How to remove the spin maze virus for Android and iPhone?

 How to remove the spin maze virus for Android and iPhone

The spin maze game is, in fact, a dangerous virus that strikes mobile devices mostly due to the installation of hacked games from unreliable sources

How to remove the spin maze virus for Android and iPhone?

Some sites offer hacked games in an unsafe manner and contain spyware or viruses inside them, whether intentionally or unintentionally

This is not what matters to us, all that matters to us now

Ones We downloaded the hacked game and the mobile was infected with this virus

Do you know what is the spin maze virus?

It comes as a game with spinmaze apk extension

apk is the extension of the executable file that accepts installation on Android systems, such as the Exe extension for the computer and Windows system

This virus greatly slows down the mobile and paralyzes its movement, also implants spyware files to steal the victim's personal information and data, affects the browser's work and adds annoying forced ads, quickly integrates with any browser, whether it is Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Phoenix, and others

The hijacker was called spinmaze apk because it hijacks the browser and automatically adds its own search engine. If it cannot change the search engine, it immediately adds a set of tools and extensions inside the browser to monitor your movements on the Internet and record all the words and sites you visit.

It redirects to other pages automatically

It also occupies the device's memory with static ads, pop-up pages, and other things that make the device unbearable from slowness

Do you now know what spinmaze apk virus is?

Despite all the risks that this virus infects the victim's device and attempts to remove it directly, such as pressing it and removing it, it will most likely come back again quickly to appear in front of you like a nightmare, and you think that your device has been hacked and damaged.

No, you should not panic or even worry

It is enough that you have discovered the disease and you have to treat it, and the treatment is not as difficult as the Ransomware virus

What should you do in this situation

Here are simple steps you can take and the virus will be removed

First, turn off WiFi

It is preferable to activate the flight mode to be safe

Go to the settings and turn off the keyboard and all the languages ​​in it, such as TouchPal Keyboard K; English; German; spanish; French; Italian. Arabic  

You replace it with the Google keyboard, the Gboard application

This is the most important step, but wait a minute

The virus may have taken control of the browser, whether Chrome or something else

The remnants of the malicious application must be removed from the browser, by clicking on the three dots at the top of the application

Then go to more settings

Select Extensions

Now remove the Spin Maze extension

Thus, you have completely got rid of the virus with ease

Note, do not send the game the virus to anyone, and do not ask him to play through it, so as not to be a cause of harm to others

Share the topic with your friends and acquaintances so that everyone can benefit

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