Download call of duty for mobile and some information

call of duty It is mainly computer games, but because of the interest of many and their passion to play the game anywhere and on any device, especially mobile phone, because of his presence with the player anywhere, has been producing special versions of the mobile phone, which runs on the basis of Android.
Download call of duty for mobile and some information

The story of the game revolves in the days of the Second World War, but its modern versions revolve its story in different times, more recent than the Second World War.
Infinity Word Studio developed the game and some other games, funded by Activision, in cooperation with Aspire Media.

The game originally relies on developing the skill of using various weapons for infantry soldiers, to increase its efficiency in fighting against enemies, and the objectives set for each mission are shown in a compass located at the bottom of the screen, showing the specific marks of the objectives required by the mission.

You must finish all the goals, to skip the stage and reach the next stage.

The game can be saved at some time and completed at another time.

The game has different versions as we mentioned earlier, some of which can work through computers only, some of which can be used through the Xbox, PlayStation.

Specifications and download game call of duty for mobile
the Producing company
The size of the game is 1.2 GB
Support Android OS
Download from one of the selected links

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