Download Stella for old gaming enthusiasts

Stella is a program featuring a very large number of 2600 game of brilliant Atari games that as long as many children and adults sit in front of hours to enjoy wrestling games or car races of different types and shapes as well as wars planes and tanks and submarines so Mario games and Super Mario which have been issuing many updates to them later

All of those games were controlled in the old Atari by a dedicated games stick

But here in info geek we provide for your presence the comprehensive program for those games and more of it all you find in one place within a complex application named Stella you can download it from the link below the article
Download stella for old gamers

These players are fully controlled by the computer with ease and easier than before you play with your keyboard or mouse and choose between those games and work directly

The Stella program includes a set of game simulators to play all of these games on the computer without any problems.


Emulator Joystick Joystick

Atari Simulator Atari 2600 Paddle

Emulator driver Atari 2600 Driving

Speed Simulator CBS Boostergrip

Emulator cx-22/CX-80 style balls to control by mouse

and other software-integrated emulators to match any game control tool whether you use a keyboard, a shelter, a joystick, or a control stick that connects to a computer.

Supports the handling of different compression programs either in ZIP or GZIP format and opens closed rooms with those formulas without bothering

Full Control in games you can also save phases or run phases previously saved Load & Save
Be sure to install the ZIP-decompress program to play the games and download it from here or here

Program Size 4 MB

Stella's official website

Compatibility with the following operating systems

Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 (BIT/64-bit)

Free Stella download from

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