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NVIDIA GeForce Experience

NVIDIA GeForce Experience
The most important program for NVIDIA Driver users, 

NVIDIA GeForce Experience
this program have many important functions and the most important one is keeping your NVIDIA Driver always up to date.
The second special and useful function that nVIDIA geforce experience offer to you is granting a good support to the game you play, and it do this by changing VGA settings to make it give the best performance to process your games.
How To change the program settings ?
 Here in info geek we explain how you do it
In the left  top side of the program there are button called games and other one called driver and those are the button you need to change the settings you need.
NVIDIA GeForce Experience
When you start the program it will show like the below picture with this tabs in the top side of its mean screen.

Games tab
When you click on it the games installed in your computer will appears.
For example we will click on the game which called GTA
NVIDIA GeForce Experience

When you click on the game name you will see the game descriptions
In the right side of the program screen you can see the game settings which is exist in the game itself and in the most right you can see some suggestions of how to change the settings to get the good performance of the game and when you apply the suggested settings you can enjoy playing with the best performance of your VGA Driver
NVIDIA GeForce Experience

in the top side you can see a button to start your game.
Driver tab
It view some information about the current driver installed and also it notify you for the drivers which need to Update.
NVIDIA GeForce Experience

In the left top side you can see the new driver version to download and install it.
To Download NVIDIA GeForce Experience click here
This version supports Windows Vista/7/8/10 of system types 64 or 32
To Download others versions that support specific OS like Linux you can visit NVIDIA website from here

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