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Formatting and partitioning hard disk with  AOMEI Partition Assistant 2020

Formatting and partitioning hard disk with  AOMEI Partition Assistant 2020
 management Harddisk and conduct all methods of control AOMEI Partition Assistant version 8.4 Program

 Used in the division of sections or the so-called Partition and the amendment to its area, whether increase or decrease

What AOMEI Partition Assistant does
It combines more than one partition to increase the space in one partition
 It splits one section into several sections
Formatting can be done for a section or group of sections
Possibility to add uncompressed or unseen spaces to the partitions to increase hard drive space and get full storage space
Ability to remove a partition and erase it from the hard drive and restore formate again to fix some problems or clean it from some files that can not be deleted by traditional methods
It allows you to change the space of any partitions by merging or separating without losing data and even without restarting the operating system
Changes the Partition configuration from FAT to NTFS without affecting the performance of Windows

The way to use Omi is very simple
You do not have to be a maintenance professional to use AOMEI Partition Assistant.
If you look at the illustration of the shape of the main window of the program we find the following
Formatting and partitioning hard disk with  AOMEI Partition Assistant 2020
On the left is a set of commands
It is as follows
 Part I wizards

1 Resize the partition

2 Make a copy of the disc

3 Make a copy of the section

4 Make a copy of the system to an external driver

5 Partition restoration

6 Change the partition configuration from NTFS to FAT32 or vice versa

7 Create a self-boot disk

Make a copy for windows

Disk tabs or commands are generally disk operations
Copy of the disc

2 Add Partition in a quick way

3 Delete all sections

4 Clear the entire hard drive from the data

5 Check the hard disk surface

6 Switch to the main boot disk

Reconstruction of the main operating sector

8 Characteristics of the program

On the right  side we find the hard partitions on the device
We choose the partition or disk that you want to make any form of it, whether formate, delete, change the space, merge partitions together, partition Partition into several sections, add an unknown space, make a copy of a partition or a full driver.

Allows a copy of the operating system to be transferred to another SSD
You can read how to use hard disk management software, all of which are similar

The specifications of the program AOMEI Partition Assistant 2020
The size of the program is 22.7 MB

The license is free

Support for Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10 (32-Bit / 64-Bit)

Download it on more than one site

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