"Windows 11" 2023 with a direct link

 Download the new Windows "Windows 11" 2023 direct links

Microsoft, which produces the Windows operating system, always surprises us with permanent development and stopping support for old systems from its production to force the user to switch to newer versions to obtain support and assistance from the company officially.

as soon as the last version of Windows, Windows 10, was launched, which we all thought would be the last version of Microsoft

Updates will be made periodically for this system, and this is what is already happening now, but we were surprised by an important leak that Microsoft is working to end support for Windows 10 by 2025 and it will be replaced by Windows 11

Download the new Windows "Windows 11" 2023 direct links

As usual, the company always strives to keep users with the Windows system and is constantly trying to satisfy customers and meet their needs in the operating system

A lot of changes have been made in Windows 10, in terms of themes, easy access to menus, and significant vulnerability control

But this was not sufficient enough

A leak appeared to us of the Windows 11 Pro version, and we tried it and found a comprehensive change in the look of Windows, so the background was completely removed and it can be added later, but this is what was issued, which Microsoft confirmed that it will be launched at the end of this month

Also, the Start menu has been replaced by placing icons in the bottom center of the screen

Download the new Windows "Windows 11" 2023 direct links 

 There are many changes, but most of them are very similar to the version of Windows 10X

The shape of the icons, which were used since the launch of Windows 95, has been changed. Yes, do not be surprised, as we use them to this day

The difference in accuracy appears between it and the latest versions of Windows 10

The Start menu has become simplified from the previous system without titles

Also the massive development of the file manager

A new feature called Widgets has been added, and it displays the latest international news and stories, and it is located at the bottom of the display bar

Change the shape to rounded corners

Support for the Xbox application has been added and has been added to the system to provide quick access to Xbox Game Pass games and other Xbox services

And many other changes that concern the appearance more than the work of the system, which have been stabilized in the latest versions of Windows 10 with the latest updates

But it is lighter and clearer, as we mentioned

Certainly some changes will happen after that

We review the requirements needed by the Windows 11 operating system

less requirements

Single-core processor of 1.2 GHz for 32-bit or single-core 1.4 GHz for 64-bit

RAM size of 2 GB or more

The screen resolution is 1024*768

15 GB free hard disk space

The version size is approximately 4.4 GB

And remember to create a Microsoft account so that you can install it completely. Upon installation, it comes at a stage where you are asked to write your Microsoft account name, and there is no option to skip this step as it was previously in Windows 10.

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