually add anyone
You can communicate with all your addressees
And enjoy the features of the program, but on the computer and use the keyboard of the computer
And the creation of the excerpts that you want, which makes working on the program easier than it is on the mobile

After a simplified explanation of how to use the software on your computer,
We now know the specifications, and download for the Whats software for PC

The size of the program is 125 MB
Whatsapp Official Site
Support for Windows operating systems 8,8.1,10
Core 32 Bit 64-Bit
Also for Mac OS X 10.9

Download Watasab for PC
Mac system from here
Windows 64 kernel system from here
Windows system 32 bit kernel from here

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