The best gaming mouse in 2020

The best gaming mouse in 2020
Certainly many computer or laptop users often like to spend time entertaining and play some games to break the boredom and restore the activity.

Since this is important, it should be fun in everything, whether in the game that you will play, or controllers, whether an arm or a gamepad, but most of the time you will need a gaming mouse with capabilities distinct from the normal mouse.

In this article we will put you the latest production of companies specialized in this field

XPG PRIMERD mouse launched by xpg

XPG PRIMERD Mouse, produced by xpg 
This mouse is distinguished because it contains the keys of the type OMRON, which is characterized by durability and its ability to withstand the number of pressures up to 20 million pressures, also it has an optical sensor with a high accuracy of 12000 points per inch, in addition to that it gives a technical touch it is intended for games and entertainment, so a tape was added RGB lighting on both sides gives dazzling and beautiful lighting with the ability to control it.
 Light weight does not exceed 98 grams
It has a streamlined design that is comfortable for the user
Among its design there are molds on the design wall that prevent sweat
XPG PRIMERD Mouse Mold Prevents Sweat
 Also, the connected wire is light and braided so as not to interfere or obstruct the game.
Touch scroll wheel for added convenience and ease of use
Mouse's official website for more features, with the possibility of purchasing from its website
It gives you two years guarantee
Support for Windows 10/8/7 systems

INFAREX M20 mouse

INFAREX M20 Mouse at an affordable price for everyone

It is less sensitive than its predecessor, as it has a sensitivity of 5000 dpi
Its price is very favorable and its response is fantastic and fast
Ergonomic hand design with built in molds that prevent sweating
INFAREX M20 Mouse, Ergonomic Design 
It is light in weight and the connection wire is difficult to get tangled while playing
It contains a specific speed button that can speed up or slow down the response as you like
It also contains RGB lighting effects
Award winner
INFAREX M20 Mouse Award
High-power omron control buttons withstand 20 million pressures
Weight 160 grams
 Compatible with Windows 10/8/7
It gives you a one-year warranty
The device site for more descriptions and purchase
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