Recover images, videos, and deleted files iCareDataRecoveryPro.

i Care Data Recovery Pro is an effective and powerful program to recover lost files by deleting or reformatting format
With iCareDataRecoveryPro you can recover all kinds of files, images, videos.
ICareDataRecoveryPro is a tool used in some HardDisk repair works. This application can recover entire partitions that have been deleted from the hard drive and are completely restored with all the contents of the partition.
Recover images, videos, and deleted files iCarDatRecovPro.
Not only that, but it is also possible for the iCare Data Recovery program to help fix a few faults
Because of the loss of hardness of some basic files such as boot sector files called MBR, this sector can be restored by the program
 Even the misuse of hard partitioning programs such as Partition Magic and others without a professional cause of kaleidoscope tracking partition table, the program can restore the basic values of the hardness and return it to good condition without errors in the partition table.
Also, file corruption may occur in Master File Table (MTF) due to the presence of Bad Sector in the hard drive, and the iCare program repairs and recovers those damaged files.
It can also recover files that have been infected by a virus or similar and restore them in full.
The program can restore all types and formats of files such as documents, MP3s, presentations and outlook messages
It works on dry devices whether the hard disk connected directly or a hard disk connected to the USB and also flash memory and mobile card sd card
ICareDataRecoveryPro is designed in a good and simple way that makes it easy to handle for all users without complications
The interface has three options for restoration
Recover images, videos, and deleted files iCarDatRecovPro.
1 Select files that have been accidentally deleted or re-formatted and want to be retrieved.
2 A special selection for deep or exact search is for discs that can not be opened and closed such as the RAW disc appears
3 A special selection to retrieve the missing Partition or that was accidentally wiped. It can also fix the problem of errors in reading the section.

Supports various types of FAT / FAT partitions 32 / NTFS.
Supports Windows XP operating systems, 7,8,8.1,10
The size of the program is 4 MB in a rar format

Portable version does not need to activate or install the size of 8.2 Mega can download from the following links

You can download iCareDataRecovery Pro.8 fully integrated with the file set activation throttles

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