Send Anywhere File sharing program

There are many file sharing programs between different devices and always resort to g applications to transfer files, images and media files, whether audio or video And became a way to participate through applications  using Bluetooth we can say largely decommissioned
Therefore always strive to add different SharePoint software and provides greater means Security and protection of information For the possibility of transferring important files across those applications
And Send program Anywhere contains all the features of other file-sharing programs, but sets it something very important and is 

That allow the file to be shared over the network to a specific time and open time
 Send Anywhere File sharing program
And some may see to determine when to accept sharing files is annoying
But if you're looking to protect your files and retain the greatest degree of security between you and who you share files Anywhere would be Send program is likewise in this case
It will ensure that your files are shared with people concerned only
Explain the special info geek site
Use program Send Anywhere
There are two ways to transfer files across devices with Send Anywhere program
The first method if you want to share files and select a specific time to participate, you can do the following
They are quite similar way when you use the site for the program to share files on the way
Select the files you want to send and press the send button and will put a specific time to accept the engagement and how this time is 10 minutes, that person must ensure that the future is now ready to share files at this time.
You can also specify a time share b full day 24 hours then the file will be deleted from the possibility of participating

The second way
 Send Anywhere File sharing program
You can give a six digit code as your protection code give it to whoever you want reception
When reception of files when the other party requires to put six numbers to be able to download files
Also there is an encrypted code via QR for owners of smart devices this allows  sharing your files with multiple recipients only learn code code via their phones

In short if you are looking for a program to protect and safeguard your files, just Send program Anywhere
It deletes the files that you share online after the time limit, you may not be able to carry it after that time limit 
If you need to have your files available to participate permanently either in your working environment or study this application will suffice.

The program is compatible with the following operating systems
iOS, Android, Windows Phone, PC, Mac, Linux, Chrome Extension,
You can also participate through official website
 Send Anywhere File sharing program
Directly from this link
Program size 45 MB
Free license

Download it from here

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