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The best graphics cards for mining

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The subject of our article today about the best graphics cards that offer the best performance and the most expensive when working on the mining of digital currencies, including the fabrication
The best graphics cards for mining, and prices
Certainly digital currencies have become important in our world today and there have become millions of workers in the field of production of these currencies in many ways and earns profitable profits if the best use of time and money to provide the environment appropriate and appropriate for the production of those currencies which is called the process of currency mining
Important Information At the beginning of the road you have to take it into account and determine what is most appropriate for you
In essence, currency mining can be done through integrated circuit applications, which give great results and are very profitable, but ordinary people can not fulfill those requirements because they require huge budgets that only large companies
The best graphics cards for mining, and prices

But fortunately there are cheaper and easier ways and do not require much money to work in this area
Those who work in the field of mining are referred to as miners. This is given an explanation of the importance of proper mining. It is a mine of coin treasure,
But how we can join this field at the lowest cost and the highest possible yield
These users tend to work in mining by exploiting their own computer and integrating it into a system of work around the world and harnessing the possibilities of the computer to obtain a material return that may be good that the best choice for specifications as well as mining sites
There is more than one direction
You can mining by directing the instructor or cpu mining
Or mining by using graphics cards (GPU)
We prefer to be mining through the graphics cards for the main reasons that they can provide better performance in complex mathematical equations in the systems of proof of work, which is called the units of logic Arithmetic Logic Units
Unlike the CPU, which was originally designed to perform large tasks of computer orders, it is flexible and smart enough to perform that key task
The GPU module is designed to be powerful and repetitive tasks, meaning that the unit can repeat a task a million times to get the right result

We come to the main title of the topic is what is the best of those cards
We know that there are types of screen cards based on the manufacturers of these cards, namely AMD and Nvidia
We know AMD processors are the cheapest and fastest in performance
But we also know that NVIDIA is the strongest in performance and stability
And also you can choose the most suitable for you from those cards by determining the method of your account for the product when adding the electricity costs consumed, we find that Nvidia cards suitable choice
You must choose the most suitable for you to continue the mining route successfully

We will mention a selection of the best graphics cards used in mining which proved to be very effective and more efficient for consumption by professionals

A NVIDIA graphics card, the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070, comes in front
كارت Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070
And its specifications
8G RAM capacity
When the clock reverses up to 1506 MHz
It consumes 150 watts capacity
You get a great balance between power consumption and output. When using this card you can get 30mh / s without consuming too much energy
The price in Amazan is just $ 449.99

It's a AMD Radeon RX580
 AMD Radeon RX580

Is one of the strongest and best mining cards in the world and is not available in many places
Its specifications
Clock speed 1257
Requires 180 watts capacity
You get 29 mh / s effortlessly
$ 475.00

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card
 Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060

If you are looking for a card that you use in mining without the pressure on your budget to you this card is given acceptable performance and prices are also acceptable
Basic clock speed is 1506 MHz
Power consumption 120 watts
$ 279.99

AMD Radeon RX Vega 56 Card Reader
 AMD Radeon RX Vega 56
Good performance and acceptable speed
Basic clock speed is 1156 MHz
But consumes a power capacity of up to 210 watts
This type of card is very much needed especially in areas where electricity prices are not high

Finally the Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti card
 Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti
This card gives you the strongest choice between the display but before the check see the specifications
The basic clock speed is 1480 MHz
Can get 32mh / s with basic clock speed
Can get 32mh / s with basic clock speed
The most important point is 250 watts of power consumption
$ 849.89
Reminder Once again, you must choose the graphics cards carefully, especially from the angle of energy consumption to get the desired profits from the mining process is one of the most important things

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